Leslie Frazier wants to see more of Cordarrelle Patterson


The Vikings traded up into the first round in April to get wide receiver Cordarrelle Patterson and discussion immediately began about how he and Greg Jeninngs would be frequent targets for Christian Ponder in the passing game.

It hasn’t turned out that way. Patterson had a 105-yard kickoff return for a touchdown in Sunday’s loss to the Bears, but he saw just six snaps on offense a week after the team had him on the field for only five plays. That’s less playing time than converted quarterback Joe Webb has received, something that few people would have predicted before the year began and something that coach Leslie Frazier wants to change.

“We’re going to get that rectified,” Frazier said, via Judd Zulgad of ESPN1500.com. “He definitely deserves to be on the field more. He’s shown that in the few snaps he’s gotten in these first two ball games. Hopefully, everything being equal, that should not be a part of the conversation next week. We want to get him on the field. He’s one of our explosive players for sure. We see what he does when he gets the ball in his hands. We’ve got to find a way to get him on the field.”

Patterson is a raw player and rounding off his rough edges will take some time, but the best way to make that happen is to put him on the field. It sounds like they’ll start doing that this week.

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  1. Cue the “Vikings s rewed the Seahawks in the Harvin trade” comments. Even though they took Xavier Rhodes (who?) with that pick.

  2. Maybe you should teach him some route running, Leslie. Last I checked, that is your job. Unless you want to waste him by just using him on returns. Come on, Leslie. All of your fans had hard on’s for this guy when you drafted him. Gotta show them something. Otherwise, they’ll be in hibernation sooner than their usual end of October time, when Viking fans are nowhere to be found.

  3. How is this not in the gameplan already? And didn’t Frazier say this same thing last week? Musgrave obviously has no idea what to do with his personnel and the offense as a whole for that matter. Time to fire that idiot.

  4. This makes it sound like there is a rift developing between Frazier and Bill Musgrave. Musgrave’s play-calling the first two weeks has left a lot to be desired, to say the least.

    Patterson needs to be on the field a lot more, and he’ll get there eventually. My guess is that part of the reason he hasn’t been though is because Jerome Simpson has actually been playing fairly well, and had a very good game against Detroit.

    But the fact that Musgrave didn’t even bother getting Patterson or Webb into the game on that final drive is troublesome. First and goal at the seven with a three point lead, and Musgrave plays it safe. Webb is 6-4 and 220 lbs, and can outjump everyone else on the field, and Musgrave didn’t even consider throwing the jump ball to him. Not smart. In that situation, your offense should go for game clinching TD, and Musgrave chose to play it “safe”.

    Ponder gets his share of criticism, and justifiably so, but Musgrave’s play-calling and approach to the offense these first two weeks has been the bigger issue.

  5. love how one analyst before the draft says he’s raw.. now its like the only thing the experts say about him.. talent but raw blah nlah what’s that even mean? he looks good when Leslie let’s him on the field.

  6. Rick Spielman….on draft day you ran out of a news conference when you found out he was still on the board. Without haste you traded multiple picks with New England in order to move back up into the first round and grab this guy. And he’s not on the field?

  7. It’s sort of odd we haven’t seen him more already. The only conclusion I can come to is that he doesn’t actually know the offense and technical side of the game as well as the coaches say he does. I hope my gut is wrong, and Leslie isn’t one for coach-speak so I trust he’ll get this talented rookie on the field finally. Although maybe we should try Desmond Bishop, too? Maybe he can cover a RB out of the flat because clearly we haven’t done that thus far.

  8. That’s what you said last week! Hey, Leslie, here’s a news flash: You’re the head coach. You can do whatever you want. Put him in the game! Throw him a few passes, give him a handoff. By the end of the year, Patterson will be one of the most exciting players in the NFL.

  9. So the guy in charge of who does and doesn’t play is saying he would like to see more Patterson..well, coach here’s an idea. PUT HIM IN THE GAME!!

    The kid has fantastic talent, but I’d like to see him do more than return kicks and catch bubble screens. Put him on the outside with Jennings in the slot and let those two open up the field for Rudolph and Simpson. We have enough weapons including AD to open the field up, but it feels like Musgrave plays so close to the vest he has to dig in his pockets to find our gameplan

  10. Funny, I haven’t heard much yakkin’ from Greg Jennings lately. He might start yakkin’ again when/if this guy gets on the field and Ponder is able to get the ball to him.
    Nah, not much chance of either, it seems…

  11. After two weeks, the issue isn’t the use of Courdoroy or the passing of Samantha Ponder’s husband — it’s the lack of any semblance of professional LB play and Jamarca Sanford stinking up the secondary. It’s like watching 3 AJ Hawks playing LB for cripes sake.

