Bucs players not happy with Schiano


Last week, the Buccaneers deftly were able to sidestep the fallout of an ugly loss to the Jets by eventually shining a spotlight on quarterback Josh Freeman.

This week, it could be a little trickier.

While it’s clear that players question the commitment and leadership of Freeman, players also question the tactics and methods of coach Greg Schiano.   As one league source recently told PFT, multiple veteran players simply don’t like Schiano’s ways.  Recently, FOX Sports reported (via the New York Post) that cornerback Darrelle Revis isn’t happy with Schiano’s “strict” nature.

It’s hardly a new development.  We reported last December that one veteran player wanted to know when these coaches would be sent back to college.  On Monday, Pewter Report chronicled the issues that have plagued a team that has now gone 1-7 over its last eight games.

Meanwhile, the Cold War between Schiano and Freeman continues.  After Sunday’s loss, Schiano assumed blame for the loss while take a passive-aggressive jab at the man who seems to be not long for the job of starting quarterback.

“I’m going to have to look at the tape to tell you what’s going on, because it isn’t just the quarterback. It, squarely, is on me,” Schiano said.

He didn’t say it’s not quarterback.  He said it isn’t just the quarterback, which means that to a certain extent it is the quarterback.

The reality is that coaches who win can get away with being hard-nosed disciplinarians.  Absent pelts on the wall, it won’t work.  While the Bucs showed some promise last season, it’s all moving in the wrong direction — and Schiano could be moving in the direction out of Tampa after this season, unless things turn around quickly.

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  1. It wasn’t all Freeman’s fault yesterday. If Rian Lindell makes the FG, they are up by 4 and the Saints would have needed to score a TD to win it.

    Even with the Lindell missed FG, the Bucs still had a fair shot at stopping Brees. So to me the whole team should be blamed for the loss, not just one man.

    Schiano does come off as a bit of a jerk regardless. Kinda reminds me of another former college head coach (looks at Jim Harbaugh).

  2. Players don’t like him and they are not winning. This guy has to go after his little stunt on the kneel down in the Giants game last year he proved he’s a college coach nothing more. There is way to much talent on that roster for them to be that bad on offense!

  3. Good, Always thought he was a jerk. Get rid of him. College coaches who transition into the NFL always seem to be walking a slippery slope if they think they can treat Pros the same as college kids. Ironic part is they justified firing Raheem Morris because he was to “loose” with disciplining their players, and thus blamed that for the lack of success.

  4. I actually think that was Schiano taking accountability and not a passive aggressive stab at Freeman. If anyone looked at Freeman’s stats on Sunday, they would probably think he was a major reason they lacked offensive production. There are probably a lot of reasons to dislike Schiano but I think this is not one of them.

  5. Take this for what it’s worth, and for all you know I could be some cook. The bucs players don’t necessarily dislike Schiano they just wish he would have a ” coughlin like change of heart”. Freeman however may have lost the room. My source is actually a 3rd string player who may have zero clue on the pulse of the room, because he said it isn’t a college like environment where the team is bonded, it’s more groups that associate when made to.

  6. This is when the instigating media turns into giddy little school girls. Ik not even a Bucs fan , but let their business be their business. Half of the players complaining probably have an axe to grind. This is why so many good coaches fall through the cracks, and I’m not saying Shiano is a good coach, but he is not the first or last of many that try to instill discipline for HIS football team!

  7. Ummm,, Schiano said the right thing about Freeman, the media will not let up on this guy. The Bucs were a cluster when he took the job & he doesn’t have the personnel to make an overnight fix. I hope ownership stands by him, he’s a good coach. Revis is unhappy?? Pffft, there’s a surprise.

  8. Nickstixx says: Sep 16, 2013 8:01 PM

    Aww poor guys… they don’t like his strict nature? Never mind the fact that he is just trying to build a stronger team out there. Deal with it.


    Grown men want to be treated like grown men.

  9. Schiano is trying to micro manage every aspect of this team. If he doesn’t stop, it will continue to hurt them. The whole offense looks afraid (even Mike Sullivan OC).

