Revis, Schiano meet 15 minutes to “clear [the] air”


The backpedaling from Bucs cornerback Darrelle Revis is taking place both publicly and behind closed doors.

Revis took to Twitter to refute, sort of, the report that he’s frustrated with coach Greg Schiano — even if the message from Revis didn’t specifically mention Schiano or address the notion that Revis doesn’t like Schiano’s disciplinarian ways.

According to Andrea Kremer of NFL Network, who has interviewed Revis multiple times throughout his ACL rehab, Revis and Schiano also had a 15-minute meeting on Tuesday to “clear [the] air.”  Per Kremer, Revis claims he has no issues with the head coach.

That seems like a fairly long meeting to clear air that had no smoke.  The mere fact that a sit-down occurred shows that there was a reason for it.  Otherwise, Schiano wouldn’t have violated on game-planning day the mantra he recited during last week’s post-loss drama regarding Josh Freeman:  “The easiest way to be defeated is to be distracted.”

The Buccaneers currently have plenty of distractions.  The best way to start making them go away would be to avoid another defeat on Sunday against the Patriots.

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  1. Best way to stop these distractions is to fire Schiano now. Hes clearly lost the team, still time to turn the season around how bout Lovie Smith? I wouldnt mind seeing him coach us.

  2. Did the Revis tweet come before or after the meeting with Schiano? If after, I think we know what they talked about.

  3. You would think Revis would be satisfied. He’s getting (over) paid what he wants. Perhaps he got spoiled by Rex Ryan letting the players have their way.

  4. Schianofreude..the act of deriving pleasure from any mis-fortune that Greg Schiano might accrue. Well deserved..

  5. moerawn says: Sep 17, 2013 8:43 PM

    Oddly, the one constant in both these NFL media circuses is…Revis


    Not really. I would say that main factor is LOSING. The Jets were (and still are) losers and now at 0-2 Tampa is considered an under-performing loser. If Tampa was 1-1, this would be a non-story. Is it Revis’ fault that Tampa is 0-2? No.

  6. Unlike coach C. when he came to NY after making Carolina a decent team with some pretty good years. Not only that, coach C. listened to players and modified his approach. Coach S. has absolutely NO skins on the wall. He didn’t even have a winning record as a college coach. He has no credibility with the men in that locker room, so when he asks the players to do things like kill the other team when they are in the Victory Formation, something that his guys know is wrong-headed, well, then he gets what he has gotten! God only knows what other ridiculous rules and dogma are permeating throughout the locker room. It is clear he is a dead coach walking.

  7. Schiano is obviously not the right fit there, but as is always the case these situations need to get dragged out and fester and become even more embarrassing then they already are for the organization. Then we we get to say gee, why didn’t they fire him when everyone else on earth knew it wasn’t working out.

    The primary responsibility of the head coach is to build unity and a mantra everyone will buy into (whether you like the coach or not).


  8. The Bucs, Jets, and Buffalo all suck waaaaay to much oxygen out of the room. Revis went from one bad team to another. No one cares…In fact, San Diego, Oakland, Cleveland, Titans, Jacksonville, and Carolina all suck…But every year, these are the stinky teams the media wants to talk about…GO SEAHAWKS!

  9. The problem with the Bucs isnt Revis. This is just a side thing where Revis wants more man-to-man, and Im not sure the Bucs fully trust he’s in enough football shape yet to put him on the island right yet.

    The REAL problem is between Schiano and Freeman. That is where the wheel is going to come off, if it’s not off already.

  10. After Schiano gets canned this season the Bucs should just automatically hire Hue Jackson.

    Unlike Schiano Jackson has at least been qualified to be a NFL head coach.

    The Bucs were better off hiring Mario Cristobal if they wanted someone who made something irrelevant somewhat relevant.

  11. Revis is not a game changer. He is all about padding his Revis Island stats instead of taking risk to entice QB’s to throw his way,

    Not a team payer.

  12. This meeting is like a ceiling fan dispersing the clouds of distraction throughout the external environment. The media will just use this event for fodder seeing as there’s money to be made by doing that.

  13. I commonly approach people to “clear air” and be sure that things other people are saying aren’t affecting our relationship or misleading.

    It’s called communication, it’s a good thing. I bet most of that 15 minutes was spent joking about how nice it would have been to coach and play before the internet.

  14. Schiano was fairly successful last season for the Bucs, but it seems that this year his stern ways are really not sitting well with his players. I know he’s friends with Belichick and he probably wants to coach in a similar style to him too, but that whole method of coaching just doesn’t work if you don’t command the level of respect that Belichick does from the players. My guess is that most players wouldn’t want to grab a beer with Belichick after work, but they all clearly respect him because he has a proven track record of success. Schiano’s methods may work well on 21-year-old kids at Rutgers who drive beat-up 15 year-old cars around campus, but it’s a lot harder to pull that off with 28 year old millionaires with mortgages and children.

    Tom Coughlin had the same problem in both Jacksonville and New York for a while, but eventually things clicked. I wouldn’t count Schiano out after coaching only 18 games at the NFL level at this point, and I believe he will get his act together and figure things out eventually.

