Report: Danny Amendola won’t have sports hernia surgery

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Patriots wide receiver Danny Amendola got conflicting medical opinions about whether he needed sports hernia surgery to correct the groin problem that was one of the reasons for his absence from the lineup in Week Two, leading him to solicit the thoughts of other doctors on the best course of action going forward.

According to Karen Guregian of the Boston Herald, those consultations have resulted in a decision not to have surgery. That doesn’t mean that Amendola will be back in the lineup immediately, however.

While coach Bill Belichick said Monday that Amendola is “day-to-day,” Guregian reports that the timetable for his return to action is a few weeks. Amendola is also dealing with torn adductor muscles in his hips, which have combined with the groin injury to leave Amendola on the sideline at present.

That’s still better than the six weeks or so that Amendola would have missed if he had the sports hernia surgery, so this qualifies as good news for the Patriots even if they’ll still need to spend the immediate future trying to forge a more productive receiving corps out of the pieces on hand.

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  1. Funny how some guys are hurt practically all the time…

    Most of the time it has nothing to do with toughness or being in shape etc— just something about their bodies. Amendola is one of those. Weird.

    And too bad– very good player.

  2. Way to go “BB”! You sure showed Wes Welker who’s boss when you cut him lose and signed a cheaper, younger, faster version of Wes, little Danny Amendola.

    Just one question “BB”. Does it really matter that Amendola is cheaper, younger and faster if he never gets on the field and actually plays?

  3. I think Belichick is trying to skew younger overall for the long-term benefit of the team.

    Tom’s got maybe 5 more years? I think he wants a stable of young guys who can grow during those years.

  4. azarkhan, don’t let facts get in the way of your agenda. Sorry, Belichick did not “cut him (Welker) lose”. Belichick targeted Welker as a restricted free agent prior to the 2007 season, traded for Wes, and catapulted him into an NFL star. The Patriots used the Franchise Tag on Welker for the 2012 season. They then offered Welker significantly more than he eventually signed for in Denver but Welker and his agent turned the deal down. Welker was a free agent with free and he exercised his prerogatives.

  5. As it’s already been explained, Welker(and his agent) cut himself loose, not BB.

    Welker stats: 2 gms, 12 rec, 102 yrds, 3 drops last wk.

    Amendola stats: 1 gm, 10 rec, 104 yrs, 0 drops.

    Edelman: 20 rec, 157 yrds, 2 TD

  6. This was another brilliant free agent pick up. This team just keep’s getting more and more entertaining to watch.

    Maybe an out of shape Gronk will fix this teams offensive troubles. Does anyone else see this team doing any better than 9-7 this year? Cause I don’t.

  7. @ tedmurph

    Are you saying Edelman is better than Welker? If he was he would had been playing over Welker last year there bud. And there’s a lot more targets on the broncos side than the Pats.

  8. @ tedmurph

    I love how you leave out that Welker has 1 less TD than your Entire team has combined..3…LMAO….but TD’s ain’t important though right?

    You Pats fans are delusional !


    I was going to use a Tom Brady stat example but I can’t find 1 that makes him look good this year ! hahahahahaha

  9. Meanwhile a well paid Wes Welker is happy and catching TD’s.

    If Brady had to do it all over, do you really think he would’ve restructured to help the team?

  10. Haters still whining about Welker, we take less money in Denver (lost money)
    you can find a slot WR in the grocery store, please.

    Aaron Hernandez and Gronkowski are difficult to replace, no Wes.

  11. Well, Amendola wasn’t cheaper then Welker. They paid him more. I like the way Ted Murph conveniently left out the 2 TD’s Welker had for Denver in week 1. Oh, and the TD he scored against the Giants too. Quoting stats that make his point and leave out 3 TD’s in two weeks. Tool.

  12. .

    @ ajerkahan
    @ forsburgler

    Since 2000 Bill Belichick has won more games than any other coach in the NFL. He will be a first ballot Hall of Famer. He’s coached in 8 Super Bowls, 5 as head coach.

    With that said, most Patriots fans believe that you two would be an upgrade as coach and GM. I’ll let Belichick know he’s being replaced by a more qualified team.



  13. tedmurph, why did you leave out how many TD’s Welker has? Doesn’t quite fit your flawed agenda does it?

    Poor Chowds.

  14. “If Brady had to do it all over, do you really think he would’ve restructured to help the team?”

    Looking at his face on the sideline the other night tells the answer: Zero chance he’d do that again. He knows they burned him big time.

  15. This is good news,but I hope the decision that he didn’t need surgery was made solely by the Pats. team doc. The one that the players union is trying to get kicked out of the NFL. The one that the Red Sox booted out,because he kept tellin’ the players there was nothing wrong with them. The one that operated on Gronks arm.

