Giovani Bernard scores two TDs as Bengals knock off Steelers

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After just four carries for 22 yards in his debut against the Chicago Bears last week, Giovani Bernard came through big for the Cincinnati Bengals offense against the Pittsburgh Steelers Monday night.

Bernard made the most of limited touches against the Steelers in scoring two touchdowns as the Bengals earned a 20-10 victory over their AFC North rival. The first running back selected in the 2013 draft, Bernard carried eight times for 38 yards and a touchdown and added a 27-yard touchdown catch in the third quarter to break a 10-10 halftime tie.

BenJarvus Green-Ellis still took the majority of the carries for Cincinnati with 75 yards on 22 carries for the Bengals. Andy Dalton was 25 of 45 for 280 yards and a touchdown.

Mike Nugent added a 25-yard field goal in the fourth quarter to extend the lead and a costly turnover ended the Steelers chances. With the Steelers nearing the Bengals’ redzone, Ben Roethlisberger’s pass deflected off Jericho Cotchery and was picked off by Reggie Nelson with five minutes left to play in the game.

With the loss, the Steelers fall to 0-2 on the year. It’s the first time they’ve dropped their first two games of the season since 2002. A battered stable of running backs couldn’t get anything going for the Steelers as they rushed for just 44 yards on the night. Roethlisberger finished 20 of 37 for 251 yards with a 1-yard touchdown pass to Derek Moye and the interception by Nelson.

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  1. Ray Ray and Trent are doing commentary! Great end to a great and well deserved beatdown. Reality check baby! Cheers!

  2. We looked awful. Can anybody tell me why we got rid of Bruce Arians? Todd Hailey offensive schemes suck. Can we get max Starks or Trai Essex back and cut mike Adams. This team lack explosiveness. They’re too vanilla. Just saying.

  3. We should have beaten the Bear’s last week, but instead gave away a win. It was nice to see them work through trouble at the beginning tonight and get the W! Great physical and mental win!

  4. Adams & Gilbert have to be the worst tackles in the league. I don’t think I’ve ever seen guys as big as they are get owned as much as they do.

  5. Thank you so much Carson Palmer. Gio was our second round pick that we got from the Palmer trade. Best thing you ever did for the Bengals.

  6. FIRE HALEY now.

    Bench Gilbert. Start Beachum at RT.

    Cut Redman and Paulson.

    Where are the Johnson’s on Offense??

  7. What’s going through a Steeler fans mind.

    What! I thought the Steelers won. I’m so so surprised. I’m serious. I thought they had the lead in the 4th Q..

    Wake up! Steelers fan, its 2013..You’re living in the

  8. Gio, and Eifert, are going to be the reason a playoff team becomes a Super Bowl champion.
    Any one that watched the game with a neutral bias, would realize that the officials. total disregard for holding by the stillers was the only thing that kept this game from being a 4 touchdown win.
    Andy Dalton is the only player that keep this team from winning it all, and I don’t think he will.

  9. Big win by the Bengals!!! Always nice to beat the Steelers. Gio & Eifert along with Gresham are going to be huge down the line this season. Nice to see draft pics contribute this early. WHO DEY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. I can’t wait to wake and read from all the steelers homers like weare, gonna be awesome to see how you spin it. Bottom line, steelers suck and now you know it. Also I don’t care at all for your rings from the 1970s, it’s a different game now and league is bigger.

  11. They have had their success (two Super Bowl victories), but you have to wonder if this core has met it’s end. What draft picks inspire the new generation of Steelers? This is a team trying to recreate it’s past blueprint for winning, and currently being unable to do so. Being biased, I certainly hope it is.

    And congrats to UNC alum and current Bengal, GIIIIOOOOOOOOO!!!!

  12. I know his pass protection needs some work, but they gotta give this guy more touches. It’s quite obvious to everyone he is far and away the better running back.

  13. Bernard is a stud. The Bengals are leaving big plays on the field when they give Green-Ellis 75% of the snaps. The kid is a special talent and is a home run threat everytime he touches the ball. I dont get why coaches grandfather a veteran into a starting roll when the rookie should be the starter because he’s the much better talent. He has great hands, run blocking and running ability. Only a matter of time before this kid gets fully unleashed.

  14. It’s almost time for us to hear about the six rings for the millionth time.

    Which makes sense, because a seventh one isn’t coming anytime soon.

