Antrel Rolle: We’re lacking enthusiasm right now


The Giants have lost their first two games of the season, something that many would attribute to their offense turning the ball over 10 times against the Cowboys and Broncos.

Safety Antrel Rolle doesn’t think a firm grasp on the ball is the only thing missing right now, however. Rolle believes there’s a lack of the necessary “passion and energy” on the roster that he believes would have helped them navigate through rough patches over the last two weeks.

“We have a lack of excitement on the sideline,” Rolle said, via CBS New York. “When I look up and down the sidelines, sometimes we’re in it and sometimes we’re not. I don’t know what the reason is for that. This is a game we love to play. I think [getting that excitement back] is going to take care of a lot, just playing with that extra enthusiasm.”

An uptick in enthusiasm couldn’t hurt, but looking for excitement on the sideline to lead the team to better play is a bit like asking the tail to wag the dog. The Giants have no running game right now and their defense didn’t generate any pass rush at all against the Broncos, two things that help explain their poor start more tangibly than the team’s excitement level. If those things change, so will the atmosphere on the sideline.

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  1. Maybe you live in New York and party too much on Saturday night. Whatever statistics you guys throw down against the Panthers will be a mirage because the Panthers are that bad. If you can’t get enthused by 6 figure contracts, 800,000 is more money than a lot of people will see in 20 years of working than you have problems that aren’t football related. You people want to be seen as Hero types and get treated with majesty? Damn well better earn it.

  2. As a die hard Giants fan I’m getting tired of this excuse and nonsense evey year. I love Coughlin, but if he doesn’t want to get rid of Gilbride and Fewell (like I wanted done last year), than maybe it’s time for a new era.

  3. Damn you Fewell.
    Where is the BUMP coverage for the DBs!!??
    You kep playing that nonsense zone crap & allwoing every WR a free release. Thus 2nd & 2 or 3 are always happening.

    Help out the dline & bump the WRs….make that QB hold the ball for an extra 1/2 second.


  4. As much as I like gramps Coughlin, and having won us two SB’s, its time for a regime change. Every year it’s the same boneheaded, uninspired team. Overrated, lazy, not sure what but we suck.

    And Eli really sucks.

  5. its not time for a HC change..its time for a Killdrive (god i been saying this for the last 5 years) and fewell change (1year).

    killdrive cant get us in the endzone to save his life. if we dont get a bomb for a Td we either punt, throw a int or kick a field goal.. anytime giants get inside the 20 i just say bring out brown on 1st down to kick a FG why risk injury trying to get 7 on 2nd n 3rd down when it wont happen

    but i do agree with the lack of passion for the past 4-5 years. i think Eli the offense and the D have heard everything in the world coughlin has to say and company and their just bored with the same routine/speeches/ techniques to get them motivated. but i think a few coaching staff could help..outside of firing coughlin.

  6. I think we should all relax and see what happens down the road. I´m angry about the two losses too, and Elis dumbhead throws drive me crazy, but this is far from being over.

    If there´s a team, that has proven, it can suddenly turn it on, it´s the Giants.

    Not giving up hope just yet.

  7. Giants fan here

    How are you going to be enthusiastic when Eli throws a pick every quarter so far this season?

    I swear 2005 Eli always shows up at some point during every season.

  8. Wait so the Giants lost to their NFC East rival, and to the best team in the NFL, and it’s time to fire people, call them out for too much partying, and say the Giants suck?

    Their defensive leader called them out in the media to wake people up – due to the B.S. talk about “last time we went 0-2, we won the……”

    There is no issue here. The Giants will be in the running for the playoffs in week 13, as usual, over the last decade. It’s because of Tom Coughlin and Eli Manning that we are a winning franchise….

  9. No issue here ? Did u have 2 work the last 2 Sundays n miss both games ? This is an embarassment across the board. Coughlin allows Killdrive to do what he does best so he’s responsable n our Defense has been bad 4 a few years so Jerry Reese get s the blame there…as far as Eli…he’s been ok but Very Lucky over the years…Without our great wide receivers he’d be a BUST ! And lately he’s played like a Bust…Don’t care how many yards he passes 4 ….Interceptions are un-exceptable @ this rate ! Never should of let Bradsaw go…He was the Heart n sole of our team!! Wake up people…We are in trouble…

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