Orlando TV station now denies apologizing for having to show Jaguars game

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On Sunday, the Orlando CBS affiliate apologized via screen crawl for having to televise the Jaguars-Raiders game instead of Manning Bowl III.

Now, in lieu of apologizing to the Jaguars for apologizing about the Jaguars, WKMG in Orlando claims it never apologized.

In a Facebook message, WKMG General Manager Skip Valet says the station never issued an apology for having to show the Jaguars game.

“Friends, please don’t believe the fictitious nonsense you read on the lazy blogs,” the message begins. “They aggregate news, spin it to be funny, and don’t bother to do any real reporting, even the simplest step of calling someone. Below is the truth.”

The truth (at least WKMG’s current version of it) is that the station felt compelled to issue a clarification because fans were confused by the constant promotion of the Broncos-Giants game during the 1:00 p.m. ET game televised locally by CBS.  (You know, the promotion that included an express mention that some viewers would be getting Jaguars-Raiders instead.)

“Our viewers were confused and angry,” Valet said. “We clarified why we were broadcasting the Jaguars’ game and apologized to viewers who may have been confused by the constant ‘Manning Bowl’ promotion.”

Still, the message that was placed on the screen didn’t make clear whether folks were upset because they possibly wouldn’t see the Jaguars game, or because they were being led to believe they possibly wouldn’t have to see the Jaguars game.

“In accordance with NFL policy, WKMG must carry all Jacksonville Jaguars’ away games.  We apologize for any inconvenience,” the in-game screen message stated.

That doesn’t sound like an effort to make folks who feared they’d have to watch Broncos-Giants realize that they’d get to watch the Jaguars.  Instead, that sounds like an effort to make folks who wanted to watch Broncos-Giants understand why they couldn’t.

Making it sound even more like an effort to explain why Broncos-Giants wouldn’t be shown is the quote given at the time to the Associated Press (that lazy blog) by Valet himself:  “I know it’s frustrating, but as a CBS station in this market you have to carry the away games.”

By using the words “we apologize for any inconvenience,” WKMG necessarily was apologizing for something. Instead of apologizing for making the Jaguars look like a lesser option, WKMG has opted for a strident and dismissive denial of reality.

Which rarely works out well for the person doing the strident dismissing.

88 responses to “Orlando TV station now denies apologizing for having to show Jaguars game

  1. Jags may have hit rock bottom, but Shad Khan will remember things like this. Remember, Orlando can barely support a struggling basketball team and would be among the likes of Ocala if it weren’t for theme parks.

  2. maybe the NFL and CBS need to show only promotion of games that they will televised in each market. Why show manning commericals if they won’t show the games –they should constantly keeping showing promotion of the safety from week one as their highlight of the Jaguars season.

  3. So when you’re as bad as the raiders and jags, this is the news you get. Did someone won that game or was or just a game being played for Clowney/ Bridgewater? Winner gets one, loser gets the other.

  4. What a shame you have to apologize for the obvious…

    We all know the the Jags are a “lesser option” is this some secret??

  5. They should just take Orlando out of the JAX media market for NFL purposes. It’s a city of transplants and tourists. While the team tries to develop grassroots in the area, it’s not there yet. May never be there. Don’t care either way. The massive amounts of calls to the station should tell the NFL that they’ve got it wrong in Orlando.

    Jags won’t like it. I understand. I really don’t care. Let Orlando be Orlando & have the game of the week.

  6. I lived in Central Florida for many years.. so just imagine if YOU got a constant stream of Bucs, Fins and Jags games every Sunday for your enjoyment while getting all the “wind-up” for the top weekly games every twenty minutes. It was pretty bad.

    Frankly, I wouldn’t be surprised if Florida is the leading state for NFL Network subscriptions.

  7. Someone needs to fix this. If this is all about the fans, who in their right mind would want to watch Jags/Raiders over Broncos/Giants, a marque match-up? As a long time NFL fan of one team, I’d rather see a great game than my team play a boring, uneventful contest. I am in the Jags market, and I simply turned off my television. Way to go NFL.