  10. It’s really funny. If you asked me 4 years ago which college coach which have the most success at the NFL level (Jim Harbaugh, Pete Carroll, Chip Kelly or Greg Schiano), I would have undoubtedly selected Schiano.

    Harbaugh had 2 losing seasons to start his tenure at Stanford. Carroll already failed twice in the NFL. Kelly ran a gimmick offense. Schiano ran a solid and respectable program, won coaching awards, and turned Rutgers into a competitive football school.

    Shows how little I know…

  11. @87hollywoodhorn

    Better to be worried about your QB cause he stunk up the joint yesterday against a lousy team.

    Washed up

  12. The Glazers suck at life. Sorry. What goes through their heads when they hire and fire everyone all the time? This team needs new owners. It’s the only way to fix this. The meddling Glazers are THE problem. Schiano is just cashing in on the Glazers foolishness! Nothing more. Nothing less. Winslow beat us in week one and now Talib will
    Get a crack at us this weekend. Someone with some cash, please come in and make the Glazers an offer!

  13. blacknole08 says:
    Sep 16, 2013 8:00 PM
    It wasn’t all Freeman’s fault yesterday. If Rian Lindell makes the FG, they are up by 4 and the Saints would have needed to score a TD to win it.

    lol Really guy? Because going 9-22 for 125 tells me he is a MAJOR part of the problem. The Bucs should have never been in the position to kick the FG in the first damn place had they put up more than 14 points. The Bucs Defense played outstanding. Also, let me correct myself. The Bucs offense scored 7 points with the defense scoring another touchdown. Doug Martin Rushed for more yrds than Freeman threw for. The Bucs Defense Sacked Brees 4 times, pressured him all day and forced 2 INT’s. Place accountability to where is belongs. Josh Freeman and Schiano. Don’t worry it’ll be ok..

  14. Who is this college yahoo, and what exactly has he won? Anywhere?
    What’s he doing in the NFL?
    At least Kelly won in Oregon…

  15. This is the mess Morris created simply bleeding over. Overpayes for a defense that got burnt yesterday. Bucks are going nowhere. In fact, I predict in 2 years 75% of the team will be different. See: Jets.

  16. It would be different if Schiano had ever won anything at any level, but he hasn’t, so it isn’t. It’s amatter of time before they stop playing for him. What, am I late?

    He has taken a young and promising QB with an arrow headed up and turned him into a has been at 24. You don’t need to be a genius to know how this ends.

  17. Freeman’s career QB rating is less than 79.

    In each of the past 3 NFL seasons, around 22 QB’s had ratings better than that.

    Freeman’s career completion percentage is less than 59%.

    In each of the past 3 NFL seasons, around 22 QB’s have had completion percentages higher than that.

    In both of these categories, Freeman is in the bottom half of NFL QB’s.

    Wanna know what he is among the top five in?

    Well in each of the past 2 NFL seasons Freeman has been in the top 5 for throwing the MOST interceptions.

    In 2011, he threw the 2nd most INT’s in the league.

  18. Let Schiano go.

    Marty Schottenheimer could take over that team and make the playoffs this year. No joke. He has the ability the turn a down team around better than just about anyone ever.

    Might choke in the playoffs, but still…

  19. Shiano looks and acts like a drill sergeant

    He is clearly disliked by his players which means ownership can have faith in the coach and back him and do a talent housecleaning or…. they can do what most franchises do when a coach doesn’t win and side with the players.

    My bet is he’s axed BEFORE the end of the season and an interim coach is named who the players will play for. (And then replaced come next season)

  20. .

    The Bucs are better now than when Schiano arrived. And for the record, he is no longer a ” college coach ”. He’s one of 32 head coaches in the NFL. And also for the record, Bill Belichick, the Harbaugh brothers, Vince Lombardi, Don Shula, and Chuck Noll all have reputations as being strict disciplinarians.


  21. Let’s see, Jets get Me-vis out of their locker room and his salary off their books next year. They use the draft pick they got to land Sheldon Richardson, who looks like a stud. $16mm a year later TB is 0-2 and Me-vis is already complaining.

