Manziel is not a perfect prospect, but the NFL is intrigued


Johnny Manziel doesn’t have the arm of Andrew Luck or the size of Cam Newton or the athletic ability of Robert Griffin III. As an NFL prospect, Manziel is far from perfect, and that’s even before we get into the question of whether teams are scared off by some of his off-field activities.

But some NFL team is going to fall in love with Manziel.

Manziel put up absurd numbers in a loss to No. 1 Alabama on Saturday. He completed 28 of 39 passes for 464 yards, with five touchdowns and two interceptions, and added 14 rushing attempts for 98 yards. As Peter King writes at today, one NFL scout who was at the game said that there may be some-old school coaches who aren’t ready to buy into the way Manziel plays the quarterback position, but they’re going to have to accept that this is how the quarterback position is played today.

“It’s like Ric Flair once said: ‘You may not like this, but you better learn to love it,’” the scout told King.

As Ric Flair also said, to be the man, you gotta beat the man. And Manziel is gonna be the man for some NFL team next year. There are surely a lot of NFL coaches and general managers who don’t like Manziel, but all it takes is one team that has learned to love him. And when Manziel carves up Nick Saban’s defense, it becomes easy to love him.

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  1. The kid is incredible. Anyone who thinks he’s just a running threat has another thing coming. He will be a good QB in the NFL.

  2. yess dey mentioned the Browns had scouts there ugh i can speak for ClevelandBrownsNations by saying we dont want ryan leaf 2.0 on our team in 2014 Weeden is decent backup QB im still a fan of his but he’s on audition the rest of the season if he keeps stuggling then bench him and its Jason Campbells show if not then hey another lost horrible season in Cleveland
    dare i say it let the Bridge Too Bridgewater campaign start not the SUCK FOR JOHNNY-FOOTBALL sweepstakes

  3. I think if Manziel replicates his 2012 he will be a first rounder. Second at the latest.

    His arm is very underrated as he makes so many throws on the run instead of planting his feet. He made a few throws early in the season where he just rifled the ball. I think he can make all the NFL level throws.

    But as RG3 has learned, its tough sledding for a running QB in the NFL. But wouldn’t Manziel to the Eagles be fun to watch!

    But the question is, when will that timebomb in his head go off? You just know it’s coming.

  4. “old school coaches who aren’t ready to buy into the way Manziel plays the quarterback position, but they’re going to have to accept that this is how the quarterback position is played today.”
    Remind me again the last QB, who plays the position the way it “is played today”, who won the SB? Or even how many SBs they’ve made? Or their playoff record?

    See what generalizing does? 7 or 8 out of 32 starting QBs are capable of playing that waay and even those guys are be asked to play more in the pocket because that’s the way the position is played today successfully.

  5. Johnny Manziel often reminds me of a man playing among boys. His talent resulted over 500 yards against the #1 college football team in the country. He is by far, the most exciting football player in college football today.

    If TAMU had any kind of defense, they could have stopped Alabama before they put up 35 unanswered points and TAMU would have won he game. It was not a lack of his talent, but was rather the missing defense of his team which kept TAMU from beating the Tide two years in a row.

    Manziel will help his team to win. If he is given an average defense, some capable talent on offense, he will help a team win 3 or 4 extra games or more a year. He will also help fill the stands and sell the jerseys, caps, and other souvenirs.

  6. Manziel definitely has a ton of potential. The only thing I see getting in his way is him. Can he get an NFL locker room to follow his lead?

    He has time to mature and his tangibles are through the roof. Kid is an absolute playmaker.

  7. I think as long as he and his team are winning or playing close tough games none of what hes doing this year in college is going to matter.

    If JP Losman, Tim Tebow, Matt Leinart, Mark Sanchez… etc etc etc… were 1sts. Then Manziel gets a shot for sure.

    If the Jags take him though… It could be bad

  8. He has moxy on the field, he reminds me of Rothliesberger in that he can constantly make something out of nothing by avoiding the rush and being hard to bring down. Not as big obviously, just the ability to add an extra couple of seconds to the play for somebody to get open.

    He’s got good touch, good release, good arm strength…..if it wasn’t for his off the field antics he’d be a top 10 pick easy.

    The concern of course, is the on field arrogance with the autography signings, money signs etc. Ignoring his coach, also an obvious red flag. His drinking, blowing off the Manning academy is perhaps a bigger red flag. His openly antagonistic relationship to TAMU/College Station is also another concern.

    Some desperate team will make him a first rounder, with a strong coach and team leadership I think he can work out just fine. Unfortunately, teams with weak leadership tend to act out of desperation to save coaches/GMs jobs and that would be the worst possible location for him to go.

    Thinking he will end up in Minnesota, Philly, Arizona, Tennessee, or some other mediocre team picking outside the top 10 with potentially desperate situations for the continued employment of coaches/GMs

  9. Here’s my one sentence scouting report that is directly on point. You need not read anything further from any of the draft gurus.

    He’s what Doug Flutie would have been if Doug Flutie played in this era of no defenses, no hitting and penalties after every other play.

  10. To be completely honest…. I think Mike Evans gets drafted before Johnny Manziel….

    Mike Evans just torched the unit that Saban coaches himself for 279 yds on 7 catches. At times Evans looked undefendable (is that a word?).

    Mike Evans is a beast. 6’5″ guy who ran a 4.5 in high school. Would be surprised if he wasn’t in the 4.4’s now.

  11. Anyone who watched that game knows that Johnny throws the ball up for grabs waaaaaay to much to make it in the NFL, especially with his below-average arm strength.

