When Vick was shaken up, Kelly didn’t know NFL injury rules


Eagles coach Chip Kelly admitted today that he didn’t know the NFL’s rules about taking an injury timeout when quarterback Michael Vick was briefly shaken up late in the game.

After taking a shot from Chargers defensive end Jarius Wynn, Vick went down and the referee stopped the clock to give the Eagles’ medical staff time to check on him. Vick (who was not seriously hurt and was not listed on the Eagles’ injury report today) left the game and was replaced by Nick Foles for one play. Foles threw an incomplete pass on that play and Vick came back in.

What Kelly acknowledged at his Monday morning press conference was that the Eagles had the option of calling a timeout to give Vick a moment to recover and then keeping him on the field, instead of putting Folk on the field for a play. Kelly said that’s what he would have done if he had known it was allowed, but he thought a player who gets hurt has to come out of the game for a play.

That was on me,” Kelly said, via CSNPhilly.com. “I should have asked.”

Until taking the Eagles job this year, Kelly had never worked in the NFL in any capacity. But he disagreed with a reporter’s suggestion that his lack of experience with the NFL was a problem, saying that there are probably rules that longtime NFL coaches don’t know, either.

“It’s difficult for anybody to be snap familiar with any rule because the rule book is so thick,” Kelly said.

The rule book may be thick, but that’s a rule a head coach should know. And Kelly’s admission that he didn’t know the injury timeout rule is the second time that Kelly has admitted he didn’t manage the clock properly on that late Philadelphia drive: Kelly previously admitted he should have bled the clock instead of continuing his hurry-up offense in the final minutes of the fourth quarter.

Kelly brings to the NFL a fresh perspective and an exciting approach, and he may some day be viewed as one of the best coaches in the NFL, just as he was viewed as one of the best coaches in college football during his days at Oregon. But right now, Kelly looks like a coach who’s experiencing some growing pains.

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  1. Say what you will, but I know the rules quite well – FROM WATCHING TOO MANY GAMES ON TV.

    If you watch NFL football all those crazy rules do come up eventually.

    Clearly this guy was spending Sunday’s watching college film – rightfully so

  2. Looks like the media takes special pleasure in making someone fail. and they certainly dont want kelly to succeed. And Iam not an eagles fan.

  3. Feel like witht he massive number of employees, there should be one who specializes in rules who is just next to the head coach or in his ear whenever he sees something, be it a penalty or an instance of injury.

  4. Vikings fan here,

    Stick with this guy Philly. He is working on a winning product and the team has been real fun to watch on gameday.

    Sometimes you have to take the good with the bad, especially with a rookie coach.

    At least he didn’t send 12 men to the huddle in the NFC championship game. (Brad Childress) Or take a knee in another NFC championship game with time to drive the field. (Dennis Green) Or scalp his own Superbowl tickets to make a quick buck. (Mike Tice)

    God I hope Frasier keeps his job. Lets get winning Minnesota!

  5. PLEASE!!!! Enough with the excuses! With all the focus on player safety and the concussion issues the excuse of, “I didn’t understand the NFL rule” is weak to say the least. If he’s gonna take a job playing with the big boys he better know the job which is more than just putting together plays! Knowing the rules is gonna be important in all aspects of the game so he best hit the books or get a tutor!

  6. Sooooo not only did Chip not know it, but not one single coach on his staff? That’s why you have an assistant head coach, to be there for times when you brain fart.

  7. C’mon. No worse than coaches who have been in the league for years. Remember Schwartz throwing the challenge flag last year and messing that touchdown up. Give Kelly a break.

  8. Hopefully Donovan McNabb gives Chip a call and says, “Hey, coach…there’s only 1 quarter in overtime in the regular season. Yeah, I couldn’t believe it either. Apparently everyone else in Philly knew it but me. Just an FYI.”

