It’s the Week Two power rankings

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Now that Week Two of the 2013 NFL season has ended, it’s time to cobble together the ultimately meaningless top-to-bottom rankings of all teams without regard to division or conference or any other arbitrary lines of demarcation.

The meaningless rankings are still quite meaningful to those of you who have strong feelings about teams not getting respect or perhaps getting too much of it.

From those of you who disagree with all or part of the rankings, we don’t expect much respect in the comments.  So feel free to tell us why we’re ignorant idiots or labels slightly more profane.

12 responses to “It’s the Week Two power rankings

  1. Texans at #3??? They could and maybe should be 0-2. They should be the lowest ranked 2-0 team on this list. And Seattle is clearly #1…don’t you recall, Florio, that Denver got rolled 40-10 against the Seahawks a few weeks back? Granted it was preseason, but it wasn’t the Hawks getting fisted…it was Manning and those Doncos.

  2. Pretty good. The only glaring miss is the Texans at #3. No way that team beats the Packers or Niners– and probably not the Saints either.

    Definitely Denver deserves the top spot. And Seattle deserves #2– though their weak offense will get them dropped soon enough.

  3. So the Raiders lose to the Colts on the road and then return home to beat the hapless Jags, while the Titans win on the road against the not-quite-as hapless Steelers and then take the much more “powerful” Texans to overtime again playing on the road, but the Raiders leapfrog the Titans by two spots?

    Makes perfect sense in the illogical world of power rankings, I guess.

  4. Why are the packers at #4? is it because they wear that ugly a%$ yellow helmet? the packers are 1-1
    just like 20 other teams in the league. Chicago has a 2-0 record and they are at number 8 this is some bullsh%t. numbers dont lie. and last year dont count. Im saying the teams that has played hard and won should be at the top of the list. @ packers fans
    be careful what you say next because I might start asking why is Rodgers all over the internet talking about looking into Ryan Braun’s eyes.

  5. dalcow4- Payton is a first ballot hall of fame inductee for sure, but there are 21 other guys that have play at a high level as well…. not sure they’re up to the task. One guy can’t get you to the SB.
    …. oh and anyone with “cow” as part of his moniker should chose his words more carefully.

  6. No reason to get huffy, strangehawk. I don’t expect the Broncos to go to the Super Bowl. I fully expect Manning to fold again.

    But to deny them the #1 ranking right now is stupidness. They certainly deserve the top spot.

    –and anyone with “strange” in his moniker should “chose” his words more carefully.

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