Jeff Fisher: Most of the Rams’ penalties were bad calls

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Penalties were a problem for the Rams in Sunday’s loss to the Falcons, but coach Jeff Fisher said the officials were a bigger problem than his players’ mistakes.

“We were penalized seven times in the game; in my opinion, we should have been penalized twice. I was upset after the ballgame but watching the tape, those are incorrect calls,” Fisher said, via the St. Louis Post-Dispatch.

The Rams’ costliest penalty may have been the first, when defensive end Chris Long was called offsides on a third down play when the Rams had initially stopped the Falcons. Instead of having to punt, the Falcons were able to keep the drive going and ended up scoring a touchdown. But Fisher says it was obvious that Long moved only after the Falcons’ offensive line moved, and that the penalty should have been called on Atlanta.

“It was not a defensive offsides; it’s like false start 101,” Fisher said. “You’ve got a third-and-12 and we’re called offsides, so we now we have a third-and-7 and they convert. If it’s called correctly, you have a third-and-17. Third-and-17’s are hard to convert. We would most likely have a three-and-out and get the ball back. Instead, they go down and score on their first drive.”

Fisher said he knows the officials are doing the best they can, and he acknowledged that every team has to deal with bad calls sometimes. He just thinks the Rams got some particularly bad calls, and those calls could have been the difference on Sunday.

Still, Fisher wants his players focused on what they could have done, not what the officials did.

“By no means am I placing blame,” Fisher said. “I have great respect for the officiating department and the officials. We work very close with them and we move on. We had chances in that ballgame. We had chances to get off the field, chances to make plays [and] didn’t make them.”

And the officials had calls to make and didn’t make them.

55 responses to “Jeff Fisher: Most of the Rams’ penalties were bad calls

  1. Boo Hoo. Aren’t you on the competition committee? Change the rules to help yourself or learn how to coach. After all, you are the original disciple of the bounty program. Start counting cash.

  2. “By no means am I placing blame,” Fisher said.

    So what do you call these statements? Try doing what I hoped all coaches would do this year, man up and call it like it is. The officials in the NFL suck!

    Even when a play is reviewed they can’t get it right and it’s a travesty. Too many players and coaches careers are on the line not to mention the impact on the fans.

    If they can’t do the job fire them and get someone who can. All you coaches should stick together and demand change. Screw the commissioner and his fines. Just stick together and don’t pay them. What’s he going to do, cancel the games.

  3. The Rams had every chance to win this game or at the very least force the game into OT. That being said, the missed intentional grounding call may have even been a safety or at best punting from the Falcons own 1 foot line. Either of those would have been a game changer.

  4. dear Jeff,
    I agree some of those penalties shouldn’t have been called but how about paying more attention to the fact that the receivers dropped at least 5 passes that hit them square in the that led to a pick six. and for good measure letting Julio abuse us all day!


    a Rams fan

  5. if the rams didn’t commit the penalties but your not blaming the officials how did those 5 flags get on that field?
    I’m not saying… I’m just saying…

  6. Jeff is on the competition committee and still sees what we all have seen in two weeks, the refs now under contract still are inconsistent in the calls. Myself I’m glad the players and coaches are speaking up. There were a lot of calls this week that after the flag was thrown a whole punch of conversation between the refs took place. We totally ran down the replacements for exactly the same stuff. To many rules, to much wasted time during game with all refs huddling up , to much review of calls, makes the NFL look like high school games.

  7. Sounds like whining but I’ve gotta admit I’ve seen some bad calls and non-calls already this season.
    As bad as the replacements….

  8. These “sainted” refs are not markedly better than than the replacement officials. The difference is that the NFL’s shill media, like Peter King, made a big deal about the replacement refs where the same shoddy work each week by Ron Winter’s crew and Ed Hoculi’s crew goes by without comment.

  9. Fisher was asked about the penalties and he gave an answer. Regardless the penalties didnt cost the game for the rams. Blame dropped passes and bad play on defense.

