Panthers were close to converting to have enough DBs

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The secondary was the weakest part of the Panthers roster going into the season.

Now they’re without their best player, and scrambling for help.

According to Jonathan Jones of the Charlotte Observer, it got so desperate during Sunday’s loss to Buffalo that they nearly had to move linebacker Thomas Davis to safety, which he hadn’t played since his rookie year (2005).

Free safety Charles Godfrey was lost for the season with a torn Achilles. Strong safety Quintin Mikell left with an ankle injury, and his status is uncertain, leaving them with Mike Mitchell, special teamer Colin Jones and converting cornerback D.J. Moore for the moment.

The situation is equally bad at cornerback, as starter Josh Thomas left the game with a concussion and backup Josh Norman’s now nursing a knee sprain.

If another corner had gone down in the game, they were going to have to use running back Armond Smith there. Until they make roster moves, they have undrafted rookie Melvin White along with James Dockery, who is coming off thumb surgery. Both were inactive against the Bills.

But the in-game shortage was so bad against the Bills they couldn’t even play nickel defense, using linebackers to cover slot receivers when the Bills went three-wide in the second half.

They’ll probably have to make roster moves for cover soon, but there may be no fixing a secondary that didn’t have much margin of error when everyone was well.

11 responses to “Panthers were close to converting to have enough DBs

  1. Makes you wonder even more why Rivera chose to kick that field goal.

    If things stay this way it’s going to be really, really ugly when they have to cover the weapons the Saints and Falcons have…twice per team.

  2. The Big Cat’s not going to dig very far into his deep pockets to fix this mess. He already knows the season’s a wash and is just going to wait for the No. 1 pick in the next draft. Then he’ll clean house again and give us Panther fans a song and dance about rebuilding while we’re paying extra tax every time we take the old lady out for a steak and a glass of wine so he can renovate a stadium on our money. Geesh.

  3. We could always look for retired or cut (from other teams) secondary with recent knee, ankle or hip surgery, place them on IR and plan for the future. Another idea is to take an assistant coach “on the bubble” who will be needing a job soon and give him a contract as head coach because we know what every other analyst in the league doesn’t know. Maybe even reach into the high school coaching arena (Texas has them all). Face it, we look lathargic on offense and when we compete against professional football players, we look like we’re playing prevent everything. I say put the Panther games on “Pay Per View” and do the litmus test – anybody buying?

  4. We promoted Lester from the practice squad. We still need to sign Rhodes and Drayton Florence.

    I can’t imagine how giddy Eli Manning, Victor Cruz and Hakeem Nicks are right about now.

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