  8. Orlando had been a Dolphins market forever, and there were a lot of upset Fins fans when the Jags came along and the NFL declared Orlando as a secondary market for Jacksonville. The local network affiliates (first NBC and then CBS) constantly got angry calls from Dolphins fans who were being forced to watch Jaguars games instead. So I don’t see this so much as an apology as a preemptive “Please don’t call, there’s nothing we can do.”

  9. What about the apology due from Khan to the Jacksonville fans for having to watch the awful team he’s fielded ?

  10. robigd says:
    Sep 17, 2013 9:22 AM
    Jags may have hit rock bottom, but Shad Khan will remember things like this. Remember, Orlando can barely support a struggling basketball team and would be among the likes of Ocala if it weren’t for theme parks.

    That’s like saying that LA would be Oxnard without the entertainment industry. So what? Most cities have a primary industry.

    And what is Khan going to do to Orlando? Stop showing Jags games there when/if they are ever good again? He has zero say in that.

  11. As an addendum to my previous post, there is a reason that stars like Shaq and DHoward didn’t want to finish their careers in Orlando and it has nothing to do with basketball.

  12. This website just wants to start trouble,Tons of markets do this. CBS makes you think you are seeing one game then all of a sudden you get another game…This is not a attack on the JAGS this website is trying to attack Raiders in some way. Because when Chiefs beat the Jags it was a “great performance” but when Raiders do it “who cares it was just the Jags”…
    Monday Night The Oakland Raiders are going into Mile High and they are going to beat The Machine that is Manning..
    This website will some how spin the victory as it does not really count

  13. As a Jags fan, I must say it is appropriate to have a picture of our 3rd round punter as the one associated with this story or really any of our stories

  14. This is a non-story trying to be spun into news. Unfortunately there seems to be a rise of these on PFT. I’m finding I’m having to go to other sites more and more to find actual news.

  15. Yeah, the Jags suck, but remember…..Shad Khan has a lot of money..wouldn’t be a big surprise if he just threatened to buy the station affiliate and fire everyone.

  16. I really believe the Jaguars should go get Tim Tebow. I think the fans would come out in flocks and they would pull some upsets. The guy is definitely not a top tiered quarterback but he is a winner and a motivator and he can run.. He also can make the throws in crunch time..

  17. I think after 20 years of televised weekly NFL, I would think that the Jacksonville market understands that there is always a promoted afternoon game, and the Jacksonville TV station would always broadcast the Jaguar game, just like the Philadelphia TV station would always show the Eagles game. Therefore any explanation is unnecessary AND NO OTHER TV MARKET IN AMERICA DOES THAT.

    To scroll ANY sort of message to explain this is, in effect, an apology because they knew Jacksonville viewers didn’t want to watch the Jaguars. Thumbs down Jacksonville TV station …

  18. As a former intern at WKMG, I can safely say that if the station didn’t at least make some mention of the NFL’s policy, they would have been deluged with angry calls from viewers. Even though they’ve been making mentions of the policy for years when a situation like this comes up, many people still don’t seem to get that this is a mandatory NFL rule. As a result, the weekend crew, which is small to begin with in TV news, has to keep answering calls asking where (insert football game here) is.

  19. @ haterrus (they should constantly keeping showing promotion of the safety… really bro??)
    @jbaxt (Did someone won that game or was or just…. seriously??)
    Thank you for demonstrating the state of our horrible education system!! Maybe you should go back to elementary school to learn the proper way to write a simple 5th grade sentence

  20. The station should never have had to apologize. If you live in Jax, you will get local games…period.

    Fans that were mad about not seeing another game when they live in the Jax market are just being babies.

    It’s like here in DC. There are some folks who are like, “I hate the Redskins. I mean, I turn on sports stations, and they talk about the Redskins more than they talk about the other teams.”