    Is it just me or do the Jets look smart for once?

  22. Look at his overall record at Rutgers (not just the last two years. You get what you get. It was Rutgers for God’s sake. What did you expect? Are you daft?

  23. First and foremost, the problems with that team fall on one, and only one player- Freeman. And second, who started this myth that these uneducated, self entitled, overpaid- but physically gifted by God-goofball athletes are these so-called ” Grown, mature, intelligent ” men that don’t need to be told how to play or how to act?

  24. Am I missing something here? Schiano should be upset with his players! Over 100 yards in stupid flags! OB was god awful and the Kicker couldn’t make a pretty average kick! If they are mad Schiano tried a FG instead of punting it I would have to think he was worried the Saints would march down the field and kick a FG like they did anyways but at least he was trying to make the Saints get in the end zone!

  25. So let me get this straight, you have ONE league source, and now that becomes MULTIPLE players?

    The only ones making a circus of this are you media. The team has lost 2 games by a combined total of 3 points, and now it’s chaos!?!?!?!

  26. Winning cures all. They are 3 points from being undefeated, and Schiano would of been a genius. We need a f’n TE!

  27. Greg needs some credibility before he goes around acting like a drill instructor. Coughlan has cred, he can be a hardass because players know in his system, they can win. Mike Singletary was also a hardass with no credibility. The players listened, but as soon as they started losing, players eventually tuned him out. Barking in someone’s face does nothing if they have no faith in your skills. It will only make a player resent them.

  28. Jesus tap dancing Christ its been TWO games!!! If in 6 weeks they’re 0-8 then start hammering on the team and the coach. I hate how today’s sports media can’t just kinda tow the line at the beginning of the season and let the teams work out some kinks. If the team is 0-2 or 1-1 the media acts like they should hang up the cleats and bring in the back ups cause this team is going nowhere. I seem to remember that the last 3 Super Bowl champs were either 10-6 or 9-7 and a hand full of teams that had fantastic regular seasons didn’t even win a playoff game. It doesn’t matter how you start the race it’s how you finish.

  29. Revis came from the frat house culture of the jets locker room it was all he knew of the nfl so of course he isn’t going to like any kind of structure or discipline. I seriously doubt his knee was the reason nobody wanted to trade for him. The guys a joke. You get paid millions of dollars to do what the coach says. He’s not your friend or your homey he’s your boss whether you agree with him or not is irrelevant do your job and let his bosses worry about the results

  30. Him having his guys blitz opponents victory formations at the end of games should tell you something about what he’s like.

    Based on his current state in Tampa I’m pretty sure his O doesn’t practice that formation. Ha ha.

  31. TheWizard says:
    Sep 16, 2013 8:54 PM
    Grown men want to be treated like grown men.

    Then man up and win a game.
    Says TheWizard, while laying on the couch in his sweatpants with a beer resting on his belly.

  32. Remember we ended up with ass clown cause chip kelly backed out of the job.The defense looked way better but i give credit to Dominick for going out and getting guys. Get a real coach in here,not next year,now

  33. “while take a passive aggressive jab” “he didn’t say it’s not quarterback”

    & i don’t really agree that was passive aggressive towards Freeman. Obviously fans and media blame the quarterback first if he had a bad game. He was defending him sounds like to me

  34. You could see this coming the second he bum rushed a victory formation last year. This isn’t college and these are paid professionals. There’s a certain level of respect that the players, all players, should be given based on the fact they have made it to this level.

    Schiano still seems to force them to earn this base respect while he does outlandish things to earn his. His shenanigans might fly with college players as they have no real voice in the matter. Not in the pros though. This guy is clearly a power hungry jackass who can’t even get out of the way of his own ego.

  35. Oh yes, and to Mr. Tap Dancing Jesus Christ. I’m glad you can recall overall records of the last few SB Champs but you might want to recall the Playoff records of teams that start 0-2. Having trouble doing so? That’s because since 1990 only 22 teams have started 0-2 and went on to the playoffs. Pretty sure the Bucs won’t be 23. Thank you again for highlighting the concern and making yourself look like a buffoon while doing so.