  15. Ike Taylor played hard. Troy looked good too. But Cinci played better. Might be a tough year for Steelers fans. The Bears don’t look like pushovers. So glad footballs back.

  16. Throughout last year and the first game of this year, I gave Tomlin and Haley the benefit of the doubt. After watching last nights game, it’s evident something has to change. The offense is predictable. Run straight up the gut or Roethlisberger lobs the ball to a receiver running down the sideline. Poor play calling AND poor execution of the plays called.

  17. The Steeler Nation has to be in shock right now,0-2 and not a very good team with tougher teams than Cinn coming up on the schedule,can you say 6-10. this year even Cleveland has a shot at the Division crown,something that never happened when Pitts. was a good team.

  18. Gio is the real deal and the Steelers didn’t have an answer for him all night. Can you say rebuilding year for the Steelers?

  19. 75 total team yards rushing for the season after 2 games along with 19 total points scored and an 0-2 record.

    Lucky thing they have that “elite” QB of theirs. He sure is making all the people who have always said he was overrated look really foolish now, huh?

  20. It’s time to start rebuilding from the top down. Tomlin hasn’t shown me anything that says he is a great coach in the 6 years he has been at the helm. We’ve had a good long run with these guys but we need to start working on building the new regime. We will probably still split the series with the browns and ravens this year because they are awful too but it looks like this is the bengals’ year. We are gonna be hard pressed for cap room at the end of the year so it’s time to start making some unpopular cuts. Ben has to stay, but I think he will renegotiate. Polamalu and Heath are gonna be tough choices but there’s no way to keep both of them with the cap space this year. Woolley needs to be evaluated based on performance this year and it is gonna be a long one unfortunately with our offense looking out of sync and unprepared (bye Haley) and our defense just being average or slightly above.

  21. The Steelers were -2 in turnovers. One eliminated a scoring opportunity and resulted in a scoring drive by Cincinnati. At -2, a team has less than a 20% chance of winning a game. Teams have to create turnovers and score off of turnovers. The problem is the Steelers defense doesn’t create turnovers and I doubt their offense could take advantage of one because they have a low level of talent on both sides of the ball. They have some guys who were once good and guys who could be good some day, but very few guys who are good now.

    Big plays off of turnovers my friends. The Steelers haven’t even created a turnover this year.

  22. Pittsburgh is in rebuild mode, the draft picks on their O-Line are garbage, I remember fans crying that the Bengals did not draft Decastro last year…thank god that guy looks overmatched out on the feild I will take Zeitler over him anyday of the week and twice on Sunday. (or Monday). Cincy should win this division this year! The Steelers are a great franchise (probably the best in all of sports) but this squad as composed now is a 500 team at best. The Ravens do not look anywhere near as good as they have been the past 5 or 6 years.

  23. No running game to speak of again. When you have to rely 100% on the pass and the defense knows that, they can harass you, which is what the Bengals did last night to Ben. A costly fumble and a horrible tripping penalty took away big Steeler plays that likely could have impacted the game. I will say that many of Ben’s incomplete passes were long last night, not sure why except some of it might have to do with the pressure he was getting. In any event, it is obvious they have a major issue with the running game. None of the current backs they have can be a feature back. Who knows if Bell will be able to become that type of back. They have many key injuries they are dealing with. Hopefully Heath can return soon, as well as Allen. But the expectations this year for me are coming down. Tomlin and Haley need to make adjustments to match the talent of the players they have to work with.

    As a die hard Steeler fan, I plan to cheer each and every game. I have seen more than my share of success with the team, and will support them no matter what. GO STEELERS!!

  24. Bernard looks like one very, very fast dude.

    If and when Cincy QB is on target, their offense could be tough to stop.

  25. If only they had that 1-trick-pony up there in Pitt. I forget his name but he balled out in MIA this Sunday.
    no worries, they have 7 rings. They will let you know about it here soon enough.

  26. Dalton is the weak link in this offense.

    Bernard and Green Ellis make an explosive one-two punch at RB, Gresham and Eifert likewise at TE, we all know about AJ Green, and the offensive line appear solid.

    Dalton’s accuracy was atrocious at times. He kept the Steelers in the game a lot longer than they deserved to be thanks to drive killing over throws and inaccurate passes.

    Giving Dalton too much credit for this win would be like giving a pitcher credit for giving up 7 runs and winning the game 8-7.

  27. OLine didn’t suck as bad on pass protection, and I also like the fact that there were very few penalties against them in a hostile (noisy) environment. That gives me hope that they may eventually gel into something not ugly.

