DeAndre Hopkins: I feel like I can be better than Andre Johnson

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The Texans were trailing the Titans in the fourth quarter and wide receiver Andre Johnson was on the bench being evaluated for a concussion.

In past years, that would have spelled disaster for the Houston offense because there wasn’t another pass catcher dynamic enough to make a game-changing play to put the Texans back in business. That’s why they drafted DeAndre Hopkins this offseason and Hopkins delivered in a major way.

He caught passes on three straight plays to set up Arian Foster’s game-tying touchdown in the fourth just before Johnson was injured and then caught two more in overtime, including the game-winner in the 30-24 victory, after Johnson was out of the game. It was a coming-out party for a player who was drafted to complement Johnson but plans to surpass him in the years to come.

“I feel like I can be better than Andre,” Hopkins said, via the team’s website. “That’s my mindset. And that’s what Andre tells me. [He says] Don’t try to shadow yourself when you know you can be better.”

The Texans don’t need Hopkins to be better than Johnson at the moment. They just need him to be good enough to keep defenses from shutting them down by shutting down Johnson, something he’s proven capable of doing in each of the team’s first two games.

19 responses to “DeAndre Hopkins: I feel like I can be better than Andre Johnson

  1. Read the post. Even AJ encourages him to be better than he is.

    Guy is a stud but still learning as he whiffed on a hot read and didn’t come back for the ball that was intercepted. Bet he got a good chewing out for that one and proceeded to make 3 circus catches to win the game……

  2. EASY there youngin’…

    This maybe true, but let’s just enjoy the great “GAME” you had before putting yourself in the HOF!!!

    I think Hopkins is special, but man kids these days.

  3. He is gonna be a beast. He destroyed a stacked lsu defense in the chick-fil-a bowl. And this really didn’t sound like hubris, he’s just saying he has a lot of potential. But everyone will knee jerk.

  4. I agree that it’s great that he has outstanding confidence. It seems like Dre is telling him that he’s going to be great.

    But to be honest, it’s ok to have huge confidence and still acknowledge that Dre is one of the best to ever play the position and to just have your name in the same sentance as Dre is an honor.

    Don’t get me wrong… Nuk will be a star in this league. But Dre is a 1st ballot HOFer.

  5. “wow – what kind of a-hole says that about a teamate”

    I suspect this is more a case of wording and context than that Hopkins is dissing Andre Johnson.

    From other articles, Dre is the one who is repeatedly telling Hopkins not to set limits for himself, that he can be better than AJ if he works for it. I think the kid’s just basically saying his goal is to not just be good, but to be better. He’s following AJ’s mentoring there, not dissing him.

  6. Regarding the interception, both Schuab and Kubiak said after the game that Schuab was the one who misread the defense, and that Hopkins made the correct read.

  7. I wanted my Pats to draft this kid so bad. He has amazing hands and amazing body control. Plus he wants to buy a shark! (That’s for Ross Tucker..:D)
    But seriously, he couldn’t have a better mentor or a guy to emulate than Andre Johnson. He has it all set up for himself to be a success. If he doesn’t get there, it’s his own fault. But I think he will get there.

  8. The kid has alot to learn about the NFL, but with a mentor like Dre, he WILL be a success in this league. He’s not there yet, but I like the attitude of wanting to be better than one of the only class acts (for a receiver) in this league.
    Keep doing what you do and listen to one of the best and years from now, we’ll see. Go Texans!

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