    Yeah, that’s right dummy…BECAUSE YOU LIVE IN WASHINGTON.

    Most of the people who complain about this of course are Dallas fans who couldn’t locate Texas on a map.

    Anyway, getting back to the Jags. The fans complaining about not seeing Broncos – Giants need to shut up. You live in Jacksonville. If you want to see the Broncos ever week, move to Denver.

  21. Those were the funniest promos ever. “Next up Broncos-Giants or Jags-Raiders.” What poor bugger misses the Mannings to see that second game?

  22. “In accordance with NFL policy, WKMG must carry all Jacksonville Jaguars’ away games. We apologize for any inconvenience,” the in-game screen message stated.

    That sure sounds like an apology to me.

  23. In other news, I think it’s really sad that so many football fans now root for teams in other markets. It used to be that you rooted for your home town team no matter what.

    I guess I can see it if you grew up in one area and have to move for a job. But today’s fans just seem to pick a team that’s winning and follow them, no matter where they are.

    I respect a fan living in Jax that will continue to pull for the Jags every week. When the team finally turns it around, that person will enjoy the success a million times more than the inevitable bandwagoners that will follow…

  24. Indeed they didn’t justify why you weren’t seeing the Manning Bowl, instead they focused on explaining why you did have to see the JAX game. I guess nobody with the station ever took a Business Communications 101 class. Where the heck do all those people who get degrees in Communications end up working? They should hire one of them over at the station.

  25. They were not apologizing for showing the Jaguars game, they were apologizing to people who wanted to see the other game but couldn’t. This is a standard thing that happens whenever a local affiliate is contractually bound to carry one game instead of another one that may be more popular. Does everything have to be a controversy?

  26. Jags should pay their fans to watch that team. I love football and will watch almost any game but good lord the Jags are hideous to watch.

  27. For everyone telling people who live in Jacksonville to quit whining about their games being shown: this story is about a station in Orlando, which is more than two hours from Jacksonville. Not a lot of Jaguars fans live there.

    The point is valid for those who live in the Jacksonville market, but the Orlando market is distinctly separate. Most of the market’s territory is actually closer to Tampa Bay.

    Quite frankly, Orlando should never have been a secondary market for Jacksonville, given how far apart the two cities are. Even Daytona Beach, which is in the northeast corner of the greater Orlando market, is 90 minutes away.

  28. Orlando is less than 2 hours from Tampa as Jacksonville is close to a 4 hour drive. How does Jacksonville become the home market team over TB which is half the distance?

    That would be like showing New York games in the Boston market.

    At least Jag fans can look forward to knowing between Bridgewater and Clowney the Jags will get an impact player.

  29. I live in downtown Orlando and can assure you that when talking NFL football with friends no one ever brings up the Jags. There are a fair number of Dolphins & Bucs fans here along with fans of many other teams. The Jags could play in Anchorage for the low interest here in Orlando. In fact, we wish they did! Seriously, relocating the Jags would be great for us in central FL.

  30. People keep on complaining about the Jacksonville market not supporting the team… but again that’s not what this article is about. This is about the Orlando market. Which has nothing in common with the Jacksonville market… particularly when it comes to what football teams they support.

    Someone in the previous thread made a great point, about how Harrisburg, PA gets Ravens away games because it’s technically closer to Baltimore, despite the fact that there simply aren’t any Ravens fans in Harrisburg. Same deal here.

    Orlando doesn’t have Jaguars fans, doesn’t have anything common with the city of Jacksonville, isn’t particularly that close to it geographically, and is never going to support the team because it’s not their local team. Can’t blame them for being upset and fielding angry calls because the NFL has been trying to force-feed the team on them for nearly two decades.

  31. IMO, for ‘secondary’ markets, let the program directors of the stations decide which game to pick up.

    Ever been to Melbourne? Daytona? Orlando? You’ll see more Steelers/Pats/Giants gear on LOCALS (not tourists) than the Jags or Bucs.