  15. I agree with Bucthat ; Lovie Smith would be a great fit there.
    Perhaps the most overlooked trait for a successful head coach , in any sport , is an even tempered , consistent personality. It’s what Revis’ former coach lacked in New York and will probably prove to be Schiano’s Achilles heel as well. Then again . . . I don’t think the fans in Tampa want to hear over and over again for the next five years: “Josh Freeman is our quarterback.” every time he plays poorly. Lovie’s stubborn backing of Rex Grossman here in Chicago may very well have cost the Bears a Superbowl win a few years ago.

  16. Revis could get lost in the media coverage in NY.
    He stands out in Tampa. Revis should shut his over paid pie hole and be happy he can hide in Tampa and not be riding that train in NY with no conductor!!

  17. Enjoy your money D. Your Not For Long if you keep going after the coach. He will have you in on the 4th quarter of a game when your team is your down by 20 playing linebacker and next year 3 rd team preseason before he cuts you.

  18. 15 mins doesn’t seem like very long to me. the media was reporting that he doesnt like his coach. i agree that is worth having a 15 minute discussion about to clear the air

  19. The Glazers need to meet with Schiano for 15 minutes to “clear his desk”. The Bucs have too much talent to let Schiano drive their season off a cliff.

  20. “Coach I played for the jets and i know a mess when I see one”

    “”PS don’t expect to see this face again until a get another $5 mil per year since I showed up for the first two games”

  21. I can’t remember, in recent memory at least, reading about a team in this much turmoil in the locker room this quickly. You started hearing this stuff before week 1! And it doesn’t look like its going away, in fact it seems to be getting worse.

  22. Oddly, the one constant in both these NFL media circuses is…Revis


    Not really. I would say that main factor is LOSING. The Jets were (and still are) losers and now at 0-2 Tampa is considered an under-performing loser. If Tampa was 1-1, this would be a non-story. Is it Revis’ fault that Tampa is 0-2? No.


    But the Jets were winners for two years straight. All the way up to the AFC Championship at that. Bucs..not so much.

  23. If Revis really wants to patch things up with his coach, he’ll corner blitz the Patriots’ victory formation this Sunday.


  24. Schiano needs to go as well as Bill Sheridan. The Giants knew what they were doing when they let Sheridan go after 1 yr as DC.. Clean house now while we still have time to salvage our season. Go BUCS!!

  25. Great. Couldn’t happen to a better organization, player and coach. Make a deal with the Devil and expect no fire?

  26. Actually, the one constant between Me-vis’ media circus with the Jets and Bucs is his inability to keep his big mouth shut.

  27. As a bears fan lovie smith is a great guy and he gets the players to play hard for him. All the years in Chicago don’t think one player has ever said one negative thing about him. Isn’t Tampa having problems on the offensive side of the ball??? Lovie will not fix that…. He would be great at DC his defense was always top 10 but offense was top 20 just one year out of 9. (Think it was 15th)

  28. allday28mvpmvp says: Sep 17, 2013 8:58 PM

    Not really. I would say that main factor is LOSING. The Jets were (and still are) losers and now at 0-2 Tampa is considered an under-performing loser. If Tampa was 1-1, this would be a non-story. Is it Revis’ fault that Tampa is 0-2? No.


    Because when Mevis is always being a grubby lil whiny child and creating constant media distractions and team divisions it does wonders for a winning team morale!!!

  29. Schiano is a steamy cow pattie….. jsut read how he treated scouts from the NFL when they visited Rutgers. What a LUZER… I am so glad he doesn’t coach my team. Schianofreude….. is alive and well in Texas.

  30. love revis the football player. however, i absoutely hate hate HATE the people who represent him. this is the way they operate. jets had to deal with their BS from day 1. dont think for one second they arent the ones feeding reporters these stories.

  31. I wont be surprised to hear very soon that it was Revis not Holmes who created “the cancer” in the Jets locker room!!!

    That must be the reason The Jets tried to so hard to trade him. It was never about money. It was getting rid of Cancer!!!

  32. majormeatcurtains says:
    Sep 18, 2013 8:12 AM
    How much would you pay to get cancer? THAT much fool. Enjoy.

    You hit the nail on the head!!

  33. “Tampa Bay – you’re welcome”


    fans of the NY Jets

    PS – don’t forget to send over that 3rd round pick in 2014.

  34. He is consulting with Revis on how to run a circus? Olive Smith should get a look here. I can’t believe that coach is out of work he should have his choice between a few teams by next year.

  35. As a Jets fan, I must say I am shocked, SHOCKED that Revis did not instantly transform the Bucs into a 2-0 defensive juggernaut that is the prohibitive favorite to win the Superbowl this year…

    Wait? He’s only a CB that might not get thrown at the entire game or can be schemed against?

    But then why are you paying him more money than most QBs make (who are the true difference makers on a team)?

    And BTW…Sheldon Richardson (taken with Bucs pick) is looking like a monster out of the gate and probably has had more impact than Revis has had through 2 games…

  36. allday28mvpmvp says:

    Not really. I would say that main factor is LOSING. The Jets were (and still are) losers

    Small tip: Jets have gone to the conference championship game twice in the last four years, and Revis held out then, too.

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