Malcom Floyd unlikely to play this week


In the world of the medical professionals who coach football teams for a living “fine” is a fairly unspecific diagnosis.

But even though Chargers coach Mike McCoy used that word in reference to wide receiver Malcom Floyd after he was hauled off on a backboard last night, there might be shades of meaning.

According to ESPN’s Adam Schefter, Floyd is unlikely to play this week, despite the initial encouraging signs.

Floyd took a frightening shot to the head during yesterday’s win over the Eagles, but was able to fly home with the team.

He was in the midst of a monster day, with five catches for 102 yards before leaving in the third quarter. But feeling worse a day later is probably expected given the violence of the hit.

8 responses to “Malcom Floyd unlikely to play this week

  1. He’s fine, he seemed to be moving his eyes slightly from side to side in response to our questions. Seemed to recognize members of his immediate family when they came to visit.

  2. Watching Floyd yesterday was a reminder that all NFL players face career-ending injury on any given play.

    Which makes the “legal” knee-shredders, ankle-breakers, career-enders like Seahawks guard J.R. Sweazy all the more disgusting and disgraceful.

  3. I just want to say thank you for using this angle of the hit for the story. You can clearly see that DeMeco Ryans didn’t aim for the head, it was Floyd who lowered his head INTO Ryans’ oncoming hit. No malice involved, no dirty play, no nothing. Just a poor choice of movement for Floyd while he was trying to brace for impact. It also show’s that he’s not defenseless, as he was clearly trying to cover the ball and tucked into a DEFENSIVE position.

    Honestly, had he not been hurt, I have no doubt this would have been ruled a fumble, and if not, it would have been challenged as a fumble. As it were, no one wanted to be the one to say ‘That was a fumble’ when the guy had to be taken out on a stretcher immediately to the ambulance.

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