Jacksonville a massive underdog at Seattle, per oddsmakers

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What happens when one of pro football’s best teams hosts perhaps the sport’s worst team in a stadium where the home crowd can make a prodigious amount of noise?

In the case of Sunday’s Jacksonville-Seattle game, you get oddsmakers making it very clear where the two teams stand in the sport’s pecking order.

According to multiple sites that monitor the lines of Nevada sportsbooks, unbeaten Seattle is favored by 20 points against winless Jacksonville at several books.

It is uncommon to see an underdog of this scope in a pro football game. Two seasons ago, Indianapolis was a 20.5-point underdog vs. New England. There have been no underdogs of this size since in regular-season or postseason play.

Pointspreads are tied to numerous factors, but they are unmistakably affected by how teams are perceived.

In the case of Jacksonville and Seattle . . . well, the linemakers have said it all.

82 responses to “Jacksonville a massive underdog at Seattle, per oddsmakers

  1. Given Seattle coming off a huge win and Gus Bradley’s familiarity with the team, I wouldn’t be surprised if they play them tough.

    Still no way they’re escaping Century Link with a W though…

  2. I normally subscribe to the theory of really good teams playing down to their opponents to some degree, but in this case three touchdowns sounds about right.

    I can’t even name 10 Jaguars players I don’t think. They’ve really got nothing going for them.

  3. They should be. The last time the Jaguars faced Seattle back in 2009 they lost 41-0! And they had Garrard at QB going against an older Matt Hasselbeck (who had 4 TDs in that game).

    Imagine how bad that whooping is gonna feel on Sunday with this Seahawks team.

  4. There is no way that Pete Carroll is going to want to embarrass his understudy Gus Bradley. If I was in Vegas, I’d take the points and score some serious coin.

  5. I hope the Jaguars are thinking about what to do about their perceived image. I still say you need to have a GM that can carve out a strategic long-term vision and start executing a rebuild process immediately.

  6. Pats won that game by 7, so Colts covered easily. You can’t say “no but this time…” There’s always a good reason the spread is 20 points. Jax +20 is a great bet.

  7. jakec4 says: Sep 16, 2013 5:53 PM
    … I can’t even name 10 Jaguars players I don’t think. They’ve really got nothing going for them.
    Their quarterback’s name is “Not-Tebow.”

  8. Jacksonville is square one in a rebuilding process with a new GM, coach, and a totally purged roster.
    Our QB is Chad Henne, or maybe Gabbert if his head isn’t in the sand. We have no offensive line, or any form of pass rush.

    The Seahawks are seeking a championship, they’re a finished product. and MAN they got lucky with Russel Wilson. We drafted a mediocre punter just above him.

    I’ll watch every minute of my team getting whipped and be grateful. We will build a winner in Jax one day, but man it’s not happening this weekend.

    45 – 3 Seahawks.

  9. They have no chance. Good teams virtually can’t win up there with that home field advantage that they have, and Jacksonville just put up 11 points in the first two weeks against their fellow top 3 pickees from April’s draft. It’s going to be ugly.

  10. No one outside of Las Vegas cares, because no one bets on football. We all watch it for the pure entertainment. Just ask Al Michaels and Brent Musburger.

  11. JackAcid says: Sep 16, 2013 6:03 PM

    Seattle’s offense is largely unimpressive. It’s the defense people have to worry about.


    Maybe you’ve dropped too much Acid?

    Ever heard of a guy called Marshawn Lynch?

  12. With that Seattle defense and Jax’s weak offense, I’m not surprised. Plus that loud stadium.

    Seattle’s not especially good on offense, but that defense is very good.

  13. Gus Bradley knows the Seahawks defense. A few things are different under the new DC but Bradley should be able to come up with some good schemes.

    Having said that, Jax Offense needs some playmakers. This won’t be quite the blowout everyone is predicting. But the Jags will need to work hard to stay in it.

    27-10 Seattle.

  14. Niners fan here. It’s quite possible Seattle could set the record, not for noise, but for fewest yards allowed. Jacksonville is going to get destroyed.

  15. The ’94 Niners were favored by 19.5 in the Super Bowl against San Diego. And covered, beating them by 26. You almost never see an NFL spread bigger than 2 TDs, but to see itin a SB is crazy. That said, take Seattle this week and lay the points, you’ll be celebrating by halftime.

  16. The NFL announced today that they will be giving 46 Londoners the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to play on the active roster of the Jacksonville Jaguars in their match-up against the San Francisco 49ers during their appearance at Wembley Stadium on October 27th of this year!

  17. Huge turnouts to the Seahawk games because there aren’t any other forms of entertainment up there. With the downturn in the aviation and high tech industries, everyone is
    Sheepless in Seattle.

  18. Bet JAX. They will lose and are godawfully bad, but Seattle has an only sorta-good offense and is coming off an emotional game.

    20 points is a lot to cover for an NFL team that only managed 12 against Carolina. I could see something like 20-6 being the final.

  19. This just screams major upset opportunity. Probably won’t happen though. But someone will lose to Jacksonville this year, don’t worry Lions fans, that record of yours will stay intact.

  20. Somebody please tell thegreatgabbert where Nirvana, Pearl Jam, Soundgarden, Modest Mouse, Fleet Foxes, Band of Horses, & Death Cab for Cutie are all from.

  21. Greatgabbert…

    You clearly have no idea what you’re talking about. There is more night-life in Seattle than most people could handle. There are copious amounts of beautiful natural areas within short driving distance. Award winning restaurants. Live entertainment of all types. Theaters, music venues, you name it.

