Dashon Goldson suspended one game by NFL


The NFL has suspended Buccaneers free safety Dashon Goldson for one game for violating its rules “prohibiting hits to the head and neck area of defenseless players,” the league said Monday.

Goldson was penalized in Sunday’s loss to New Orleans for a helmet-to-helmet hit on Saints running back Darren Sproles.

Goldson, who’s in his first season with Tampa Bay, will miss Sunday’s game at New England if the suspension is upheld. According to the NFL, Goldson has drawn five unnecessary roughness penalties since 2011.

Goldson can appeal the suspension within three business days, according to the league.

The hit on Sproles, the league indicated in its statement, was a “flagrant and repeat violation” of its hitting policies.

In an excerpt of a letter from NFL V.P. of football operations Merton Hanks to Goldson released by the league, Hanks said that Goldson’s hit on Sproles was “illegal contact” that “clearly could have been avoided.”

Said Hanks: “You had an unobstructed path to your opponent. It is clear that you lowered your head and unnecessarily rammed the left side of your helmet into the left side of your opponent’s head. You delivered a forceful blow with your helmet and made no attempt whatsoever to wrap up your opponent or make a conventional tackle on the play.”

Goldson, who turns 29 this week, has made two Pro Bowls, both with the 49ers, for whom he played from 2007 through 2012.

Ahmad Black is listed as the Buccaneers’ reserve free safety on their depth chart.

52 responses to “Dashon Goldson suspended one game by NFL

  1. Anything to give Tom Brady’s season a shot in the arm and help get that Broncos-Patriots playoff game. I like how the NFL just picks and chooses who they want to suspend, and then offer up an explanation that could apply to a number of other players.

  2. First, he didn’t hit anyone in the head last week — just watch the film and it’s clear was day.

    Second, this is the brand of “football” you get when the NFL cares more about bringing in the Glee viewer than the sports viewer.

    Disgusting what they’re doing to this game.

  3. Good job. The only problem with this suspension is that it means that he won’t have to play in another loss, saving him from another humiliating defeat.

    The Bucs ship is taking on massive amounts of water. Is Schiano using a bucket? He needs all hands on deck to bail this baby out!

  4. I bet there will be more people comment about Suh in this article than Goldson even though Goldson bas way more of a history.

  5. Merriweather better get the book thrown at him. Goldson has 2 legal hits this year that he got flag and fined for. The hit on Sproles was helmet to helmet, but whats he supposed to do when Sproles ducks into it?

    Ahmad Black meanwhile takes a clear cheap shot at Jimmy Graham and…nothing.

  6. Good job signing a guy who was 2 penalties away from a suspension Bucs. If he couldn’t fix the problem in SF what makes you think he would in Tampa?

  7. This isn’t just Goodell’s fault. You can point the finger at all the greedy idiotic former players sueing the pants off the NFL claiming they are doing it for the “Future Players”.

  8. I hope Goldson appeals the suspension because this is a disgusting disgrace. He didn’t hit anyone in the head nor did he lead with his head. At this rate I expect Brandon Merriweather to receive a full year suspension and Suh a possible lifetime ban. What a joke.

  9. Imagine that… The NFL doing something that benefits the New England Patriots. Changing the rules of the game, allowing them to cheat for years with hardly any punishment, protecting Tom Brady’s man-gina, and allowing illegal screen passes with no offensive pass interference calls, wasn’t enough.

  10. So do the Bucs get an apology letter for the Claybourn non-personal foul they called that took away a sack/fumble inside the Saints 20?

    The NFL is becoming unwatchable, I’m really not starting to not care anymore about the garbage that is being put on on the field. The refs are horrible, they make up calls, don’t call it both ways and have no accountability. If we’re watching professional wrestling then the NFL needs to come out and state their matches have a predetermined outcome as well, at least that way people understand what they’re seeing in 2013 is in no way related to ‘football’ of the past.

  11. I love reading all the machismo about how soft the league is becoming – from guys sitting at home spilling food on their shirts.

  12. And don’t forget to pick up Madden NFL 25, the only football video game with an exclusive NFL license and featuring the Hit Stick so that you can perform all the hard hits that are either not allowed in the real life NFL or are selectively officiated by the referees. Buy a second copy for a friend, it might be the closest to the actual NFL that you’ll get.

  13. @jakec4

    If Goldson appeals his suspension he’ll be eligible to play Sunday.

    The guys head hunting ways are notorious, and its about time he got his comeuppance.

  14. He may still get to play Sunday with a $100,000 fine after the appeal! Then again they could hold his history with San Francisco against him and uphold the suspension. I hope he plays ! As a Bucs fan we will need all parts our defense working against Tom Brady.

  15. “Anything to give Tom Brady’s season a shot in the arm and help get that Broncos-Patriots playoff game.”

    The Patriots are 2-0. They don’t need any outside help. In never ceases to amaze me that fans always seem to find a way to get angry at New England.

    Goldson has a long history and the NFL is trying to make an example. That’s all there is to it.

