Too soon to tell if Weeden will play or who might replace him

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Browns quarterback Brandon Weeden sprained his right thumb during Sunday’s game against the Ravens, forcing him out of a game that Cleveland would eventually lose 14-6 to fall to 0-2 on the season.

Coach Rob Chudzinski said Monday that the team isn’t sure about whether or not Weeden will be able to play in Week Three, explaining that the team will “see how it responds in the next couple of days” before making any decisions. However, Chudzinski wouldn’t say that Jason Campbell, who replaced Weeden on Sunday, would be the starter if Weeden isn’t able to play. Chudzinski said both Campbell and Brian Hoyer were possibilities if the Browns needed a replacement starter.

“I’m confident in all the guys we have. I’ll play who gives us best chance to win,” Chudzkinski said, via Mary Kay Cabot of the Cleveland Plain Dealer.

If Campbell wasn’t that guy, it would be quite a rapid fall from being close enough to the starting job that Chudzinski refused to name Weeden the starter until late August. His experience and the fact that it is so early in the season likely give Campbell an edge on Hoyer should the Browns need to make a move. After scoring 16 points in two weeks, that person might even be able to play himself into a longer gig if the Cleveland offense can find its footing with him at the helm.

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  1. if browns fans think wheedon sucks wait till they see campbell play! the guy was supposed to be the answer in case anything happened to Jay Cutler but managed to make Caleb Hanie look respectable whenever he played for them.

  2. The Browns will start scoring points with Gordon coming back from suspension. He’s the only wideout the team has that can actually catch a football reliably. Their new tight end is looking like he might be something, but you need a little more than just one tight end in this league.

    Campbell, if well prepared, is going to be every bit as good an option as Weeden once they get Gordon back. It isn’t like Weeden is setting the world on fire with amazing throws.

    The formula for success on that team is going to be a healthy dose of Richardson with Gordon stretching the field and Jordan Cameron making catches across the middle. As long as you have a quarterback that isn’t making a lot of mistakes, they should be able to win low scoring football games.

  3. Just another turd floating in the toilet bowl that is Cleveland! This is what happens when you draft a QB that’s 3 days older than God! Like the wise man once known as Wildman Walker used to say…………If it’s Brown…Flush it down!! The Factory of Sadness is wide open once again!

  4. Evolution of mediocrity:

    Chris Palmer -> Butch Davis -> Romeo Crennel -> Eric Mangini -> Pat Shurmur -> Rob Chudzinski

    How bout thinking outside the box and hiring someone that doesn’t suck.

  5. Doesn’t matter who is chucking the rock if the receivers arent catching it. Weeden is a solid QB and I hope can go this weekend, we NEED receivers!

  6. I hope Campbell does well. He was looking pretty darn good in Oakland in 2011 running Hue Jackson’s offense before breaking his collarbone.

    Campbell’s got talent, but he’s had the unfortunate opportunity of constantly going through new offensive coordinators each year. It’s what killed his potential during his Redskins days…it’s hard to grow when there’s no consistency from the top.

  7. Wait, wasn’t there a QB competition during training camp that Weeden won? According to the head coach there was. The guy he was competing with will obviously be the starter if Weeden can’t go.

  8. Mingo was a wasted pick. management is terrible that is the problem. how or why they didn’t take a tackle/lineman is beyond me. Weeden can chuck the rock but with no line or receivers He has shot.

  9. Campbell, if well prepared, is going to be every bit as good an option as Weeden once they get Gordon back. It isn’t like Weeden is setting the world on fire with amazing throws.

    I rolled on the floor, Browns fans please do yourself a favor and play back the games Campbell started for the Bears when Cutler went down. Dont mean to burst your bubble but he sucks.. And ohh he had Brandon Marshall and Forte in better parts of the time he replaced Cutler.

  10. What kind of game can we expect this Sunday with two starting QB’s, Christian “Noodle Arm” Ponder vs. Jason Campbell?

    This might be the only game all year where Ponder is the better Qb. And only by the slimmest of margins.

  11. I had high hopes for this team–thought they would at least be fun to watch. Right now they are Cluster–bomb starting with the front office and moving down.

    I have no clue if Weeden is a legit starting quarterback, but I know he is better than Campbell and Hoyer. How can we judge him when he was sacked 5 more times this week. I think its 11 or 12 over two games. Plus all the hurries and hits.

    The offensive line is broken and cant block for passes or create a hole for T-Rich to run. There has been NO investment in the line, even after the starting right guard and his back up went down for 6-8 weeks each.

    The receivers cant hold onto a ball that hits their hands.

    Norv Turner has called two terrible games in a row.

    On defense they invested in linebackers and d-lineman but forgot the backfield, except for drafting an injured player they cut. The linebackers and lineman are gassed by the middle of the third quarter, with no skilled defensive backs, save Joe Haden, the opponents receivers are open. Look at the Browns defense third down percentages .

    Lombardi doesn’t believe in investing in special teams. Lanning stinks. The coverage is just as bad. Part of the reason is Lombardi’s philosophy of the bottom of the roster being interchangeable parts. Thus there is no consistency on special teams.

    One day Haslam may wake up and wonder why he let Banner talk him into hiring I am Not Vince.

    This team is a mess. If they start Brian Hoyer–then my family will be happy, they can have me back on Sunday afternoons. I will be getting ready for another top 3 draft pick in 2014.

  12. I stopped watching that game yesterday when Weeden missed a wide open Ogbonnaya streaking down the sideline in the 3rd Q after the Ravens scored their first TD. Play0ff quality QBs don’t miss that throw. It would have changed the game and put the Ravens on their heels again. But Weeden missed it, then Little dropped a sure 3rd down conversion and the game was over at that point even though the score was only 7-6.

    Another 0-2 start toward another 10+ loss type season. Wow, am I fed up! Banner and Lombardi front office failed to provide more offensive pop in the off-season and, so far, their choice of head coach leaves a lot to be desired. If Banner’s ego and need for total control hadn’t gotten in the way, Browns could have had Chip Kelly.

  13. ddmcd1974 says:
    Sep 16, 2013 1:12 PM
    Mingo was a wasted pick. management is terrible that is the problem. how or why they didn’t take a tackle/lineman is beyond me.

    You obviously know nothing about the Browns situation or Mingo. Oneil Cousins who is starting at right guard is THIRD STRING. Jason Pinkston and Shawn Lauvao were both starters last year and both are injured. When Lauvao gets healthy he will take back the spot and Pinkston will provide depth when he comes back around week 10-11.

    As for Mingo in his very first NFL snap this week he got a sack. He also looked really good when he was out there so to say he was a wasted pick is ignorant.

  14. O-line is the problem. Go back to 99, and I contend that Couch could have done OK with a real O-line, but it wasn’t there. I don’t know what the issue on the right side is, but it needs to get fixed NOW.

    Comment above on defense getting gassed (especially the DB’s) is accurate – the lack of depth on defensive backfield has been as big a factor in both losses as the o-line (maybe more).


  15. @doe22us: Double check the name, I’m not a Browns fan.

    By saying that Campbell is as good an option as Weeden, I’m not saying that Jason Campbell is a great quarterback. I’m saying that if he gets enough reps to go into the game prepared then he isn’t much worse an option than Weeden is. Weeden isn’t a top ten QB, and I wouldn’t even put him in the top half. Campbell isn’t really a drop off in the talent department.

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