    People think it rains all the time, and it does rain quite a bit, but it usually rains in the morning and is clear the rest of the day (but that’s in the fall, winter and spring). It’s a beautiful place in the summer.

    People think about rain, airplanes, and computers when they think about Seattle. That only shows that those people don’t know very much about Seattle.

  22. They seahawks play best with a chip on their shoulders, if you think they’ll over look the jags when last year they lost to some of the worst teams, dolphins, cards, lions. Etc.. Even those were last minute but learned a valuable lesson. They will imagine Gus left them for a better opportunity and take that as disrespect, trust me they will come to play.


  23. Only natural to let down to inferior opp after an emotional win over division foe. Someone above got it right. 27-10

  24. the hawks offense is only sorta good??? puff puff pass….. 29 points against what many say is one of the top two defenses in the NFL. Averaging 20.5 points having played two top 10 defenses. oh yeah, btw, our top draft pick. Christine Michael, and top wideout, Percy Garvin are out with injuries. Wilson has started slow.

    our offense is quite fine. thanks for parroting though.

    Fear the Hawk

  25. Please ignore “thegreatgabbert”. He doesnt represent Jax. In fact, he lives in Missouri in Gabbert’s basement. Seattle is an awesome city. I’ve been there several times over the summer and the weather was fantastic. Keep on keepin’ on Seattle.

  26. My empathy with the Jags ended Sunday when Orlando was force-fed the pitiful Jags/Raiders debacle while the rest of the country was watching the Manning Bowl. They stuck a franchise in a market that couldn’t support it. As a result, people in Central Florida who won’t be blackmailed in to switching to DISH (not a good fit for our weather) are stuck with Miami, Tampa, and Jacksonville each week. We should be able to get at least one interesting national game.

    When the Jags first came into the league, the NFL forced them into this market and were overwhelmed with complaints from this market’s longtime Dolphins fans. Their answer was to alternate each week between Miami and Jacksonville at 1 p.m. But now they’re scheduling Jax at 4:25 so we can see both. Oh joy.

    Fortunately, I have Redzone. But as usual, this scheduling just punishes fans for the league’s mistakes. Jacksonville should never have been awarded that franchise.

  27. Thegreatgabbert is by far the dumbest person to ever post. Henne sucks. Short passes only, and can’t perform when he has too. The sad thing is he is better then Blaine which is saying very little.
    By the way, guess you didn’t see the game against the 49ers. The defense beat a team and QB better the Jacksonville. Jags lose. By a lot!

  28. Love Gus Bradley and what he did for my Hawks; ran a great defense, but he was not HC nor GM and had only minor input on player selection. His knowledge of our team may help the Jags to put at least some points on the board, but let’s not kid ourselves. Upsets only happen when the favored team gets too relaxed and think a game will be a cakewalk. Pete will not allow his Hawks to become this relaxed because our road schedule is a very difficult one this year. We HAVE to win all our home games to have a shot at the playoffs, and this team is VERY hungry to go all the way.

    I’m also thinking after last night that there are a lot of frustrated Seahawks receivers and one QB who need a team on which to take said frustrations out by racking up huge passing/rcvg yards. Sorry, Jags, but that team’s gonna be you.

    Gus is not dumb, however, and he knows that by playing us hard, it cannot help to make his new team all the better for it. Easy schedules may get you to the playoffs, but then you are quickly eliminated once you face the tougher teams. Beating the toughest opponents makes you one of the toughest, too, and that’s why beating the Whiners last night may seem to some like “it’s only Week 2,” but the boost in our confidence is priceless. GO HAWKS!!

  29. If you really care about developing your offense with Henne and Gabbert you might want to bring on Tebow for this one game because there isn’t going to be much left at the QB spot come Monday.

  30. Seattle’s offense has been a bit off the first couple of weeks, and is looking to establish some rhythm, especially in the passing game. Wilson has had slow starts in consecutive weeks, and the focus this week is probably to try and establish some momentum before back-to-back 10 AM road starts in Houston and Indy.

    While it does scream “trap game” after an emotional win over a big rival, and with another SB contender in Houston waiting the following week, Seattle has a lot of work to do to get the offense back into the form it was last December. It’s pretty hard to imagine them taking this week off.

  31. @nflfan1326 …

    I’d rather see either Miami or Jax, not both, no matter where they’re playing or what time the game starts. They’re playing Seattle this week, another late start, so we get them both again, along with Tampa. Why isn’t Fox getting the double-header this week? Are you force-fed the same three teams each week, every week????? My family has been in Florida since before any of those teams. Central Florida may be the only market in the country that is forced to be the go-to market for THREE NFL teams and never allowed to see ANY other teams play on Sunday afternoons. Enough.

  32. I actually feel bad for Jags fans, been a Mariners fan forever. “I feel your pain”.
    The spread is a curious one… is that against Seattles 2’s and 3’s?.

  33. Deb says: Sep 16, 2013 10:31 PM

    @nflfan1326 …

    I’d rather see either Miami or Jax, not both, no matter where they’re playing or what time the game starts. They’re playing Seattle this week, another late start, so we get them both again, along with Tampa. Why isn’t Fox getting the double-header this week? Are you force-fed the same three teams each week, every week????? My family has been in Florida since before any of those teams. Central Florida may be the only market in the country that is forced to be the go-to market for THREE NFL teams and

    NFL ticket.

    Don’t be cheap.

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