Report: Teammates not sure how to control Suh

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One of the big stories from Week One could resonate deep into the season, and possibly beyond.

During Sunday’s pregame show on FOX, Jay Glazer reported that Lions teammates have concerns about defensive tackle Ndamukong Suh’s ability to play within the rules.

“Even in practice, Ndamukong gives guys the business,” Glazer said.  “He’ll slam a guy’s head against the ground.  He’ll stomp on a guy.  He’ll take little shots at guys.  And guys are concerned if he can’t control himself even in practice with us, how can he control himself against someone else’s jersey?”

While the officials and the NFL control the games, the Lions control practice.  And if Suh is engaged in overly aggressive tactics against teammates in practice, the Lions need to do something about it.

That’s the dilemma for the coaching staff.  Coach Jim Schwartz learned the craft in Tennessee under Jeff Fisher, where defensive players who dance on the line, and periodically throw a punch over it, were embraced.

It’s a tough balance to strike.  One executive with a team known for avoiding problem players recently mused to PFT about the wisdom of having some renegades on defense.

It’s one thing to have a few chippy players.  It’s another to have a guy — who’s now a captain — who wreaks havoc in practice and in games and makes himself a focal point for the wrong reasons.

In the not-too-distant future, the Lions will have to decide whether they want to keep Suh around for the long term.  If they choose to give him a huge-money extension, it’ll be the ultimate endorsement of Suh’s tactics in practice and in games.

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  1. In all seriousness, Suh could very likely need professional help, and need it now before he does something off the field that could be very serious.

  2. So another story written off an unnamed player’s quote? yeah, non story until someone puts their name on it. If this was a problem i doubt he would have been voted Captain….The problem lies within Schwartz. I was hoping it would all come around. Ultimately he doesnt see the issue. Thats why the penalties keep happening, thats why a guy like Brandon Pettiegrew keeps dressing each sunday and a guy like Ryan Broyles who is healthy is inactive. I know 2 seperate position, but when you’re running the spread no reason to have Pettigrew in there, who the only thing he has held on to all season is Jared Allen on that 4th and 1 last week vs. the vikes. Pathetic coaching is the real issue here, until that is fixed this team will be lucky to win 8 games.

  3. But I thought he was a clean player, unfairly portrayed in the media and unjustly targeted by the NFL? Now, you’re saying that he’s misunderstood by his own teammates, too?

  4. wow what a shocker! you mean that after a loss, a player ran his mouth but didn’t put his name on it? own up to what you are saying. and even if it is true, this is more of an indictment of the coaching staff than suh. coaches can’t control one player, let alone an entire locker room

  5. The fans know it (outside of kittytown), other teams players know it and now his own teammates are worried about it( in practice no less)…….when is roger goodell going to “get it.?” When this idiot ends some player’s career because of a dirty shot, the NFL will finally get it……with a lawsuit. Forget football for a moment, this is akin to an employer having a nutcase who threatens and assaults other employees and does nothing about it and when another player loses his career over a dirty hit, the lawyers will be lined up to go after the NFL for not taking action. If this was Suhsies first brush with a cheap dirty hit, that’s one thing but he has a pretty lengthy “rap sheet” of dirty hits already. Goodell and the NFL are concerned about lawsuits and player safety (so they say) and concussions but they don’t suspend a mad dog that plays in their league for continued dirty tactics.$$$$$$$

  6. One of these days he’s gonna mess around and one of these big nasty Olineman are gonna cut block him and justice will be served!

  7. nananatman says:
    Sep 16, 2013 9:16 AM
    Steroids, they don’t exactly improve cognitive thought.
    Actually, steroids do improve cognitive thought along with many other things. The inexpensive replication of testosterone represents the last great medical advancement. Steroids are truly a wonder drug used to treat everything from skin conditions to cancer. So there’s that.

    Anyway, I’m not a Lions fan but I sure wish I had Suh on my team. He is a BEEAAASSSTTTT!!!!!!!

  8. The players voted him as captain. But the players don’t like him? This sounds like complete b.s. to me. He’s not at practice stomping players. c’mon now

  9. As an owner of an NFL franchise, I don’t want my investment damaged by a dirty player like Suh.

  10. Try shock therapy, worked for Cliff Claven. Put a dog collar on him and have someone monitor him. Every time it even looks like he’ll do something stupid, ZAP! When his heart skips a beat it gives his poor functioning brain a chance to catch up.

  11. @tokyosandblaster really!!…lmao so just trying to keep it current … When was JA fined or flagged for dirty or otherwise play…. Yet your boy Matthews was last week??…. Retard!

  12. It’s a REAL mans game……..smh….grow a set people! Are we now seeing the effects of the “everybody gets a gold star” generation??? Scarey.