    Bengals are the victors this week in a solid W. Congratulations and good luck on a healthy season!

  28. Bengals: 34 carries, 117 yds, 1 TD
    Steelers: 16 carries, 44 yds, 0 TD

    At least one team was playing classic AFCN football, thanks in part to Bernard. He is someone Steelers fans can hate for years to come, since he will only get better as he gets more experience.

  29. Shadowcell…. I was thinking the same thing.

    Good win… but Dalton looked shaky… sailing passes WAY over heads of open receivers… and not much ‘touch’ when needed.

  30. The Bengals are talent laden but are playing very ordinary football. Not impressed whatsoever. With that coach they will never be a Bowl contender.

  31. “A nice win for the Bengals, but somebody needs to tell Dalton that his receivers aren’t twenty feet tall.”

    LOL this is exactly what I was thinking. I don’t know if he was nervous or if that is just Dalton. Some weird miscommunication for a passing game that is pretty much intact from last year. Clean that up and they will be hard to beat.

    No worries Steeler fans, Penguins start their season in just a few short weeks, so enjoy that and we’ll see you again next year.

  32. The steelerz haven’t drafted well enough to replace the salary cap cuts they’ve made in the last 2 seasons. Worse, there gonna have to have massive cuts/restructuring in 2014 as well.

    Even if they draft well, they don’t have enough ammunition to reload. Looks like another 2-3 yrs of mediocrity at least.

  33. It’s still a long season, so don’t count us out yet. Oline is so young and has had no time to gel. Not saying we are going 14-2 but I will not pass judgement until they have had sometime to work. When its all said and done if the Oline can play better this team will start winning games and if they don’t Kevin Colbert may be looking for a new job. 2 no two draft pics and a no 1. they have to play better.

  34. The coaching staff substituting while Ben was trying to get a play off after the fumble was unforgivable. Redman runs 2 yards and braces for the hit. Watch Ryan Clark on the Bengals highlights. Worst starter in the league misses more tackles than anyone can’t cover anyone. They need a FS with range and ball skills. Then the corners would not have to play so far off the receivers.

  35. I watched Adams in high school (overrated), at OSU (overrated), and now with Pittsburgh. As a Bengals fan, I couldn’t be happier now.

  36. I have to hand it to Mike Brown. In one trade, he got rid of a whining crybaby quarterback (Palmer) and picked up a decent cornerback (Kirkpatrick), a future superstar running back (Gio Bernard), and then also picked up Gio’s RB coach (Hue Jackson)! All as the result of one trade.

  37. Domato Peko! He played defense and offense! What a tough, amazing dude. He also had the crowd going. I’ve never seen a player look like they were having so much fun. What a great guy.

  38. The Steelers will have to go 8-6 over their next 14 games in order to finish 8-8. Looking at their schedule, I just don’t it happening with that O-Line. I think the many teams front 7 are licking their chops about getting a crack at that O-line.

    As a Ravens fan – I think the Bengals have the most complete team in the AFC North and should be the favorites to win the division this year.

  39. Congrats to the Bengals for doing what they needed to do when they needed to do it last night! No matter how inept we were, it takes nothing away from the Bengals for getting the job done and making the plays they had to make.

  40. After just four carries for 22 yards in his debut against the Chicago Bears last week, Giovani Bernard came through big for the Cincinnati Bengals offense against the Pittsburgh Steelers Monday night.
    4 carries for 22 ?

    If my maths is right, that’d be 5.5 yards per lug then ?

    That’ll win you some games in this league right there……….

  41. Dalton is the weak link in this offense.
    Lots of fans seem down on Dalton at the moment, and I understand why.

    It is worth pointing out that Dalton is 20 and 14 in wins so far in his opening 34 reg.season games, and after nearly two decades of ineptitude by the Bengals, I’ll take 20 for 34 any old time.

    Lots of Bengal fans seem to have lost their memory, seems to me.

  42. Was a solid win. Pitts gonna have ther hands full with Chicago.

    Need to ask the question ….. Is Tomlin just another Barry Switzer? Or can he actually build a team.

    Pitts drafted horribly on his watch. Horrible cap situation. Complete opposite of Cincy.

    Glad we have Mike Brown.

  43. Get your nose out of the sand Bengal fans. Your team won a game and they looked decent. The Steelers are a divisional win for you but beating a team on the decline, doesn’t put you in the Super Bowl yet….!

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