  32. Way to raise this post to the top like it was the most recent news. Propaganda against Jax on this site? hmm..of course not….

  33. The arrogance of the NFL is appalling. They demand taxpayers pay for the lavish palaces of billionaires, pay no taxes as “non-profit”, extort billions from networks yet blackout games to local markets, dictate to the free media what games they can show even though the networks paid billions, etc.

  34. As much as it stinks to pay the price for the NFL package, its better than buying a ticket to the Jags, some food, lots of beer, and pretending to be thrilled for a day, not a season. Plus no blackouts.

  35. Would someone please post the Neilson ratings for the Jaguar & Bucaneer games? Probably historically low. Too many teams in Florida. Gods waiting room.

  36. Meh… “We apologize for any inconvenience/confusion” is cliche customer service wording for companies who would prefer not saying “Really, you didn’t understand that on your own?”

  37. Orlando is sandwiched between the horrible Bucs and the atrocious Jags. Those poor, helpless people … Please show them whatever football games they want to watch. Hurry!!

  38. This isn’t the first time this has happened. Years ago Tampa played Miami in Miami and Orlando was still forced to watch Jacksonville because both games were scheduled for 1:00 eastern. Orlando fans were in an uproar, and as such, the WKMG station general manager personally came on the air before the broadcast to explain that the station had no choice. And yes, they apologized then, too.

  39. I always viewed this as media hype and a chance to pile on the Jaguars using something even as vague as this to do so. They were explaining what was going on and what they had to do. During the Jaguars glory years of the late 90s their local affiliate would explain they must now cut away from this game to air the Jaguars game in its entirety when they played late and the early game was going too long. WKMG did apologize on air once for having to televise a Jaguars/Steelers game instead of the Dolphins/Bucs game airing on CBS at the same time. To this day, that’s the ONLY true apology I’ve ever seen or heard them make.

  40. Will Jags fans be watching next Sunday when they have to come to the Great Northwest to face the Seahawks? I hope so. The city deserves a team…. that said, hang in there because this Sunday won’t be pretty.

  41. They will eventually have to apologize over the apology.

    Speaking of apologies, the Jaguars should apologize to the fans for the dumber than dumb gold and black helmets. Who’s idea was that? Fire that person whoever it was.

  42. Thanks to those who offered some clarification regarding Florida geography.

    So are you saying those Orlando fans would have been happy watching the Bucs? Because while Tampa may be closer than Jacksonville, Denver and NY are not.

    The other issue related to this might be that the Bucs are NFC and Jags are AFC. Here in DC, NFC games are handled by Fox, AFC by CBS. So basically one network takes the Redskins and the other takes the Ravens.

    In those circumstances, the network may not have a choice.

  43. People in LA can relate. Every so often the NFL decides to put San Diego in the Los Angeles TV market, and show a Charger game when there is a more desirable game shown nationally. The reality , though, is that the San Diego and Los Angeles TV markets don’t overlap at all. You cant see San Diego TV in LA unless you get one of of those super size antennas on your roof and pull the over the air signal. And THAT would still be fuzzy. The NFL makes some puzzling decisions sometimes.

  44. In a couple months they’ll be apologizing again for destroying the messiah complex fans have for Tebow as he’s exposed for a fraud as a terrible QB on the Jags.

  45. The station did not appologize for showing an in state team, they appologized for not showing the National game if people were expecting to see it in that time slot.

    This thing has been trumped up as a joke or something, right? It has been promoted as the station putting up a crawl that said “We are sorry that you have to watch the Jags play. We are sure most of you would rather watch something else, but this is what we have to put on TV. Sorry again for you having to watch a team that is not that good right now. Please forgive us for not showing the ‘Manning-bowl'”.

  46. “In the future, no Raiders or Jaguars games will be televised unless they are playing against an NFL team.”

  47. I grew up a Packers/Badgers fan in the 70’s/80’s Those were some dark times in Wisconsin football. But the locals here always cared and supported the team. Games were sellouts and blackouts were rare.