  13. I agree with almost all of you. This is a coaching issue and Suh needs to be controlled. As for the so-called coward going to the media…

    If you have bad coaching and they aren’t listening to you in meetings/practice and are concerned about cheap shots. One way to get more attention is to talk to the media. Maybe now that more people are talking about it, the coaches will respond with appropriate action.

    Always amazes me how many people post anonymously on the internet the importance of putting your name on something.

  14. It’s about time someone takes out his ACL. I think if he realized the damage that can be done then maybe he will learn……fat chance though. The guy is a straight gorilla.

  15. On his next incident (and there will be a next one) he needs to be hit with a two game suspension with mandatory counseling required before he goes back on the field.

    If there is anything after that, a six game suspension. Problem solved.

  16. Instead of acting like the other player who blew his head off in front of his coach after murdering his girlfriend maybe this guy will kill himself first.

    It’s obvious that he has mental problems, somebody, get him the professional help that he needs because all sports does is enables him by giving him pocket loads of money.

  17. Yeah….not putting much merit in Jay Glazer and his ‘unnamed source’ who refuses to admit who he is, yet is part of a team that makes Suh a captain.

    Suh had ONE personal foul penalty in all of the 2012 season. ONE. Check the stats if you don’t believe me.

    And since he came into the league there are 42 other active players who have accumulated more personal fouls in those seasons than Suh has.

    If you think, for one second, that Goodell doesn’t have a hard on for creating an image for Suh above and beyond other players, then read the article about Dashon Goldson. In a time where the NFL just settled with former players over concussion issues, and the concern over said issues in the league for active players, he is a guy who has been penalized and fined MULTIPLE times over last year and this year, and his fines still don’t add up to the week one fine given to Suh over a hit not involving a head shot, and a block which would have been legal is Suh was hit by Sullivan.

    Yeah….just go ahead and believe Jay Glazer is telling the truth and not trying to prolong the ‘Suh’s a dirty player’ program.

  18. With all the fouls, late hits, dirty plays, intentionally injured players (B. Merriweather headhunting), you harp back to a guy that didn’t even get flagged yesterday?

    What about Dashon Goldson? More personal fouls than anyone since 2010? I guess he just ‘plays hard’ with a ‘high motor’.

  19. The guy signed something like a contract with something like $50M guaranteed. $100k isn’t going to do anything to him. Suspend him 6 games without pay, and he’ll get the message.

  20. Jim Schwartz being a disciple of Jeff Fisher tells a lot. I like Fisher and think he’s a great coach. However, Gregg Williams was and now is again a disciple of Jeff Fisher. Enough said!

  21. take all this with a huge grain of salt. If he really behaved this way in practice –putting is own teammates at risk — how likely is it that they would have elected him a captain?

  22. Damn, back in the day, you wanted that mean player on the line setting the tone. i.e. Mean Joe Greene.. Now we don’t like these players who play the game mean. I personally like it. I do admit he shouldn’t do it to his teammates however, save it for the other team.

  23. clayminator says: Sep 16, 2013 9:46 AM

    so you’re saying he’s out of control? no, you don’t say!

    game 1…0 tackles 0 sacks
    game 2…3 tackles 0 sacks



    Do you actually watch the games or just look at stat lines? He was dominant against Minnesota. He was the reason why Ponder/Peterson handoff was fumbled. He blew up Minnesota’s guard immediately after the snap and pushed him into Ponder, making him stumble and give Peterson a bad hand off. Also a big part of why Peterson did almost nothing on the ground besides the first play of the game. He also was applying pressure to Ponder on two of his interceptions. Against the Cardinals he was right in Palmers face causing him to throw the pick 6. His game against Minnesota was better than the game yesterday, but you wouldn’t know that cause you only look at stat lines…

  24. Blackhawks5xchamps says:
    Sep 16, 2013 9:50 AM
    It’s about time someone takes out his ACL. I think if he realized the damage that can be done then maybe he will learn……fat chance though. The guy is a straight gorilla.
    Dumb post.

  25. jglion says:
    Sep 16, 2013 10:08 AM
    take all this with a huge grain of salt. If he really behaved this way in practice –putting is own teammates at risk — how likely is it that they would have elected him a captain?


    Actually- very likely as a last resort to instill a little responsibility into him. Obviously it didn’t work…..

    Shwartz is also the problem here. Its his job to control him by any means and he can’t seem to do it. He wants this tough guy image, but can’t balance it.

  26. Plumbstupid,

    I love when chemtards defend chemtards. You hear all this junk from scientists who say crack doesn’t have lasting effects, my first response, that scientist is a crackhead, makes crack, sells crack, profits from crack addiction treatments. Steroids and roid-rage do not improve rational thought or cognitive decision making no matter how much your bank account wish they did.

  27. If the guy does it in practice to his own team-mates, and it bugs them enough to tell Jay Glazer, this is an even bigger problem than as advertised.