  16. In the next few seasons when the ratings start declining since what we’re seeing is no longer football, I wonder if the NFL is going to blame the internet and decide the way to attract more viewers is by making the game less violet. Soon soccer fans will be laughing at the NFL.

    Thanks PC, thanks Goodell, thanks lawyers.

  17. meriweather better get a game or 2 suspension or goodell will prove how much of a joke the system is. if he is serious, he will draw the line and lay down the law.

  18. THIS GUY IS A MENACE!! HE SHOULD BE BANNED FROM THE GAME OR PUT IN A TORTURE CHAMBER!! HE IS SO DIRTY…oh wait I forgot u idiots only say that when suh is involved…my bad

  19. bucs clowns still crying foul about goldson hits to the jets players last week. kerley received a concussion. Cumberland received a chin injury and stiches.
    nope, no shots to the head there


  20. For everyone wishing for a Meriweather suspension.. The dude got his clock cleaned by a RB who had to fight and claw for a roster spot.. Isnt that punishment enough???

  21. And then people try to make a case for 400 yards being easy to obtain.

    YOU CAN’T PLAY DEFENSE ANYMORE! Of course it’s easy to obtain.

  22. Bernard Pollard must have incriminating photos of Roger Goodell hidden in a safe deposit box as there’s no other rational explanation for him still being in the league.

  23. strokinmyego says: Sep 16, 2013 6:49 PM

    “Anything to give Tom Brady’s season a shot in the arm and help get that Broncos-Patriots playoff game.”

    The Patriots are 2-0. They don’t need any outside help. In never ceases to amaze me that fans always seem to find a way to get angry at New England.

    Goldson has a long history and the NFL is trying to make an example. That’s all there is to it.


    It has nothing to do with New England, so you shouldn’t use my comment as a platform to try and defend them. It isn’t their fault that the NFL likes to do them favors.

    I don’t consider myself overly cynical, or a guy who cries conspiracy every time his team loses. If I thought the NFL was flat out fixed I wouldn’t watch it. Some fishy stuff goes on though with the league wanting to see certain teams do well. Watch the Steelers-Seahawks Super Bowl for a good example.

    I don’t even necessarily disagree with the Goldson suspension, but if you suspend him you have to suspend others. What is one sacrificial lamb going to deter? I really don’t think Bernard Pollard is going to be scared straight because of this, and nothing Goldson did was that egregious. It isn’t like he put Sproles in the hospital.

  24. Suspension is a joke, real convenient that it’s against the Patriots. How does Suh, Reed or Merriweather not get suspended?

  25. Btw it’s totally hypocritical to suspend Goldson and not Meriweather. All Meriweather was doing was trying to take out Green Bay’s running backs which kind of begs the question – was this part of a larger strategy by the coaches? It certainly seems so.

  26. ————————–expertop says:
    Sep 16, 2013 6:42 PM
    I love reading all the machismo about how soft the league is becoming – from guys sitting at home spilling food on their shirts.

    Ha ha ha quote of the year! I love it too!

  27. Onebucplace, take a chill pill dude. It won’t matter if He’s suspended or not. The idiot coach of the Bucs will see to it that Tampa gets a very high draft pick next year. He lost two games already because of coaching. Nothing will change because the Glazers can’t admit they made a huge mistake when they made that hire. Freeman will move on and become a pro-bowler somewhere else.

  28. This just opened o whole cans of worms for the league office and Gödel. Watching games Sunday there were a lot of hits to the head not flagged and flagged so how do you dish out fines when your own officials under contract can’t and don’t call all the hits to the head. Getting someone’s attention would be to call each and every hit to the head. You made a rule that your own officials can’t get correct when throwing the flags.

  29. He should not be suspended. With the way our coaching is we prolly werent gonna win but still, Id say hes been one of our best players so far and now hes suspended for legal hits this year…. this year is just going to be worst i can feel it

  30. In the future I wonder how players are going to handle having to carry around a pillow on the field that has to be deployed before they’re allowed to “tackle” an opponent.

  31. Something has to be done(taught) to offensive players. That when they see someone about to tackle them. LOWERING THEIR HEAD is not the correct posture! The moment the defender is going for the tackle, the trajectory would be to the offensive players chest. Then the offensive player lowers his head, and the defense gets penalized because his target lowered itself while in the midst of going for the tackle. The defensive player gets penalized for what? The target moved on them. They don’t have eyeballs on their shoulders. What are they gonna do? Not make the tackle? Gotta be kidding me man. #GoldsonDidNothingWrong

  32. Dashon Goldson LEADS THE LEAGUE in personal fouls since 2010. Only fined $30,000 last week before his suspension after a foul this week. Where is the $100,000 fine that Suh received? Not saying Suh didn’t deserve a fine but fair is fair.

  33. The messed up part is they are using his flagged hits from last week as part of the justification. The only person who should’ve been fined last week for endangering player safety would be Geno Smith, for throwing up hospital passes over the middle.

    I lost count of the hits in last nights Monday Night Game that were rougher than the hit on Sproles.

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