  16. Belichick really stood his ground when it came to giving Wes Welker what he was asking. Ultimately pushing Welker, who was one of Brady’s main safety outlets out of the door and to a competitor. Figuring that it was the great quarterback that made the receiver look good, when this whole time it was Welker that helped Brady’s numbers. Brought in a carbon copy with a bit more speed and youth, but basically the same type of receiver- slot. The big thing about Welker that Amendola can’t do is stay healthy.

    Can someone please tell Bill that he fudged up on this one? Amendola will never have the same chemistry with Brady as Welker did. Not only that, but Brady’s biggest nemesis Peyton Manning is fully enjoying Belichick’s mistake. If it has to be another team other than the one I root for, I would want the Broncos and Wes Welker to get that ring. If not to just rub it in Belichick’s face a bit. Welker deserved every single penny he was asking for.

  17. Didn’t you just love Welker in post season form last week. Three DROPS and 3 chatches for 39 yds. With Julien ” Edelmandolaker” catching everything thrown his way!! Our problems last two weeks have been because of no tight end threat. That is soon to change. By end of year Pats will be just fine thank you.

  18. Eventually this guy is going to push to hard to come back, his groin is going to pop, and his internal organs are going to bulge out from his groin area beneath his skin, but hey, he’s guaranteed 10 mill.

  19. Pointless trying to compare stats between Welker and Amendola. One guy is playing on a team with tons of weapons while the other was pretty much the lone guy in the one game he played in prior to suffering a multi-game injury. Amendola’s skills were never in question; his durability was.

    Every team rolls the dice with new acquisitions. It’s just that signing an injury prone guy when your other two best receivers had already proven to be injury prone was a huge gamble that the Pats lost.

  20. When the Pats were rolling with Welker, wasn’t it this same crew that tried to diminish anything the guy did?

    Now suddenly he’s fantastic?


  21. vaphinfan says:
    Sep 17, 2013 6:19 PM
    @ tedmurph

    Are you saying Edelman is better than Welker? If he was he would had been playing over Welker last year there bud. And there’s a lot more targets on the broncos side than the Pats.
    The reason Edelman was playing OVER WW early on LAST year is not some BB vendetta as so many people want to believe but because he outperformed WW in training camp. WW himself admits he did not have a great 2012 training camp. Once Edelman got hurt, WW’s role went back to his prior one.

    I am not saying WW isn’t talented or isn’t and wasn’t great. He was perfect for what the Pats used him for. I expect him to still be productive in Denver also in a slightly different role and he will be greatly aided by the fact defenses have to account for Thomas and Decker who are on the field together much more often than Gronk and Hernandez were . But it was ultimately WW who decided to leave, as is his right as a FA. He called John Lynch and begged him to put him in contact with Elway so he could sell himself. Lynch said it on tv, and WW was asked about it and backed it up on TV. He wanted to move on, and took a chance on a potentially lesser deal to do so. No amount of wishful thinking by detractors will make it otherwise.

  22. Forsburglar is an idiot, although his comments are entertaining. Its Fascinating how delusional he is.

    I have no idea how belichick is going to pull the patriots out of this 2-0 hole they’re in…

  23. tedmurph is a fool its not about the stats why they didnt keep Welker, Welker does more for a team than those two ,however it is all about the $$$$ use a guy up until he is due big money then let em go…. see: Seymour,Branch,Samuel and so on the list goes on

  24. I’m pretty sure I stated 20 posts ago that WW couldn’t wait to get off that team…look at the history of this team….they don’t take care of their WR….Bill Bilicheat can only get you so far…the lack of talent on this team is very apparent.

  25. Amendola needs to be careful playing in the northeast. Those strong fall and winter winds will undoubtedly put him on IR.

  26. Re-sign Tebow and move him to TE. Bring back TB’s all-time favorite receiver (and all-around god guy) Deion Branch. What Deion’s lost in speed he makes up for in experience and chemistry.

    Problem solved. For short money, too. Fans go wild, jersey sales go through the roof, BB is a genius once again. And haters keep hatin’.

  27. How soon everyone forgets that when Welker left, Aaron Hernandez was not a known murdered. With AH on the field these first two games, these games aren’t even close.

  28. vaphinfan,
    You should check stats before you make statements, Edelman started over Welker last year until he got hurt. He is solid. Welker left because he didn’t like the way that Belicheck treated him. It must be tough to make a ton of money, have the best passer in the NFL, and be heald accountable as a professional….HE chose to leave and make less money.

  29. jae121704 says:
    Sep 18, 2013 10:42 AM
    How soon everyone forgets that when Welker left, Aaron Hernandez was not a known murdered. With AH on the field these first two games, these games aren’t even close.
    Great point that goes unnoticed. I’m pretty sure the Pat’s thinking of not overpaying for Welker was because they had two All Pro TE’s to build from. They knew about Gronk’s back surgery, but not A-Aron’s (Key and Peele, hilarious) murder rap. Add that with Amendola’s/Vereen’s injuries and you lack offensive chemistry.
    And if the Bills/Jets have one thing going for them it’s defense and experience against Pats.

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