  28. I would have a less of a problem with Suh’s dirty play if he just OWNED it, like a man.

    Embrace your nastiness. Acknowledge it openly. TAke ownership of who you are and how you play.

    Instead he does his feigned innocence act, as if he’s just absolutely SHOCKED that someone would make such allegations against an ‘angel’ such as himself.

    It’s that whole, “Who me? Why, I would never!” routine, playing all dumb and innocent — when the whole world can see what an angry, petty cheap shot artist you are — that I, for one, can’t stand.

    If you just owned up to your anger and intent and agressive style – like a Dick Butkus or Deacon Jones (or even, more currently, Cortland Finnegan, Incognito, etc) – I’d have some respect for you.

    But since you deny, deny, deny – it shows you’re not only dirty, but a phony and coward, too.
    (and yes, your classless coach is as much to blame, too)

  29. Yeah I’m not buying this load of crap you’re selling. Which players is he beating on in practice? Must not be all the ones that just voted him team captain.

    I do think that Schwartz does a poor job of managing his players when they lose their composure though. The Lions may be better off with a new coach. This story about Suh though is B.S. though.

    -Vikings Fan

    P.S. Fire Bill Musgrave

  30. Glazer doesn’t even say an “unknown” player said this. It was Glazer’s own statement. I’ve been at several Lions practices & have never seen Suh get in any type of fight. The Detroit reporters who are there a lot have not seen this. This is a made up non story.

  31. Two words for this guy…..Albert Haynesworth!! Maybe the Lions could hire him to mentor Suh. Heheheheheheeeeee!

  32. jskzoocrew says:
    Sep 16, 2013 11:03 AM
    Pay the man! Extend his contract. He’s a beast.


    Yes, and then invite him over for dinner to meet your wife and kids.

  33. “One of these days he’s gonna mess around and one of these big nasty Olineman are gonna cut block him and justice will be served!”and may I add,the Suhner the better!what goes around comes around.

  34. Fire that idiot why do his teammates always come to his defense when they have to know people are right for calling him a dirty player?if any of his teammates weren’t his teammates , but played on different teams than those same people who have defended him wouldn’t be saying the same things about him. I hate this guy and I hate anyone who’s going to defend him he doesn’t care about anyone’s health and safety and instead he almost seems like a cynical jerk who thinks its his job to just try and hurt people. When the league is already experiencing all these problems with lawsuits from injuries they don’t need him to hurt the situation anymore than he already has

  35. “Prison if he was not in NFL”. well that can be said of 50% of NFL players today,they didnt go to college to study to get ahead in the world they went to try and become NFL players,you can take the player out of the hood but you cant take the hood out of the player and most dont want to get out and stay out.

  36. plumbstupid says:
    Sep 16, 2013 9:29 AM

    Actually, steroids do improve cognitive thought along with many other things. The inexpensive replication of testosterone represents the last great medical advancement. Steroids are truly a wonder drug used to treat everything from skin conditions to cancer.

    Despite there is truth to this statement it is also a documented fact that there is a disorder called “Roid Rage”; a side affect often associated with the abuse or misuse of steroids …

    I think Suh’s problem is a product of a combination of things. When he was playing at Nebraska he was rewarded with sensationalized press for his rough playing tactics. Its kind of contradictory to tell a player you’re not happy with the style of play that earned him the BIG $$ and a spot on the team…

  37. tokyosandblaster says:
    Sep 16, 2013 9:12 AM
    Yeah, guys like this and Jared Allen, who are really only known for being cheap shot artists, should not be given the privilege of playing in the NFL.

    oh great, here goes tokyo again… i’m convinced you sir know nothing about the NFL and are only on here just to post about your favorite team, The Vikings! You and you opinions are worthless…

  38. But but but, the blind Lions fans said he was improved and clean! They don’t like this report so they shoot the messenger (Glazer). Think for one second. The player is not going to go public because it would be very awkward in the locker room and in practices.

  39. @tokyosandblaster

    does “Battle of wits with an unarmed person” ring a bell with you?
    You are the unarmed person…

  40. I think that Suh has a knack for making a play that looks vicious at exactly the wrong time. The sack on Cutler that looked like he was trying to rip his arm off. The stomp on Thanksgiving. The ninja shot at Schaub’s man area. He gets the losses of composure onto the largest stages and they overshadow the majority of his play that is good, hard, tough, dominant play.

    No player should be pulling childish antics because they lost their temper, but the suggestion that he is some kind of monster that is mauling his own team mates in practice might be going a bit far. If anything, Suh needs to learn about maturity so that he no longer has these tantrums.

  41. One word: medication. Take whatever prescription that turned Ron Artest into Metta World Peace, double it, and give it to Suh. Then he’ll just be a little dangerous but almost normal.

