Dominic Raiola: Ndamukong Suh isn’t too aggressive in practice

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It didn’t take long for Ndamukong Suh to develop a reputation as one of the most physical – if not dirtiest – players in the league. In fact, a report over the weekend claimed that Suh’s eccentricities carries over into practice with the same conduct he shows in games coming through on the Detroit Lions’ practice fields.

Head coach Jim Schwartz said Suh’s practice habits weren’t any issue for the team on Monday. Now center Dominic Raiola is also coming to the defense of Suh.

That never happened,” Raiola said, via Mike O’Hara of the team’s official website. “It’s completely false.  You have to look no further than his teammates voting him captain. He doesn’t do that in practice. It’s totally false.”

Raiola has to deal with Suh daily in practice for the past four seasons. He’s in a position to know whether Suh is going overboard on the practice field and treating his teammates poorly. He’s not buying it.

“He practices hard,” Raiola said. “That’s how you should practice — like a professional. That how he gets himself ready to play. I don’t know exactly what the words were but he’s not stomping on teammates, hitting people in the faces.”

The fact that Suh has been named a team captain seems to backup Raiola’s assertions. If Suh was injuring teammates or going over the line with his conduct in practice, he probably wouldn’t earn enough respect from his peers to be named a captain. There’s plenty of reasons to question Suh’s conduct during games and his instances of unnecessary roughness against opponents, but the thought that he’s treating his teammates the same way seems a little far-fetched.

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  1. What really matters is identifying why the team hasn’t been successful at winning in the past. So what does Dominic think is the issue that should be focused on? That’s the most important question and I’m curious to hear what he thinks. And I mean in specifics, not we have to stop making mistakes.

  2. Anyone who knows Dominic Raiola knows that Raiola himself is no shrinking violet – and is not the kind of player to whine about between-the-lines combat.

    Props to both of them for playing football hard.

  3. If I had to face Suh and his possible over aggressive nature in practice everyday, I would probably back him and defend him as well.

    That being said….

    There appears to be a huge difference between the way Detroit and Tampa Bay practice and actually operate off the field. Has anyone come forth to defend Freeman or Revis?

    Just Saying

  4. I been thinking the last couple of days that if Raiola speaks out against it, we’ll know it is 100% baloney. And here we are. Case closed. It is so ridiculous to begin with that I don’t even care who started the rumor. Props to PFT for passing along this news.

  5. The whole captain thing “could” be BS. There is no official protocol for how they are decided, with each team having different ways of selection. Some are picked by the team members, some are picked by the coaches.

    Here, he could be loved enough by his whole team to be captain. Or, maybe only the defense votes on the defensive captain. And if that is the case, the offensive players – who may or may not despise him – have no vote.

    Really, someone needs to reign him in. When he engages in some of his actions he acts like he did nothing wrong. In the stomping on EDS incident, his version of what transpired is completely fabricated and not supported by any of the video evidence. He was operating in a different dimension. His coaches and teammates are letting him get away with it.

  6. thank you for being a reporter that actually uses a little common sense & looks at the facts to write a story. Seems like most reporters don’t consider those things anymore & are just after quick hits by posting whatever they think people want to hear just for cheap hits while throwing out journalistic morals/ethics.

  7. Must be nice to be Jay Glazer…make an unfounded claim, have it thrown back at you and be able to just walk away without addressing it. No accountability…

  8. Right. He doesn’t stomp on teammates, he doesn’t chop block his teemies. What a tool. Suh is DIRTY, but it’s made him millions and costs him thousands. Do the math. Someone will take him out.

  9. Curtis Crabtree…the voice of reason? Shocking there was no parting shot at the Lions and/or Suh to close the article. Well done Curtis, there’s hope for this website yet…

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