ProFootballTalk: RGIII the garbage time all-star

Robert Griffin III has played poorly in the first half of the first two games of the season, but turns it on in garbage time. The PFT crew breaks down Griffin’s struggles.

6 responses to “ProFootballTalk: RGIII the garbage time all-star

  1. Really??? THATS jumping the bandwagon dude! 2 games and he’s a garbage time all star???

    No sir!!! THAT can and will what this man will forever be known as….

    THAT man is Tony Blomo!

  2. Just some stats for you through the first two two weeks:

    RGIII – 650 passing yards – 5 td’s – 3 int

    Kaep – 540 Passing yards – 3 td’s – 3 int – 1 fmbl

    Wilson – 460 Passing yards – 2 td’s – 1 int – 1 fmbl

    Luck – 500 Passing yards – 2 td’s – 1 int – 1 RuTD

    Dalton – 560 Passing yards – 3 td’s – 2 int

    Tannehill – 590 Passing yards – 2 td’s – 1 int – 1 fmbl

    These are you young “savior” qb’s. Please explain to me how RGIII is worse than any of them? He may have some rust to knock off, but he is not the Redskins problem, by far. Why isn’t anybody complaining about how “terrible” Kaep is?? As many int’s as td’s. He has a MUCH better defense to back him up. Stop blaming Griffin. The Lions will be the Skins this week because the Skins secondary couldn’t stop my grandmother from catching a td, and I’m a Redskins fan.

  3. @obnoxiousDCfan

    Because those teams have winning records and/or have been competitive even when they lost (aisde from Kaep this week). Skins have looked horrendous in all facets of the game until they are down by three touchdowns plus and the other team is forced to not run up the score. Additionally they haven’t been talking non-stop like Griffin. He’s put a target on his back at this point.

    From a fellow (objective) Skins fan.

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