  42. It’s more evidence that this guy needs a significant suspension, and I’m talking about a year or more. If he still doesn’t learn, he simply needs to be kicked out of the league. There is no place for that garbage and apparently he doesn’t care. Guy had the world in his hands because alot of fans loved him when he came out of Nebraska, but he’s a knuckleheaded bully who makes football not fun to watch when he acts that way and then tries to defend it later.

  43. there are 31 other teams that would jump at getting suh. you guys must be little 20 year old kids. suh is doing nothing that any of the great dl havent done

  44. vikingsgohard says:
    Sep 16, 2013 9:46 AM
    @tokyosandblaster really!!…lmao so just trying to keep it current … When was JA fined or flagged for dirty or otherwise play…. Yet your boy Matthews was last week??…. Retard!


    I am no lions or suh fan. but JA is about as dirty as they come. If you need proof look no further then last year when he got a fine for ending a players season on a cheap shot. Youtube: jared allen cheap shot louis


  45. This can be resolved very easily by the Lions and the Union. This is a safety issue, we have safety rules in place on construction sites to prevent injuries and death “I have seen both” you do not follow certain rules you will be fired that’s it. other rules you go home without pay (for a few days)
    Same can be done here. The Lions and the Union have an obligation to protect His co workers from unnecessary injury.

  46. Remember the scene in Full Metal Jacket when all of the soldiers in the barracks beat the hell out of Pvt. Pyle with pillow cases filled with bars of soap?

    You could put it on pay per view and make a ton of money.

  47. Schwartz has done Suh a disservice by allowing it to happen one time, much less multiple times. He has lost control of the player by embracing his actions, thinking he was encouraging a player not rearing a monster. Unfortunately, Schwartz didn’t realize he was dealing with a psychopath and now Suh believes no matter what he does, like Aaron Hernandez, it will be embraced. It’s a shame it will take a situation like that to make Suh realize he is a human and he is subject to playing by the rules like everyone else but I guess we will see who his next victim will be since no one, not even the commissioner, wants to suspend him for his actions. That’s what happens when you win games and make people money, you get special treatment. May the Schwartz be with you…

  48. For those of you complaining that the source is a “unnamed player” , would YOU like that monster coming after you? Discretion is the better part of valor….

  49. Hey, did you guys hear about that lineman who chop blocked Ian Williams and ended his season with a broken ankle?

    Oh. That was J.R. Sweezy, not Suh.

    And he actually DID end somebody’s season. Any comment on that?



  50. Awwww people all upset because I point out the truth?

    Jared and Suh are both dirty.

    The facts back up my argument. Being insignificant, uneducated homers doesn’t help your argument.

  51. Don’t reup his contract.
    He needs mental house. Bring in a shrink make him go and follow instructions.’
    If not, trade him before he kills an opponent or a team mate

  52. Report comment
    snakeskinsoul says:
    Sep 16, 2013 1:14 PM
    For those of you complaining that the source is a “unnamed player” , would YOU like that monster coming after you? Discretion is the better part of valor….
    Using unnamed sources is cowardly journalism.

  53. Only a fool tries to control the uncontrollable. The way to go is to embrace absorption and redirect. These guys sound like a gunfighter who has to be told that the end with the hole in it is supposed to point the other way, not at yourself!

  54. Responsible journalism would be to dig into this a little deeper, than to print hearsay stuff from Glazer.

    My guess is there is zero evidence that this happens. If this did happen, then it would have been reported by media covering the Lions. Believe me, they are not homers, they would report it.

    Maybe this has more to do with Glazer being a buddy of the Vikings and Sullivan?

  55. theqmaster:

    That would be the worst thing to do. You don’t enjoy the powers of the Incredible Hulk by ticking him off or telling him what to do when he’s unhappy. The key is to set the atmosphere and the tone of the scenario that keeps the mindset healthy and in check and then you can harness the potential of that energy and point it towards where the problem is. You need to use leverage here, it’s a football concept, so hopefully somebody with the Lions will be able to make the connection and do something about it. A good start would be to foster an aggressive team attitude of dominating with wins, that’s an environment he can mesh well with, but we don’t have the discipline or the focus or the attitude that is conducive for him to be comfortable.

  56. Coming soon: a dirty, illegal and intentional hit that will end another player’s career or put him in a wheelchair for life. I hope to God that neither one happens. But ruining someone’s livelihood or health on purpose is an unforgivable offense. If it happens I hope that Suh and the responsible Lions’ coaches receive lifetime bans from the league and the NFL is sued for its last penny.

  57. I left facts surrounding Suh’s game play. It was censored off this board.

    Needless to say, Suh has never injured anybody on a flagged play.

    Suh is amongst the least penalized players in the league.

    @jrod531: Can you even name the last game that Suh cost us? Can you name the number of games Suh has won for us? Without Suh, Detroit’s defense could not work.

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