  9. gotta know this rule from the Matthew Stafford play a few years back. he got lit up, separated his shoulder on the second to last pay of the game. came out for the injury, Lions … being the Lions, had to call a time out even after the stoppage for the injury. once they called time out they had a mic picked up Stafford on the sidelines getting treated for the shoulder say something to the effect of “hey we called a time out, i can go back in. get me up, i can go back in” which he did and threw the game winner as time expired.

    if a rookie QB knows the rule, i would hope a rookie head coach would know it.

  10. My high school football coach always said there’s only one rule in football: Score points more points than your opponent.

    He also said that you need to know down and distance at all times, keep the offensive player in front of you, know the line of scrimmage, watch out for the pump fakes, don’t grab the receiver, the person who hits back always get penalized, always look back for the ball….

  11. Slightly off topic here, but I think it’s hilarious that the story line is that the sky is falling because the Eagles lost a game by 3 on a last second field goal.

    You do realize that this roster, with few changes, was 4-12 last year, don’t you? The fact that they blew out last years division champs and hung tough in week two is good, not bad, and I am the farthest thing from an Eagles fan.

    Their defense is terrible, and they are going to be in alot of 45-44 games, but they’re fun, and they are sure as hell better than last year.

  12. Big deal…I was more pissed by them having Foles try to throw a fade into the corner of the end zone with no warm-up instead of running the damn ball.

  13. I’m pretty sure these stupid philly fans want him fired already.they actually eere calling vick a turnover machine for the past two yrs.dumb philly fans

  14. michiganstillsucks says:
    Sep 16, 2013 3:53 PM
    Go back to college BUFFOON!!!

    Pretty sure I saw this exact same comment 100 times during Pete Carroll’s first year in Seattle.

    How’s that working out for you?

  15. Given all the rules long time QB’s don’t seem to understand, I’d say give the rookie coach a break. . .

  16. Chip Kelly will be fine. At least he doesn’t have to play any SEC teams. (Auburn,LSU…). The NFC Least should be a piece of cake.

  17. I am pretty sure the Eagles had several opportunities to win the game (Vick to James Casey TD drop, Lane Johnson’s inability to lineup on the line causing D-Jax TD reversal..etc).

    I think Eagles Brass are OK working with a coach who is still tied for first in his division as a first year NFL coach..

    Heck, hes doing better than the Browns, Vikings, Jaguars, Panthers, Bucs, Giants, Redskins and potentially the Steelers…

    Its early, but the guy has scored 60+ points in 2 games, and lost by 3 in the final seconds of a game.. A little premature to say the guy doesn’t know what he is doing.

    Who knows.. maybe he goes 0-14 the rest of the way .. but for now.. he looks on track.

  18. Funny how everyone or some of you are getting after Chip for this rule where even you were not aware of this rule yourself. So give Chip a break. He knows now and I bet it won’t happen again.

    On to Thursday….let’s go!

  19. Here comes the pile on. The media was just waiting for Chip Kelly to make one mistake. As an Eagles fan, I’m very excited about this guy. The defense concerns me, but he’ll straighten things out. The big lie here is that everyone in Philly was claiming that we were going to the Super Bowl after last week’s game. Nothing could be further from the truth. Eagles fans that I know are very realistic and don’t expect a miracle. I hate losing, and think that we really should have won that game yesterday. That said, the feeling I have from losing yesterday doesn’t even compare to the feeling under Andy Reid. The game was exciting, even if frustrating. Last year, the team wasn’t even watchable.

  20. KC has a short week to travel, the history of that isn’t so good. But Reid sure knows those Eagles. and like the game against Dallas, he may not need a great performance to win. KC didn’t even have a good game, that is what is lost here.

    Should be interesting, but both teams were bad last year, terrible actually. and I have to say thus far, KC looks like the real contender.

  21. I can’t get mad at Kelly. Anyone who watched this game from start to finish yesterday should understand that the blame should almost entirely be placed on the defense.

  22. I actually see no issue with this.

    1) Saves you a timeout, you may need them.

