Darrelle Revis: I’m happy to be a Buccaneer


According to a recent report from Mike Garafolo of FOX Sports, cornerback Darrelle Revis is not happy in Tampa because he’s chafing at the strict style employed by coach Greg Schiano and the team’s choice to play more zone coverage on defense than the man coverage that Revis rode to great success with the Jets.

Revis is aware of the report and took to Twitter on Tuesday to refute the allegations that he’s feeling blue about his new team.

Revis’ denial isn’t likely to do all that much to quell the tensions around the Buccaneers all on its own. Winning is the only way to do that and you can be sure that chatter about unrest in the Buccaneer ranks will continue until Tampa starts doing that with some regularity.

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  1. Lots of anonymous quotes out of Tampa but not a lot of names being attached to them. It makes me wonder if Schiano hasn’t upset the local media more than he has his players.

  2. Lots of hate in this league. Sorry you all have to take your hungover frustrations out on quality players in the NFL.

    Let’s keep it going. Revis Sucks, Brady Sucks, Manning Sucks, blah blah blah.

    These guys are out there every day killing themselves on the field to bring you home a W. Show some respect.

  3. They never can quote the players directly, or even the secret “sources”. Anyone who is in any way affiliated with the sport can make up any fantasy they want, tell it to one guy in the sports press, and it’s fact. Shame on all of you.

  4. Freder85ico beat me to it, but he never mentions being happy to play for the coach. Oversight or subliminal messaging?

  5. You can’t really critisize a defensize scheme that held the Saints to 16 points. I wouldn’t be surprised if he was in a good amount of zone vs. the Pats either, due to their lack of a clear cut #1 target. However, the D coordinator, Bill Sheridan, better have him in man after week 3. I look forward to seeing him cover Fitz, Desean Jackson, Julio, Steve Smith, Mike Wallace, & Megatron. They could continue to go 50/50 zone/man vs. Sea, Buffalo, and San Fran.

  6. The only way the media stories are gonna stop is if the Bucs win. Then they will find a new whipping boy to print cheap stories about because thats the way its done in todays journalism. Quick, cheap, likely untrue, likely to be forgetten in 4 hours or less, only designed to draw page views and not to inform.

    I mean the Redskins are a disaster and might be outscored 100-14 if not for garbage time this season, but they don’t have a coach the media hates like Schiano so its not as fun or easy to pick on them.

  7. He doesn’t mention Schiano, which is where the “strict style” originates from.

    He knows he’ll still be in Tampa after this year’s losing season, losing coach and losing quarterback.

  8. I think it’s finny that when someone comes out with an anonymous report about a players it is taken as Gospel. But when the actual player comes out and denies the reports. The player is the liar. Because you know a reporter has nothing to gain by being “the one” to break a story.

  9. Revis is kicking himself for leaving.

    Further proof, money isn’t everything…he, like AP is wasting his career on teams that will win NOTHING….and I’m a Vikings fan…:(

  10. The Tampa situation sure seems weird. Probably looking at the first coach fired. And letting him go could be pretty soon, because the one thing which saves coaches’ hides– good QB play– isn’t happening.

  11. I work at the old airport in Tampa way before the idea of a NFL team was just a dream, also work in Miami and almost work in Jax in 64, I think that the fans should be happy they have a team, even a sorry record is better then no team. Tampa will some day turn things around, don’t give up the ship. Bill

  12. Well well well Mevis finally speaks, hadn’t really heard anything since preseason he announced how the atmosphere in Tampa was about winning and team hmmmm weird how team problems seem to be following him around.
    Maybe Mr Mevis is the root of all the issues and media leaks nah must be a coincidence he’s too perfect

  13. Yes. Everyone wants to be a resident of Tampa.

    I’ve been there once…

    Yeah… No one wants to be a resident of Tampa.

  14. Over the last 25 years or so, I’ve seen a lot of players leave a good situation for the money, and it almost always turns out badly.

    In the end, 90 percent of them will tell you that they wish they’d stayed where they’d been successful.

  15. Revis is worth every penny we’re paying him. Our defense is a top 5 unit this year. Unreal turnaround really.

  16. This is just the media stirring the pot like usual.

    Tampa isn’t a media warzone like New York.. just look away. Nothing to see here.

    The early bye week this year couldn’t come at a better time.

  17. The Bucs stink.
    Josh Freeman has been coddled since Raheem ruined him, praising him, bragging on his cannon arm.
    Right. Between the ears, is where his problems are.

  18. Are he is..16 Million guaranteed reasons to be happy.

    Notice how Mevis doesn’t include his coach when he clears the age.

    Welcome to Mevis Island Tampa. Have fun during his next holdout.

  19. Oh, I’m sure Revis is so upset he’s only given up one reception in two games, one in which his own player accidentally picked him.

    Yeah, that Schiano defensive scheme sure seems to be holding him back from being the best cornerback in the league.

  20. This is the first time, in a long time, that the Jets are laughing at another team. Wait till the offseason hold out talk starts.

  21. I understand Revis is money hungry and he went from a players coach to a college coach. Sometimes, money is not the most important thing. Well, he got what he wanted. He should’ve taken a little less to stay with the Jets and wait till next year to hit the free agent market. He should’ve done his research on the coach’s college-like practices (i.e. everybody has to stand on the ‘line’ when stretching) and his propensity for zone rather than man. On that front, I do agree with Revis that he is not being used properly.

    The guy is the only shutdown corner in the league. Richard Sherman has not been compared to the best CBs in league history but Revis has. He should be playing man because all the coach has to do is put Revis on the opposing team’s best WR and leave it alone and worry about the other WRs and TEs. He literally cuts off one-side of the field, Revis. He’s a shutdown corner. Use him!

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