  48. “Which rarely works out well for the person doing the strident dismissing.”

    Its worked for the president for 5 years.

  49. Don’t feel bad, Orlando, we didn’t get EITHER late CBS game in Phoenix.

    Not sure why they black out the late game if the Cardinals play late, but they do…always. I can’t remember if it happens with the early game too, but I suspect I’ll find out on Sunday…

  50. Pretty obvious from all the calls and the week’s NFL power rankings that it’s the Jags who should be apologizing, not the local CBS station. The current joke is that the Jags couldn’t sign Tebow even if they wanted to as Tim wants to play for an NFL team.

  51. Why doesn’t the NFL just sell the NFL PACKAGE to all the cable and satellite companies instead of just Direct T.V. let everyone have a the choice to watch the games they want. The NFL gets their money by opening up the market of the NFL package and the fans get to watch what they want.
    I live in Orlando but the only way I can watch my team is to go to a sports bar or hope I live in a place that faces the right direction for direct tv. The NFL should step up and take care of the fans that want nothing more than to watch their favorite team. In turn they get their precious money everyone gets what they want. Don’t force me to watch Jags vs Raiders when there is games on with teams who will be playing post season and have a better product in general.

  52. All the religious talk aside. If Tebow and McGahee could run all over NFL defenses, why cant Tebow and Jones-Drew? Come on, J-Ville! Entertain us!

  53. 1. Draft Clowney with the 1st overall pick

    2. Draft Johnny Football with the 33nd overall pick

    3. ???

    4. PROFIT

  54. @miamimike1:

    The NFL sells the Sunday Ticket as an exclusive package because they can make more money that way. DirecTV can and does use the package to increase their subscription rate. Because of that, you are able to increase the overall amount of money. If it was made available to all carriers, then the value of it would be driven down because it no longer would drive subscription rates and instead only have value in the cost of the package itself.

    TL;DR – business

  55. People complain about bandwagon fans, but then also complain when true fans want to watch their team (no matter how good or terrible they are). So ironically if you’d rather watch another game besides the Jaguars you either aren’t a Jags fan or a bandwagon fan.

  56. No one in Jacksonville was complaining about watching the Jags, it was Orlando. Just a teaser Orlando, you’ll have to watch them again this weekend vs Seattle instead of Colts/49ers. Have a feeling there will be no scroll this time.

  57. baddegg says: The station should never have had to apologize. If you live in Jax, you will get local games…period.

    Anyway, getting back to the Jags. The fans complaining about not seeing Broncos – Giants need to shut up. You live in Jacksonville. If you want to see the Broncos ever week, move to Denver.

    This was an Orlando station. Perhaps you didn’t read the article. Or the headline.

  58. So WKMG could not have run a crawl during the previous game to tell the viewers that the 2nd game would be the Jaguars at Raiders, but had to run a crawl ONLY to apologize that the NFL ‘forced’ them to run the Jaguars at Raiders game?

    Competent people can chew gum, walk and talk at the same time. Competent television stations can (and do) run crawls whenever they decide to run crawls, or when a crawl is needed (such as to inform people that the news will be broadcast in full after the game).

    Looks to me that WKMG is far from being competent.

    And apparently the people at WKMG also don’t realize they don’t HAVE to carry what the network shows at the time the network shows it. A very famous ‘blooper’ was a TV station announcing ‘Sunday night at the movies will be seen on Saturday this week instead of its usual Thursday broadcast.’

  59. jbaxt says:
    Sep 17, 2013 9:28 AM
    So when you’re as bad as the raiders and jags, this is the news you get. Did someone won that game or was or just a game being played for Clowney/ Bridgewater? Winner gets one, loser gets the other.

    Jbaxt how was that #1 pick last year with your team? You can tell me after your done combing your hair and kissing your sister hill billy… Chiefs 40+ years since appearing in a Super Bowl and 20+ since a playoff win. Get off the Raiders scrub

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