Kenny Britt thinks this is his last year in Tennessee


The Titans are hoping that benching Kenny Britt will motivate him to work harder. But the benching may just make Britt want to leave Tennessee.

On Tuesday, Britt wrote on Twitter that he thinks this will be his last season with the Titans. Britt also compared himself to Jared Cook, his former teammate who left Tennessee and headed to St. Louis as a free agent this offseason.

Before that tweet, Britt re-tweeted a tweet from a fan saying the Titans should trade Britt to the Ravens. That’s probably not going to happen.

But when Britt becomes a free agent in March, it might be better for both sides to move on. Britt doesn’t seem happy in Tennessee, and the Titans seem increasingly unwilling to put up with Britt.

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  1. A tremendous talent who’s either injured or getting arrested and the Titan’s are pulling the “Jared Cook” card? Sure thing Kenny!

  2. When a guy gets benched, you get two different reactions. One guy will decide to get his act together. The other guy will pout and blame everyone else. You don’t want the second guy, and Britt’s him.

  3. Interesting tact. Usually the production comes before the pouting. His ‘promising talent’ is going on what 5 years now? How bout make a play or three this weekend

  4. you have to love guys who get then waste all their chances to make it then decide it’s the teams fault. how many people in the real world get busted as many times as this clown has and still have job? or better yet how many times does the average guy get double secret probation instead of jail time? yet he thinks it is best to move on because the titans want production in return for standing by him for all the trouble he has gotten into and caused the team? any team that signs him for more than the league min. deserves all the trouble he will bring.

  5. Who would want Britt with his nice history with the law?
    Sure, it hasn’t happened in a while but that just means he’s due to get arrested soon.

  6. Kenny Britt hasnt been relevant in a while, however to vent on twitter i guess is the new age wont probably go well. Anyhow, he has Locker throwing to him so he may be on too something or his knee is not right. Who knows???

  7. Dude is the definition of wasted talent!! I live in Nashville and have grown tired of Kenny Britt’s childish behavior. Good riddance…

  8. Good Luck Kenny. There’s definitely a market in the NFL for disgruntled, diva receivers. See you in the CFL next year or at the local Harris Teeter bagging my groceries

  9. Britt had a 2.5 game monster stretch in 4 years in TN. That’s all he has done. I’d LOVE to trade him now if we can swing a decent pick. SF or NE could surely use him.

  10. “When a guy gets benched, you get two different reactions. One guy will decide to get his act together. The other guy will pout and blame everyone else. You don’t want the second guy, and Britt’s him.”

    Good point but have you seen anyone on the entire team get excited when Jake Locker throws the ball? Anyone? Something-d-o-o economics. “Voodoo” economics.

  11. As Titans fans, we’re left wondering what would’ve happened if this giant waste of talent had even just half of Derrick Mason’s heart and smarts.

    As for Jake Locker, we’ve seen this before–the two years No. 9 was the QB of our Tennessee Oilers. In fact, even during the ’99 Super Bowl season, Steve McNair was still very inconsistent in his passing accuracy. … Might we have another future MVP in Jake? Maybe. Just maybe.

  12. Kenny Britt is a supremely talented wide receiver, but with his long rap sheet I don’t know that the Ravens would make a trade for him. I personally would love to see it happen. It’s exactly what they need.

  13. A pkg of Locker and Britt for a 4th rounder. You cant beat that deal, its a guarantee to help you go to the top of the draft the following year.

  14. Ironically, when Britt had declared for the draft a few years ago I really wanted the Ravens to take him. Given his issues as being a head case, coupled with his history of legal problems, I want nothing to do with him. I don’t think there has been any recent example of a player being a head case for one team and didn’t continue being an issue once he left for another team.

  15. Titans fans are delusional.

    You dont think he has the right to put some of that blame elsewhere?

    Your QB barely throws for 130 ypg…

    He has 5 catches, your top 2 recievers have 9 and 7 respectively. Delanie Walker only 4…

    He’s still caught 20 percent of the total amount of passes Locker has had completed for 15% of his total passing yardage.

    You’re dead last in the league in passing, and have 15 people on your roster whose job description includes catching balls (WR, TE, RB, FB if you’re wondering) and he is outproducing 11 of those guys.

    Sorry Titans fans, but i think your QB is the one that is wasting the talent of all those receivers… not so much their work ethics…

    Or maybe your offensive coordinator, regardless everyone on the team is hovering at about the same YPC ration…

  16. Arguably the dumbest guy in the league. Every single news story about this guy, ever, has been something negative. Either stupid off the field stuff or something dumb he said on twitter. I feel sorry for any team that picks him up next year.

  17. @scoops1

    Yeah it would be great to have another undisciplened, dysfunctional fool on the Lions.
    Especially if Schwartz doesn’t get fired

  18. Wouldn’t do any good for the Titans to get a decent QB that could throw accurately to their loaded receiver corps……. Cause they gonna run Johnson at 2 yards a carry 40 times a game anyway

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