Terrelle Pryor willing to be a game-manager


There were fewer highlights, but a better result.

And being willing to accept that represents a huge step for Raiders quarterback Terrelle Pryor.

After he ran wild against the Colts in the opener, the Jaguars were playing to keep him in the pocket and make him throw. So Pryor avoided mistakes, handed it to Darren McFadden often and left with his first win as a starter.

Everything we do with Terrelle is a growing process,” Raiders coach Dennis Allen said, via Scott Bair of CSNBayArea.com. “That’s what you deal with having young players. He also plays a position where there’s a lot of learning involved. Every play, every game is a learning experience.

“There were some good things he did in the game. There were some things we have to work on, but that’s part of football. We’ll keep working and he’ll keep getting better.”

The biggest statistical leap was going from two turnovers to none, and even though there weren’t the same amount of opportunities for big plays, he also failed to screw things up. He completed 15-of-24 passes for 126 yards and ran for 50 more (after throwing for 217 and running for 112 in a loss to the Colts)

“I feel like I did my job with the plays that were called in,” Pryor said. “I did my job and we got a ‘W.’ I’m very happy about it. . . .

“There weren’t a lot of opportunities to throw the ball today. The defense was playing well and we were running strong, so we didn’t need to throw much. We had a lead and the coaches wanted to keep grinding with the run. We did what we had to do to win.”

It wasn’t much to look at, and it was against the Jaguars. But for a team with its own issues finding an identity and a quarterback, Pryor showed progress toward both.

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  1. pryor made some really nice throws too but the receivers (particularly moore) weren’t bringing them down…moore’s lack of position awareness also negated the big yardage from the trick play…

    all in all, i think a better performance from pryor against a jaguars defense that wasn’t going to let up. i think if their offense had any sort of meat to it that the result would have been different

  2. I watched this one and would like to say that the Jags D contained Pryor for the most part, but I’d be lying. He did manage the game. And they managed to win one. Not sure that offense will beat many other teams than the Jags. We can’t get into double digits.

  3. pryor will be fine – not your franchise QB but good for a few years until they try again with someone else

  4. Broncos have the best run D, Raiders have the best rushing attack. Pryor is gonna have to air it out for the Raiders to remotely have a chance. I think the Raiders D is being overlooked, but if the Raiders can’t score TDs and eat up clock to keep the ball from Manning , then it’s gonna be a bloodbath.

  5. I hope Pryor becomes great. Would be a nice tribute to the man who drafted him.

    Pryor does have an amazing skill set but some things can’t be taught. We shall see…

  6. Hey Darin, how many times in 24 hours are you going to mention the Raiders won the game, but it was JUST AGAINST THE JAGUARS? Listen, WE GET IT!

    Are you going to mention this when any other team beats JUST THE JAGUARS this year? Don’t recall reading last week when the Chiefs won that it was JUST AGAINST THE JAGUARS.

  7. With what could be their only win of the season, the Raiders probably ensured they will finish second in the Clowney sweepstakes. Which is fine with the rest of the AFC West.

  8. @humbolt:

    If the Raiders don’t win another game this year then the worst they could do is TIE the Chargers’ AFCW worst 1-15 record of 2000. But somehow I think San Diego’s record for ineptitude in a single season will be safe for yet another year.

  9. Humbolt just got shown the mother fn door. kicked on the way out the door. pretty sure bolts are 1-1. pretty sure bolts have not won anything ever. sit back bro and just enjoy your team win nothing again this year just like my team the raiders. no matter how we get there we still get to the same spot so I can’t figure out why you puff your chest out so much.

  10. Good test coming up with Broncos. DA’s thesis on TP is proving correct so far. Try to stop him on the edge opens up the middle and other lanes. DMAC, Stewart, and Reece can all benefit and result is Raiders #1 run offense in the league. Early, but encouraging. Like the play calling. Loved seeing the D hustling and flying around and #24 setting the example. Fun team to watch after 10-years of drought.

  11. RGIII: I said it last year, Is totally overrated along with Collin Kaepernick, Russel Wilson and Cam Newton. The threat of the run in their systems was so over powering that defenses totally sold out on the pass to stop the run. Just like Ben Roethlisberger and Donovan McNabb who’s career’s has fallen since they lost their ability to scramble, So to will you see these young QB continue to struggle as well. All of their lives theses QB used their feet 1st and the pass 2nd without any commitment from the teams that they played on. In college players don’t get payed, And there is only 4 years of eligibility that they can play. There is no team commitment. Now these players come into the NFL with the same mentality to run 1st and then pass 2nd and it works, Because it’s just too hard for defenses on any level to scheme against. But as soon as it works and everyone gets all excited, People keep missing the big picture. None of these QB can play in a pocket QB system. Now what is a pocket QB system. Most people see it as just formations and coaches schemes, That’s the problem. But they fail to see the most important part of the system which is (The Money Ball System) or the business side of the game. Once you try and sign these mobile QB to a long term contract, you might as well flush their NFL career’s down the toilet. Because teams don’t want to see their franchise QB put in harms way by running 1st and passing 2nd. Let’s take Mike Vick for example. When Vick came into the NFL his threat of running was so great teams feared him. Mike Vick became must see T.V. No coaches for Atlanta developed a system for him on the field and in the Front Office. Soon other mobile QB appeared on the NFL stage playing under the same format as pocket passer’s. It does not work. Mobile QB like RGIII and Collin Kaepernick etc. need their own systems on and off the field in order to be successful in the NFL. My Money Ball System will help correct this mishap that many GM executives have made against the mobile QB. Once this new Money Ball System comes into effect, You will see teams that decide to commit to systems that uses mobile QB become more effective. This will be the change that will revolutionize the NFL and make the mobile QB the best QB in the NFL. The landscape of the NFL is now changing college football is pumping more and more mobile QB out every year. Their college stats are dictating to the NFL that they must be drafted. These mobile QB must be prepared to come into the NFL under the current broken system or choose My New Money System that will best suit them as mobile QB. for more information on this Please contact me on facebook or hit me up on twitter.