  36. I would take Schiano over the steaming pile of crap Raheem Morris. It was Morris who let the Bucs fall into the state they’re in now by being “one of the guys”. No discipline whatsoever! And the wondered why they didn’t win many games. So they bring in someone who will kick their sorry asses into shape, and they players cry and whine because their party is over. They need the discipline, so if Schiano has to play “drill sergeant” with this team then the players need to clam up, quit their bitching, and man up.

  37. I don’t like Schiano. I don’t think he’s likely to succeed as a head coach. But it seems like those who are attacking him most are the Freeman lovers. They’re almost as bad as Tebow fans. Freeman was never and will never be good. Sometimes fun to watch, sometimes successful. But he is not good.

    That defense was damn good yesterday most the time. Still susceptible, still beatable, but damn good and entertaining.

    Freeman is just depressing.

  38. Schiano’s disciplinarian style was sorely needed on a team that had no discipline or focus during the Morris regime. Of course the players aren’t happy about being told what to do and how to do it. They have the collective mentality of a rebellious teenager. Freeman has not shown leadership, loyalty to the team or a measurable commitment to honing his skills. He can’t get by on talent alone and it has shown over the last couple years.

    The major reason for the “schism” on the team right now is what they lost. They lost the respected presence of their on-field leader–Ronde Barber. He is no longer there to call out the young guys when their attitudes emerge. He is no longer there to nip the complaints in the bud and show the young guys how discipline will make them better players and that will make the team better. Absent sound leadership from PLAYERS, the malcontents take over the atmosphere and it snowballs. That is what is happening in Tampa right now and their is no easy way to fix it. It’s a shame, but replacing Schiano would clean the slate more quickly than waiting for some players to grow up and find a clue. The good vets need to step up and lead or they will have this mess all year.

  39. Jeff Fisher/Vince Young solution to this problem at year’s end, if not sooner for Schiano since unlike Fisher, his players seem to hate him. Problem is, who do you turn the keys over to on that amateur staff he assembled?

  40. Revis has been good but he whines and whines and whines….usually about money…I assume his contract includes tissues…I know I’m shedding a tear…no, not really.

    Schiano, well, his style gets old…and he doesn’t deserve the respect he thinks he’s owed…

  41. Am I the only one left scratching his head after the Bucs did not go for it on fourth down? If they make it the game is over. If not, they burn time and leave the Saints deep in their own territory with less than 60 seconds to go.

    Schiano is an idiot.

  42. Schiano lost this team a long time ago…..Too continue to blame Morris for this team’s failure is just pushing the envelope a bit and diverting responsibility from the person who owns it…I Hope Freeman is cut after this season and is picked up by Minnesota……And starts winning games…..

    Matthew Stafford and Freeman pretty much have the same numbers…only thing is Stafford is throwing to a beast at WR and Freeman has Vincent Jackson and Mike Williams…….

    Not to mention the O coordinator is an Ex WR coach who never handled play calling duties until now…CHEAP!

  43. ok guys, let’s make this simple, what professional QB goes to the shooting range to fire a weapon in the midst of an nfl season injuring his hand in the process, i’ll tell you , a “not no bright one”, i rest my case

  44. The rhetoric from Schiano’s sycophants:

    “He turned around Rutgers!”

    Why didn’t you hire Mario Cristobal? He turned around FIU.

    Revis should just turn this team against Schiano like T.O. allegedly would.

    At least the Bucs could fire him during the season and replace him with someone at least more qualified to be head coach like Revis’ head coach at Pitt, Dave Wannstedt.

    I don’t like Wanny either, but at least he’s more competent and less unqualified than Schiano.

  45. Matthew Stafford and Freeman pretty much have the same numbers…only thing is Stafford is throwing to a beast at WR and Freeman has Vincent Jackson and Mike Williams…….

    Right besides the fact that Stafford has more TDs, less INTs in 12 less games, averages more yards, a better completion percentage, a better QB rating, and a better sack percentage, they are identical.

