Pittsburgh’s offense finally gets moving

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In Week One, the Steelers’ offense started slowly and didn’t get on the board until garbage time. In Week Two, the Steelers’ offense started slowly again, but this time it didn’t take quite so long to get rolling.

After a mostly frustrating first half, Ben Roethlisberger engineered a drive on which he completed all five of his passes, hitting Emmanuel Sanders for a 43-yard gain to the 1-yard line and then hitting Derek Moye on a fade into the end zone for a touchdown, tying the score at 10-10 just before halftime.

Until that drive, the Steelers’ offense couldn’t do much of anything. The running backs have been a non-factor, with Felix Jones finding little room behind Pittsburgh’s shaky offensive line, and Isaac Redman sitting out most of the first half while getting evaluated for a concussion. (He was cleared to return.)

The good news for the Steelers is that Bengals quarterback Andy Dalton has been missing open receivers and failing to get the Bengals’ offense moving. It’s 10-10 at halftime, and the Steelers are going into the second half with momentum.

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  1. citizenstrange will now have eat some crow for his earlier negative comments about Ben. Are you even watching the game? No running game again. Turnover by the TE after a long completion. And Ben still leads them to a tying drive. Should he play defense too?

    Grow up and enjoy the crow sandwich.

  2. The play calling hasn’t been very good for Pitt. The o-line has done a decent job, but they can’t run block for nothing. And when you have Brown, Sanders and Wheaton, why is Cotchery running a reverse? Makes no sense to have your slowest receiver run it.

  3. Tripping?!? Refs should be fined for that bad call wow. Plus they allowed the bengals defense to slam Ben to the turf on that sack. Look at replay, they had hold of his face mask. Where’s the whistle for in the grasp?

  4. Old and slow defense. Cut everyone but jones and start over. Refs blew that call on Gilbert. What a crime to call tripping. All BS.

  5. Wonder if Mike Carey will apologize for his game-changing tripping call the way Bill Leavy apologizes for his game-changing calls. Wonder what it will take for Goodell to do something about the poor officiating in the league … sigh.

  6. Why are Steeler fans not calling loudly for Todd Haley to be fired ASAP? He has done nothing but cripple the offense since he got there. The man got real lucky with Kurt Warner in Arizona, but has looked pretty bad since.

  7. Welcome to the bottom of the AFC North, Pittsburgh. Get comfortable. You’re going to be here a while.

  8. Jones is a beast. Polamalu is done. I am sorry, but he’s done. All you do is pass to the opposite site and you’ll avoid him. His lack of lifting weights can be seen in his lack of tackling. Man, this is 1980 all the way. Pretty much 10+ years of a crappy team is coming for fellow Steelers fans.

  9. Steelers are stick-a-fork-in-them done. Enjoy those rings from the past. Hope they are enough to keep you happy for a long time. You won’t be adding to them for awhile.

  10. Tripping call was the worse call by the refs, just terrible,broke the momentum for the steelers in the second half. Steelers Offense still need lots of work if these guys are going to win some games. They desperately need Miller and Leveon Bell back and for Wheaton to start making more plays. Bengals did just enough to win but the steelers are capable of beating these guys with better offense. The offense will continue to be the key or problem to their season. Gotta score points.

  11. Oh yeah, their offense sure is moving now!

    Last week 9 points
    This week 10 points

    Last week 31 yrds rushing
    This week 44 yrds rushing

    Last week 194 total offensive yrds
    This week 278 total offensive yrds

    Aaron Rodgers threw for 335 yrds on just the first half this week.

    And yet one may write that the Steeler’s offense finally gets moving?

  12. I heard on sports talk radio this morning that no 0-2 team in the last 4 years has made the playoffs in the NFL. So according to that trend the Steelers are playing out the string already.

    I wonder if it is too early to gear up for the 2014 NFL Draft? Looks to me like that’s gonna be the next time Steeler fans are able to bget excited about football, seeing’s how their team looks to be positioning itself for a very high draft choice already…

  13. IMO The Steelers need to ditch the zone blocking scheme and Haley. The defense is missing Foote already. They are def in transition at by the 0-2 start I would welcome a top ten draft pick. I agree with Linebacker Coach Butler. They should have went for a middle linebacker earlier in the draft to go with Jones and reload the linebacker corp. Its going to be a painfully long season and hate to say it but changes should be made in the Steel City. On the bright side, the defense can make some adjustments and should be ok. Contrary to what some are saying about Troy being washed up. I thought he played well.

  14. @laxcoach37 …

    No, I do not miss Mike Wallace. I fail to see how our sorry offense would be helped by a sorry receiver who refused to come to camp, refused to learn the new offense, and claimed he couldn’t keep his head in the game during run plays. Miami is welcome to him.

  15. wearethesteelers says: Sep 16, 2013 10:18 PM

    Where are the Bengals fans now? We will dominate the second half.

    How did that work out for you?

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