    Bust in the making.

  12. The kid is awesome… College Football. He’s very mobile…..facing college defenses. He carved up……a college secondary.

    Let’s relax. Can he make it on the right team? Sure. Will he be a savior as a top selection? Probably not.

  13. I want him to play in the NFL. Only because I’m interested in seeing the likes of Von Miller, JPP, Aldon Smith, Mario Williams, Clay Mathews and JJ Watt come in free off the blindside and absolutely tear into his midsection. That would absolutely Make. My. Day.

  14. poridge1214 says:
    Sep 16, 2013 12:54 PM
    The kid is awesome… College Football. He’s very mobile…..facing college defenses. He carved up……a college secondary.

    That’s a dumb analogy… tell me who was the last college QB that carved up NFL defenses???

  15. Johnny Football is a ton of fun to watch, but everytime I see him out there I think to myself that he looks like he’s 17 years old and 175lbs soaking wet. But the kid makes plays. I have no idea how to project him in the NFL, I just hope he keeps his head on straight so that he can keep entertaining me when he eventually goes pro.

  16. The Tebow and Eric Crouch references are misguided.

    Tebow was a fullback playing QB. Crouch was an option QB that had some pretty blazing speed.

    Manziel is a pocket QB that runs. He has great arm strength, great accuracy, and the chaos factor that drives DCs crazy.

    He’s much more Doug Flutie than Tim Tebow.

    He unfortunately may be be more Ryan Leaf than Tim Tebow as well though.

  17. Johnny Manziel is the next Jim McMahon.

    Undersized, athletic, has the ability to make something out of nothing, full of attitude.

    Should have a somewhat decent NFL career.

  18. @bucrightoff Even I the biggest Longhorns fan ever, have to admit Manziel is a beast, but your comparison in players is atroxious!
    Let me guess, you work in the front office for some NFL team and we all should listen to your prognostication.
    Anywho, next year is a down crop but time will tell who makes the better pro QB.
    My lone star dollar is on Manziel over your guy, because in Texas we can deal with headaches as long as you produce at an unreal level.
    Witness Saturday.

  19. @bucrightoff

    I admit that Mariota is an outstanding player, probably will win a Heisman this year. But he doesn’t have the elusiveness and “make something out of nothing” ability that Manziel has, and what NFL scouts are looking for.

    Mariota runs a read option, and runs it flawlessly. But his rush yards are predicated off of those designed runs. Manziel breaks contain as the pocket collapses and rattles off a 25 yd run after dodging 2 sacks. Mariota is a “running QB” and Manziel is a “QB that runs” if that makes sense at all.

  20. I think JF and RGIII are good fits for the college game and iffy fits for the NFL.

    The former had his moments last year but now that he is trying to be more “normal” is showing clay feet.

  21. @8to80texansblog

    Makes prefect sense and I agree. Manziel is a total wildcard who is very difficult to game plan for because he isn’t someone you can put in box and say “He’s X-type of QB”. He’s a singular player.

  22. Oh, Johnny Football is definitely going to get taken in the first round next year, probably fairly early. Someone, desperate to upgrade their sad QB situation, and their are a handful of teams out there, will draft him and if nothing else will sell more seats at home. Manziel is electric when he plays, but he carrys a ton of baggage with him including that gigantic, oversized ego. It’ll be fun to watch him on some pro team a year from now.

  23. “Anyone who watched that game knows that Johnny throws the ball up for grabs waaaaaay to much to make it in the NFL”

    Brett Favre, anyone? Seriously, he made a career on doing that. But it’s also why his last pass as a player in the NFL – all three times he retired – was an interception.

    Not sure how Manziel’s arm strength will compare, though. (Is that something you could improve with conditioning, I wonder?)

  24. Jumpball Joe over in Baltimore won a SB doing that and as previously noted, Brett Favre went to the HOF for that.

    And to be honest he threw 1 ill advised jump ball on Saturday. It was completed for a 1st down on 3rd and a mile but I’m sure the A&M coaches got on him for just chucking it up.

    The first INT he threw was a bad route run by the WR as well as great press coverage by the DB.

    The second INT he threw was a back shoulder throw that hit the DB in the back of the head and bounced straight up in the air.

  25. JF is two years removed from college football when he enters the draft. In another two years, he’ll be removed from pro football as another college QB not suited for the pros.

  26. Some team will believe in Manziel and likely be glad they did. He is a special player between the lines. Hopefully, he’ll mature some as far as doing away with the taunting and other nonsense. Playmakers win games and are headaches for def coaches and the QB position doesn’t have to be put in a conventional box. Manziel has some Elway/Russell Wilson magic in him. Wooooooooooo!

  27. I love that you quoted Rick Flair – and Flair is right, “You gotta work the mile to walk the aisle.”

    The highlights I saw of Johnny Manziel vs Alabama. The way he throws the ball up for grabs … I’m happy that he doesn’t play for my team. He can get away with that stuff against college defenses, but he’ll get eaten alive in the NFL.

    He’s an arena league player at best. He lacks talent and intelligence to play in the NFL, and lacks the arm to play in the wide open CFL.

  28. Manziel is a great talent when his entire package is allowed to perform but if he tries to rely on all of those assets in the NFL, he will get killed. A good example is RGIII. Right now he is a one dimensional pocket passer~ generic quarterback and less than average. Manziel is durable but the college game is in no way comparable to the NFL . I take nothing away from the kid’s raw skills, but he is a showboat and they don’t last very long with the big boys. I wish him well in the big show ~ so does everybody else in the SEC ~ and that right soon.

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