  12. Sure TP missed some passes yesterday, but also made some nice ones… WRs (Moore) need to step up a little…

    Great to see DMAC running downhill again… shows you how stupid Knapp was to abandon a running game that had much success in 2011 and install the ZBS…

    As far as the D which has been 75% rebuilt, the D-line is pleasant surprise getting a good push and lots of pressure…

    There is hope in Oaktown (even if it was JUST THE JAGS)…..

  13. I think the fact that Pryor was the focus in Indy and managed against the Jags is a blessing in disguise against the Broncos and being able to run and drain clock. Now we’ve shown we can do both but we haven’t put alot on tape. It’s still new from this team…a lot of pressure will be on the DE’s/OLB’s to contain both DMC and Pryor and with some creative playcalling I think we can frustrate them into at least giving ourselves a chance.

    I don’t think I’d pick my Raiders but I think we have a recipe against a Broncos D that doesn’t have Dumerville and Miller coming off the edges to make some noise and scare them.

    Can’t deny that even if it was the Jags that these Raiders are getting after QB’s. Get after Manning and run it all day….all I’m saying is theres a chance!

  14. Commenting on:
    natijim235 says:
    Sep 16, 2013 9:21 AM
    pryor will be fine – not your franchise QB but good for a few years until they try again with someone else

    natijim235: wouldn’t be too quick to dismiss TP as a long term option. Consider:
    * Youth – He’s 24. Kapernick is 26, Wilson 25, EJ Manuel and RGIII both 23. This is next-gen NFL.
    * Physical Assets – think about this…at 6’6′, 233, he’s 2″ taller and only 30lbs lighter than Aldon Smith. He can take and deliver a beating which helps with longevity….note stiff arm on Colts Landry….nearly favorite play of the year.
    * Work ethic – Trask said it on the air yesterday, the guy works as hard as Gannon did. Teammates respond to that leadership by example and will follow….not to mention the fans love him already.

    He needs work, no question, but he’s got the tangibles and intangibles to be a long term option if he keeps his head screwed on straight and keeps working hard, he just needs time to grow into his potential.

  15. all i know is the jags went over 35 minutes of game clock without a first down. Raiders had another 5 sacks yesterday…that is 9 for the year…projecting 72, after only having 25 all of last year…..Raiders d has improved 2nd year under allen/tarver – we need to get branch healthy…play of the day was c-wood superman tackle.

  16. More than his legs or his arm, TP2’s greatest asset is his drive to become a great QB in this league.

    Teams have to scheme against the run when playing the Raiders, it’s the team’s strength. That will create opportunities for the pass-or-dash.

  17. @kcsam76: So if by some miracle the Raiders are able to secure a wildcard by one win, will they take it away because they beat the Jags? As much as they are searching for an answer, the Jaguars are still a professional football team and the win counts every bit as much as beating the Broncos or 49ers or Packers or anyone else.

    Taking what is given instead of trying to push for personal glory is a good trait for the QB to have. He’s showing that he’s willing to work hard and set aside his ego. I like the guy and think that he is going to be able to put together some good seasons if the team is able to build around him. I’m not counting on Pryor being the second coming of Steve Young, but he could certainly become a very serviceable starting quarterback in the NFL.

  18. thepistoloffense says: Sep 16, 2013 10:45 AM

    RGIII: I said it last year, Is totally overrated along with Collin Kaepernick, Russel Wilson and Cam Newton.

    Sorry, you lost anyone with any football sense right there. I’m sure GM’s are beating down your door right now. Well maybe Jerrah, LOL

  19. WOW Darin must have got beaten up as a boy by a Raider fan. So much hate from him “Failed to screw up” Little passive aggressive there Darin.
    I did just read that the Broncos LT has a bad foot. A LT with a bad foot blocking the blind side of an older QB with a bad neck that does not move well. As Mr Davis said ” Their QB must go down…and he must go down hard”

  20. @ r8rnuck

    To me, through the 1st 2 games, it seems like Moore isn’t giving 100%. He starts his routes slow and seems to give little effort. It pains me because I think Moore can be a real star in the league but he needs to get with it.

    the last two years he was running a lot harder than he is now. I hope hes not mad because Streaters getting more passes.

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