Jamaal Charles wants to win this one for Andy Reid


Thanks to the NFL schedulers, the Chiefs have a short week and their coach Andy Reid has a potentially emotional one.

Reid is heading back to Philadelphia to face an Eagles team he coached for 14 years before being relieved of duty after the end of last season. Reid has had nothing but positive things to say about the organization since joining the Chiefs, but running back Jamaal Charles still thinks that there will be a little extra motivation to winning this game. He wants to do just that for his coach in what he calls a “very important week.”

“It means a lot, so I hope we go out there and play for our coach,” Charles said, via Ed Werder of ESPN. “You know what I’m saying? I know he has a lot of love for his Eagles, he worked there a lot of years and he probably wishes he was still coaching there.”

The Eagles offense should present a good test for the Chiefs defense, which has allowed just one touchdown in the two season-opening wins. If they are up to the task and the tempo, Reid will be in good position to win his first game in Philadelphia since the fourth week of the 2012 season,

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  1. “I know he has a lot of love for his Eagles, he worked there a lot of years and he probably wishes he was still coaching there.”

    Charles said.

    Can’t blame him, look where he is.

  2. The Chiefs and the Eagles both had a easy first week. The Eagles were expected to beat the Chargers and didn’t and no one expected the Chiefs would beat the Cowboys so this game between them on Thursday puts more heat on the Eagles to win.

  3. this is a bit of a scheduling conspiracy. eagles fans just had their home opener. now 4 days later another home game, and this one, the return of andy reid, is a big one. a short week for recovery of brain cells and liver. eagles fans may collectively not be at 100 %.

  4. Go Philly. For playoff implications I always root for the NFC when they play AFC teams.

    But I’m a Steelers fan, so I guess this year it doesn’t matter. Oh we’ll Go Chiefs.

  5. After the way Eagles management treated Reid, I don’t blame them. I mean, how dare the Eagles fire Reid after two disasterous seasons in a row where no one on the team cared about anything? Reid should have been given at least 5 more seasons of disasters before being let go in reward for losing 4 out of 5 NFC Championship games and being outcoached badly in every single one of them.

  6. I sure hope the Eagles and all their fans are taking this one for granted. Philly’s porous defense and Reid’s knowledge of the weaknesses of their offensive playmakers makes the Eagles very beatable this week.

  7. Chiefs have a shot at the playoffs. I wouldn’t be shocked if them and the Chargers were the two wild cards out of the AFC.

  8. AR glad to be out of the Philly cess pool. Building a solid team in KC while Chip Beef can’t figure out the Injury List. Ya build that team will ya.

  9. I don’t dislike Reid, in fact I was a big supporter for the first 10-11 years, but he left such a mess in his wake. His defensive selections are still wreaking havoc on this Eagles team. I mean Nate Allen is GOD AWFUL and Brandon Graham can’t get on the field… good thing we didn’t draft Earl Thomas.

    I wish Andy luck in the future (he’s got a good team in KC) but the guy is the most predictable coach in the NFL. His time management is a joke. His 70/30 pass/run ratio will wear thin on Charles and Chiefs fans. And his inability to identify defensive talent is amazing. He deserves cheers in his return to Philly, but those who think we’re going to regret his firing are sorely mistaken. Chiefs fans will understand in 10 years after he takes the club to the playoffs 7 times but can’t make it past the divisional round.

  10. Ahhh the eagles playing andy reid. So that means all eagles fans get to hear from idiots around the league, who have no idea about what goes on in philly, tell us how we treated our coach. The best part about this is how all the sudden KC fans are rubbing it in our face that they are 2-0 with Andy and were 1-1. First off let me help you guys out. I can’t tell you how happy I am to see Andy on another side line. Andy had his mistakes like every coach does but the difference between Andy and the great coaches are Andy didn’t once and I mean not once learn from his mistakes. He made the same exact mistakes for 14 years over and over. And said the exact same thing after every single press conference. Do you know how annoying hearing “I gotta do a better job” is after 14 years? So while chip has made his fair mistakes the last game (and this team was predicted to go 7-9 for a reason the defense is god awful because thats how Andy left it) lets hope he can learn from his mistakes.

  11. As an Eagle fan I cant wait to see this game. Andy brought us out the great depression and raised the standard for us. I positive he will receive a standing ovation when they announce his name Thursday night. GO EAGLES!!!!!

  12. As if Andy Reid was somehow ripped off and wronged in Philly…

    He had a decade and a half and still stunk. It was amazing they let him hang around that long.

  13. The Chiefs players, organization and fans all have class, unlike their counterparts in the nations biggest cesspool.

    The guy takes over the Bad News Bears of football and ends up taking them to 4,( FOUR ) title games and a Super Bowl, but the obnoxious, uneducated, uncivilized, and football knowledge deprived “fans” in FILTHadelphia cry, whine, gripe and want him fired. this coming from fans of a team that has never won a Super bowl…….again, a team that has N E V E R won a super Bowl.
    Andy may never be a great personnel man or GM, but we dont need that, we have an awesome talent identifier and GM in John Dorsey.
    Andy jilted his spoiled lil girls, and they just cant move on with their lives without spreading gossip, and telling lies about him. (just like high school, huh, Philly trolls).

    Andy will take the Chiefs to the Super Bowl, while these same “fans” will be throwing bricks through Gimmicky Chips house windows within 2 years.

    Andy 2-0 on his way to 3-0
    Chippy 1-1 on his way to 1-2

    Time for Andy’s jilted trolls to respond……….

  14. While it would be a great win for the Chiefs, I just don’t want to see anyone injured carrying Andy off the field.

  15. I don’t miss Andy Reid one bit. It sounds like a 2-0 record has cheifs fans in lala land. Andy Reid being the Eagles former coach gives him not one advantage. If anything he knows what he’s up against and is having trouble sleeping. It’s going to be a good game but cheifs fans don’t go chest beating like Redskins fans did.. You see how that turned out.

  16. BTW, It is Chiefs, NOT Cheifs.

    Thank u for proving my comment about Filthadelphia fans being uneducated

  17. Smarterthanyou says:Sep 17, 2013 5:20 PM

    BTW, It is Chiefs, NOT Cheifs.

    Thank u for proving my comment about Filthadelphia fans being uneducated

    I guess the grammar and spelling police are trolling the internet for excuses to bash fans from Philadelphia. Stop being so insecure with yourself. An intellectual superior does not need to tell others how great they are. So maybe dad didn’t give you enough pats on the back or mom didn’t hug you enough. If you were any kind of man (obviously you are just a little boy) you would help people who make mistakes and not topple them. Again dude, grow up…

  18. Hey smarterthanyou, seems like you are looking for a fight, and fancy yourself some sort of “expert”.

    How about proving that name of your’s. we already know you can spell chiefs. What else do you have?

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