Kelly explains Reid knows Philly personnel, but not Philly schemes


As long-time Eagles coach Andy Reid prepares to return to Philadelphia for the Thursday night launch of Week Three, Reid’s successor realizes that the new Chiefs coach has a bit of an edge.

“Andy was here for a long time with those guys,” Kelly told reporters on Tuesday, via quotes distributed by the team.  “So if you know what they’re good at. . . .  But he doesn’t know our scheme and how we deploy those guys.  So he may have little ins and outs.  There is a familiarity.  He’s familiar with [defensive end] Trent [Cole].  He’s familiar with [linebacker] DeMeco [Ryans] and familiar with those guys.  But the scheme defensively has changed.  The scheme offensively has changed.  The scheme [on] special teams has changed.  So maybe from how fast a guy is to some of those things from a physical standpoint, I know he’s probably got an intimate knowledge from the guys on the team.”

That doesn’t mean Kelly believes Reid won’t be able to figure things out.

“I have great respect for Andy,” Kelly said.  “He was the head coach here for 14 years, and if you’re a coach in the NFL, anybody that coaches at one spot for 14 years you look to them and say, ‘Holy smokes.’  You just walk down the hallways and look at the division championships won here, the conference championships, and what he’s done.  He’s had a huge impact on this organization, and I’ve got a ton of respect for him.  There are not a lot of guys out there in this profession that have carried themselves from a coaching standpoint when you get to be around him like Andy Reid.  I’ve got all the respect in the world for him.  It’s exciting to go get a chance to go compete against him and it should be a lot of fun.”

It definitely will be a lot of fun to watch.  It could be something other than fun for the guy who ran the show for nearly a decade and a half, and for the guy who is trying to replace him.

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  1. Chip Kelly always knows the right things to say. This line gets me “That doesn’t mean Kelly believes Reid won’t be able to figure things out.”. When has Reid ever figured anything out? When has he changed his game plans? lol.

    This will be a good game and Philly welcomes back Big Red. But if you think because the cheifs are 2-0 with a solid defense and we are in re-building phase standing at 1-1 that we don’t stand a chance you are CRAZY!

  2. In other news….Howie Roseman offers Washington a 5th round pick for RG3 stating that hes a nice prospect but a little beat up. Perhaps a few seasons behind Vck will teach him now to play the game on the professional level.

  3. That would be just one Conference Championship for Andy. 1 out of 5 in NFC title games. Mendoza line. Andy is doing the same thing in KC he did in Philly. Beat bad teams in a weak division. Let’s see what happens when he plays good teams…

  4. attyken says:
    Sep 17, 2013 3:00 PM
    In other news….Howie Roseman offers Washington a 5th round pick for RG3 stating that hes a nice prospect but a little beat up. Perhaps a few seasons behind Vck will teach him now to play the game on the professional level.


    That must have been a great dream you were having. What happened next?

  5. Fat coach jokes aside Philly just lost to the Chargers…at home. They let the Redskins come back on them after a first half that looked like the Eagles were playing against my son’s eighth grade team. The Chiefs are 3 point dogs but Vick has been hit 25 times so far in this scheme and the defense hasn’t lived up the the offense’s level. Vick is eventually going to get injured (if history rings true) and the offense will suffer. Then are the Eagles going to rely on their defense? This is the NFL, it isn’t Orgeon where you didn’t need a defense because you out scored your opponents 150-7. It should be an interesting game regardless of coaches and hurt feelings

  6. You wanna hear something pathetic? The last time Philadelphia managed to win a game at their own stadium was Sept 30th of last year. In their last 10 home games, the Eagles have been victorious just twice. I’m a diehard Eagles fan, and I can’t stand the often pessimistic nature of my fellow Philly fans, but how is anyone suppose to have a positive outlook on things when we cannot give our own fans a taste of victory at home?

  7. if anything, the eagles should know more about kc’s schemes than vice versa. the eagles players played in andys schemes for all those years and I’m sure he’s running a similar system with his new team. so the players should be able to give chip a pretty good idea of what to expect on both sides of the ball. and like he said, andy is familiar with our personnel, but that’s about it. I would say the insider info advantage goes to the eagles. especially since a year or two ago, I forget who it was, but a former eagle playing against them said andy didn’t change the teams signals or play calls. so if his team is still using all the same kinds of signals and verbage he used in philly, they shouldn’t have much trouble at all picking up on it.

  8. All these Vick comments, but never realize that his bulked body has changed things. And about Vick playing at a high level, look at the stats. The offense is tailored to his strengths. Not just in running but in Passing. You can thank Reid for Vick’s arm being accurate btw.

  9. Reid built up Vick. Wouldn’t it be hilarious to see Vick destroy the cheifs? It would be like building the fastest race car for the other team and watching them drive it around.

  10. welcome back Andy, thanks for all you have done. I wont be at the game so consider that my CHEER. now lets go EAGLES BEAT BIG RED’S BUTT.

  11. Andy Reid had so many UDFA’s make his roster over his career.. Not because they were that good,, but because the majority of the players he drafted were no better than the UDFA’s walking around.

    Thank god.
    Andy Reid has no idea what it takes to BUILD a team..
    He’s just lucky a good GM handled that already in KC.
    My moneys on 3 years before Andy depletes the Chief’s roster of good players.

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