  10. “I am not blaming anyone…but the reason we lost was not our fault. It was also not Atlanta’s fault…”

  11. Mr. Wright 212= Mr. Wrong 106….

    I guess that Pass Interference call against the Falcons when it was 4th down for the Rams was the right call? Stop crying about teams not getting called for penalties.

    Be the change you want to see in the World!

  12. id like to see the film myself and while all teams get the shaft from time to time getting the shaft 55% is just as bad, as winning 55% is good. and by the way fishers winning percentage is pretty good a .535 winning percentage in a league with such parity is actually quite good

  13. actually fishers winning percentage is .539 which is pretty good considering he coached in a division with payton manning for 12 years that cant be good for your winning percentage. chuck noll was .566 parcells was .569 and was .531 with dallas and .500 with new England. so while fishers numbers aren’t that outstanding I believe he stands up as pretty good especially when his 17 years is factored in.

  14. This isn’t just about Fisher, but amazing how many coaches are the victims of bad calls and when their player does something stupid (like spit or commit a flagrant foul), the film they have is inconclusive.

  15. @MrWright212

    Bitter huh? Bitter because your Giants are 0-2 and heading towards irrelevancy so you have lowered yourself to commenting on Rams articles now?

    By the way, the Niners through two weeks are 2nd in most penalties so as someone mentioned before please change your name MrWrong212.

  16. Allow a challenge flag for terrible call/ noncall. Pass interference definitely needs one and so does personal fouls where one guy retaliates and is the only one flagged. It’s starting to ook like wrestling where theref turns his back on the ring and someone is whaling the guy in the ring.

  17. Some of those calls were pretty bad but as a fan of a team, when they are penalized and even if know it was a penalty, you disregard that and get pissed at the official for just calling it. Ive done that and im sure others have too. On another note, i have noticed Fisher has been a bit of a bitch since coming to StL.

  18. Well maybe you bozos on the competition committee shouldn’t be adding new rules and more complex interpretations every year, Jeff. If the refs can’t even get offsides right, how can you trust their ability to judge bang bang hits? The competition committee are the ones who decided that more penalties are better. Maybe time to go back to the way things were, huh Jeff?

  19. It was a good game…. I don’t know about all the calls or whatever… But… I know 2 things..

    1. Stop throwing so many check downs.. Rather see Sam run.. Then throw them tip pick6s… ( Thats the 2nd tip pick 6. )

    2. Say BYE to this def coach… He is not good. Back to back games with Qbs throwing 300+..? No.. This is not going to work..

  20. He also said in that press conference that the Rams committed penalties that the officials didn’t call, so he did not believe they played a relatively penalty free game.

    It was just that someone asked him about the penalties called on the Rams that game and he gave his opinion.

  21. So, everyone in the stadium knows a call is bad after the best angle to see what happened is shown on the screen, and everyone in the world watching the game knows the call is bad after the network shows the best angle for viewing what really happened, yet the NFL says there is nothing they can do about the fact that the official who threw the flag is the only one in the world who now thinks the penalty was correct. That is completed nonsense. Put a couple of officials in the booth who can see what the fans are seeing, and correct the call.

  22. I don’t know if they got jobbed or not by the refs, but I do know this, they were sloppy against AZ, and they were sloppy against ATL. Proof? Both games they were playing catchup and got lucky in one of them. Also the secondary, besides Jenkins, looks like the Alumni Team of 1979 out there…… THEY SUCK!!! If Fish wants to rest on woulda coulda, blaming the officiating all season long, then he sends a negative message to the rest of the team of entitlement. Instead he should be blasting the way this team decides to start playing football late in the third quarter!!!! Aside from all that crap, this coaching staff is doing a horrible job of prepairing this team so far. Is there anyone in the organization who can get them pumped before the Gun instead of getting pumped when they’re losing by 14-17 points???? Ain’t gonna get easier with Dallas D followed by a short week and the Niners…. HEY FISH!! RUN THEM TIL THEY PUKE!!! STOP BITCHING ABOUT THE REFS ALREADY!!!!

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