Colts did a better job of protecting Luck, but not good enough to win

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Colts owner Jim Irsay demanded it, and Colts owner Jim Irsay got it.

Review of the game film from Sunday’s loss to the Dolphins shows that the Colts did a better job of protecting quarterback Andrew Luck than in Week One against the Raiders.  While Luck’s mobility went a long way toward helping him avoid hits and sacks when protection broke down, the blocking schemes generally fared well against one of the fiercest pass rushes in the NFL.

In the first half, Luck was sacked once (resulting in a fumble the Colts recovered) and hit once.  In the third quarter, Luck was hit only once without being sacked.

In the final quarter, specifically as the Colts were trying to erase a four-point deficit, Luck was sacked twice and hit four other times.

That’s the development that should give the Colts the greatest amount of concern.  Despite neutralizing the Miami defensive line for most of the day, the protection fell apart as the Colts were trying to help Luck author yet another come-from-behind win.

And it’s not just on the blockers.  Luck at times lingered in the pocket, at times stepping up to throw or, eventually, to scramble.  He has the legs to run away from pressure and extend the plays laterally, which could have helped extend some of the plays and given him a chance to find a receiver.

In all, it was a good showing.  But the Colts couldn’t keep it up when it counted most, and it’s one of the main reasons they’re now 1-1 instead of 2-0.

It won’t get any easier to climb to 2-1 when the Colts face the 49ers on Sunday.

13 responses to “Colts did a better job of protecting Luck, but not good enough to win

  1. Luck was deadweight for the feisty Colts last year, it seems this year might be more of the same. They barely scraped by the Raiders, a team admittedly in the throes of a 4 year rebuild.. His teammates can’t bail him out forever. Reggie Wayne will retire soon.

  2. A Luck is a beast to bring down and I was very concerned that he was going to engineer another remarkable comeback, but the Fins D rose to the occassion and thwarted it.

  3. Good luck colts fans! Gonna be a good game I think, luck going back to cali, niners gonna be pissed this week after that huge slice of humble pie!

  4. The dolphins didnt blitz clear passing situations until the 4th quarter. They had a four man rush going almost all day. When they did crank up the pressure in the 4th the fins got luck off the field

  5. Glad to hear the Colts are playing SF. That loss will help the Fins out later to get into the playoffs (Wilcard?)
    We can help SF by beating the A-T-L.

  6. With the 8 come from behind wins tell me the team is not that great, perhaps we will see them fold with SF. Bill

  7. Can believe there is a negative luck comment. As a Dolphin fan I was never relaxed when Luck had the ball. He reminds me of Marino with legs. Marino had great movement in the pocket but Luck can flat out hurt you with his feet as well. Tannehill will prove to be the second best player to be taken last year behind only Luck. For me Luck will go down as the best one of the best ever not just HoF good a level beyond that what ever that’s called.

  8. He has Peyton’s intelligence and vision, Favre’s creativity, Rothlisberger’s strength, and Cam Newton’s speed. Check the guy for wires. He’s a machine.

    And I’m a Dolphins fan.

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