    2) Makes Foles feel relevant. “I’M HELPING!”

  23. Ok, how about the fact that Vick should have been tested for a concussion after landing on his head?

  24. Relax, the great BB didn’t know you couldn’t challenge a game winning field goal not too long ago, and another coach didn’t know that you HAD to kick a field goal or go for 2 points after a touchdown no matter what.

    Reid never caught on that timeouts are best saved for the end of the half, instead of the start of the quarter.

    His offense is legit, and no (realistic) fans expected the defense to be awesome, or even for Cary Williams to repeat or come close to his week one performance. The defense is flat out sour grapes, and needs time to mature.

  25. Coach Doug Marrone had the same game clock management problem in week 1 against the New England Patriots. Buffalo should have had the game in hand, but Marrone sent EJ Manuel out on the field to continue running the hurry up Offense where they went 3 and out, giving the Patriots and Tom Brady plenty of time to mount a game winning drive to put the Bills at 0-1. Marrone didn’t admit it was the wrong call, he actually said that if ever in the same situation, he’d make the same move. Plenty of us Bills Fans disagree with the call, but that is why he makes the big bucks and we are watching from a distance.

  26. eatitfanboy says:
    Sep 16, 2013 3:58 PM
    michiganstillsucks says:
    Sep 16, 2013 3:53 PM
    Go back to college BUFFOON!!!

    Pretty sure I saw this exact same comment 100 times during Pete Carroll’s first year in Seattle.

    How’s that working out for you?

    Stop living by the Eagles & watch some one NFL football. Pete Carroll WAS an NFL coach before going back to USC. He came from the Pro ranks to coach college then back to the NFL. Chppy is a college coach, ONLY a college coach.

    Silly uninformed Eagle fans.

  27. Maybe he didn’t know the rule and he’ll learn it quickly and it will never happen again, but it’s also on his assistants who obviously did not know it either or else they would have let him know about it. That’s why you have a staff, to help a coach new to the pro game smooth out those rough edges.

  28. ..some idiot said: “Slightly off topic here, but I think it’s hilarious that the story line is that the sky is falling because the Eagles lost a game by 3 on a last second field goal.”

    What game were YOU watching? If it weren’t for 2 fumbles by the opposing team inside the 10 yard line, the Eagles would have been BLOWN OUT. They were lucky to have it as close as it was.

  29. hatesycophants says: Sep 16, 2013 3:51 PM

    When an employee is paid millions of dollars a year, there’s no such thing as “give him time”.

    You apparently have never worked corporate.

  30. “Kelly looks like a coach who’s experiencing some growing pains”- This statement is point less and does not make sense. The guy just completed his second game in the NFL. If I remember correctly Andy Reid’s 11th or 12th season as a head coach and his QB did not know the overtime rules which resulted in a loss against the Bengals. If you think every coach knows every rule in the playbook thats stupid, the franchise pays consultants to review the rules and the consultant, consults the coaches and players.

  31. Do you really think putting Foles in for one play as opposed to Vick after a big hit was such a terrible idea? I don’t think his not knowing the rule made any difference in this case, but you never know.

  32. I know it’s completely different…but I ref youth flag football…and coaches never know the rules. Yes, it’s a different sport, we don’t regularly watch it on tv, etc….but that’s not the point. The point is ninety nine percent of the time the coaches are so wrapped up in coaching that they frequently end up asking the same questions over and over again about the simplest of rules.

    A coaches mentality is a very controlling mentality. Most try to manipulate and dictate the rules themselves, and have their heads too far up their own asses to actually know the rules by the book, because if they did, they would realize half the time those rules would apply to themselves in a negative manner. Just ask any Harbaugh

  33. How do you acquire experience as a head coach at the college level to prepare for the transition to head coach in the NFL?

    The same way the players do.

    Just jump right in and learn as you go!

    If you’re good enough you’ll keep your job.

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