  12. When you have to start every sentence “Leslie is great person” you probably are in trouble. I know lots of us Rubes play the coach at home game but when I know what play is coming I’m not sure how hard it is for the professional staff on the other side of the ball.

    Get Patterson more involved,,,,,,,,,,groundbreaking coach. Now that you get that after a full preseason and two games I know we are in good hands.

    While you are working on cutting edge stuff get Bishop in the game already. Erin plays like his name sounds.

  13. Hold the phone. So, you’re telling me that Joe Webb has been in more plays than Cordarelle Patterson. That’s impossible. There is no way that could even remotely be close to the truth. There is no coaching staff in the NFL that would ever that something like that come to fruition.

  14. Waste of a pick with ponder as the QB.
    A fast receiver that can get 30 yards down field in a hurry and can really stretch a defence coupled with a QB that has a 10 yard arm.

  15. Wow, with fans like rick, ad2k5, purpleguy, cmd6, seals, and contra… I guess you don’t need me anymore…

  16. Patterson and Simpson on the outside, Jennings in the slot–really not that difficult–if were going to lose lets at least put in the players that give us the best chance to win

    Please keep Wright, Webb and Carlson on the bench—and Erin Henderson back to his old position

  17. Patterson is basically another Dez Bryant, maybe a little better, maybe not quite as good. Lots of physical talent but at least for now he’s not a guy who can adjust to different defensive looks and play changes at the line. If he was up to speed in terms of understanding things obviously they’d be using him more.

  18. Going into the season I was pretty hopeful that the Vikings were going to win the division. In fact, I proclaimed in the comments section of this website. It looks like I was off base a little bit, something which I’m not afraid to admit. If I knew as much about football as I would like, I wouldn’t be wasting my time here. Now that I’ve said that, let me say this. The Vikings are not a bad team this year. It just turns out that they’re playing in a pretty tough division. There is a lot of season left, and I’m going to withhold my judgement for a few weeks. Even though last week was a tough loss I was glad to see the way the team played in the second half. We saw that kind of resolve out of them last season when they rallied back to make the playoffs. Let’s see if Leslie can hold the locker room together and run off some consecutive wins. We’re two games into Patterson’s career, and he’s pretty much already made a bigger impact than Troy Williamson. In the immortal words of Mike Tice “Enjoy the season”. Skol!

  19. Should have fired Musgrave after that abysmal game against the Packers where they were moving the ball with the run option and then inexplicably he quit using that and AP and tried ad naseum to use Webb as a pocket passer which isn’t his strength and that he is terrible at but Webb thrives at the run pass option. I despise Musgrave.

  20. The lavender Larrys can have 5 first rounders on both sides of the ball and they’ll lose. The arrogance by the fans, the management and primarily from the biqueens media is and historically has been and will remain the poison pill of this expansion franchise.

  21. Let’s see. How about put Cassell on the field too? Not that he’s much better than Ponder but he is BETTER! As much as I hate Pete Carroll I agree with his concept of getting the best players on the field regardless of who they are or where they were drafted.

    At very least, Cassell can hit the side of the barn and hurt a defense for stacking the box. Ponder, not so much. As a Viking fan I’m tired of not having a decent QB other than Favre since 2004.

    Cassell + Patterson + Jennings + AP + Rudolph will + success. Ponder is not there yet and who knows if he will ever be. He needs to learn to read past his first read.

  22. Oh yeah, one more thing. How about playing Bishop? How has this guy not earned playing time? He was a beast in the preseason and Erin just isn’t cutting it in the middle. Move him back and play Bishop. That would make this LB group pretty darn good.

    This has to be one of the worst combined coaching staff the Vikings have ever had. They won last year in spite of them riding the legs of AP.

  23. Wow sheer panic already with firing the coach, the o.c., and the desertion of about 70% of the viking posters. I would suspect the suicide season didnt wait for the snow and came early already for the viking fans. Its going to one long winter.

  24. With AD, Jennings, Patterson, WEBB, and Kyle TD’s in the RED zone should almost be automatic, but when have to add Musgrave and Ponder to the equation you get FG and a loss.

    You have to “find a way” to make a player that is on the field the most effective.

    You do not have to “find a way to get him on the field,” you say, “Hi I am the head coach and Patterson’s playing.”

  25. I LOVE VIKINGS DRAMA!!! It’s early, but here already!!!

    At least you got Jennings and Bishop to make it feel like you were competitors for a few weeks!

  26. And you’re just figuring this out now, Leslie? *facepalm*

    Fans need to boo this team relentlessly this weekend in the home-opener as to run this Frasier, Musgrave, Ponder clown-show out of town..

  27. Geez, I would hope as a coach you would want to put your team in the best possible position to win games…I don’t think this coatching staff has even come close in the first two games…

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