  46. Often times, you need a much more complete resume than a good coach from a up and coming college team. If you are a disciplinarian, and your team is losing, and you still ramp up that particular approach, it turns pros off – esp. those coming from playoff level teams (V-Jax, SD, Revis, Jets)

    That approach failed when Jimmy Johnson did it, and when Coughlin did it and when Singletary did it in S.F….it wears thin , esp. if the QB and coach aren’t on the same page. This was coming from day one….this routine is only as good as your record indicates..once things go south, it could fall dramatically. Its about being in sync with how players react and getting the best out of people.

  47. Tom Coughlin had been a good coach until he took that advice from Kurt Warner. Learning how to communicate with his players made him great.

  48. There is nothing mysterious going on here; it is the same crap that has been shoved down Buc fan throats for years. Except for Dungy and Gruden, we have never had an NFL caliber coach. If there has been a good GM, I can’t remember (please don’t say Allen). The Glazer girls are only interested in Man U with the Bucs always getting the short end of the stick. They should not let owners own two sports franchises at the same time. We will always be the same under this ownership.

  49. Revis isnt happy with his coaches strict nature? I am sure he is very happy with his paychecks though,a strict coach goes along with the huge paycheck and if doesnt like it, retire.I can just imagine what would happen to Revis if he played for Lombardi and opened his mouth just once to complain about Vinces strict ways.

  50. I think Schiano and Bo Pelini were seperated at birth. They are always pissed and yelling, mad at every little aspect of life. They’ve taken a chapter from Nick Saban coaching book about not enjoying life, well you know, except for the winning.

  51. buccaneerbob,Green Bays coach took the entire team to the shooting range one day in training camp this year.whats the problem with that,even Rodgers fired off some shots.Freeman injuring his hand was just a flukish accident,hell he could have cut his hand with a carving knife slicing the roast at home.

  52. I’m not a Tampa or Saints fan but I felt that loss for Tampa. One of the first times I actually felt bad for a team when it ended. They worked so hard to have the win taken away at the last moment. If the field goal is made, different headlines. Give the team a chance to see how they are really doing. My only comment is I wouldn’t have kicked the field goal; either kick it more down field or try for the yard. They were moving the ball. Hindsight.

  53. I’ve watched this guy since he’s been here and there have been probably 8 games or more where Schiano’s decisions in the last 3 minutes of the 4th quarter have cost them the game. What player wouldn’t be mad about that?

    Example: He doesn’t believe in his QB so as in the Jets game, once we’re in field goal range, there is no passing. We run 3 straight times and kick – no matter how much time is left on the clock, no matter what the score. We don’t even try for a 1st down. We don’t try to run the clock down. We turn the ball over with less than a 3 point lead to the jets with 30 seconds left and play a soft, prevent defense.

    Schiano does it time after time. At the end of a game he can’t wait to take the game out of the hands of his offense and put it in the hands of the defense. Then when we lose because the defense can’t stop anybody from scoring in the last 2 minutes he blames the QB. It makes me sick!

    Maybe Josh isn’t the best but he’s put them in the lead at least a half dozen times with less than 2 minutes to play and we’ve lost because the defense played passive and couldn’t stop our opponent.

  54. It must be hard to be a great leader if the press and the fans are calling for mutiny all the time. I can’t imagine being a player on the Bucs and trying to believe in someone to lead you while all that are around you cry out for a revolution.

  55. Give it a rest man, Schiano is a professional and he’ll work it out with the team.

    I’m not so sure I can say the same about Freeman. Example: Last year against the Cowboys, his headset stopped working on 3rd and long with less than 2 minutes in the game. What did he do? Ran a play on the ground… ARE YOU KIDDING ME?

    Quarterbacks should be more than just physical specimens, they need to have football minds and they need to have excellent decision making skills.

    Bring Glennon in and start preparing for the future.

  56. Schiano is not to blame. Freeman is, at best, an average qb, and he keeps proving it. It cost Morris his job, but Morris did build the team Schiano has. I’d blame Morris for the teams woes, and give credit to Schiano for the improved defense. Give Schiano more time. Get a better qb, and the offense will improve.

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