Travis Frederick to blame for Dontari Poe sacking Tony Romo

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Cowboys coach Jason Garrett says the reason Chiefs defensive tackle Dontari Poe sacked Tony Romo twice on Sunday is simple: Rookie center Travis Frederick got beaten.

Garrett said Poe just physically overpowered Frederick on one sack. On the other, Frederick made the wrong line call, resulting in a missed block.

He physically got beat on the one,” Garrett said, via the Star-Telegram, “and the other one there was a miscommunication between him and the guard. Ultimately, he’s responsible for making sure that communication is right. One was more physical, the other was more communication and a mental error.”

Poe was a workout warrior at the Scouting Combine whom the Chiefs chose with the 11th overall pick in the 2012 NFL draft, and after he went his entire rookie season without a single sack, there was much talk that the Chiefs had wasted a high pick. But this offseason Poe committed himself to getting in better shape, and it’s showing: He already has 3.5 sacks through two games this year. Frederick won’t be the last center made to look bad by Poe.

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  1. One positive change for the Cowboys this year is Garrett’s willingness to single out individuals for criticism. He’s been guilty of offering too much protection to his players – now there seems to be an element of accountability.

    Now whether that’s a sign of improved leadership or a way to deflect the criticism from himself remains to be seen…

  2. Dontari Poe is one work warrior who very well may fulfill his potential.

    His work ethic includes shunning barbecue to lose weight; that has to be particularly hard considering the abundance of very good barbecue in K.C. and his home town of Memphis.

  3. Where oh where are all the Poe haters out there? Show yourselves and fess up to all the bust chatter you’ve been spewing since the ’12 Draft. Time to eat some crow.

  4. Way to through your guy under the bus Garrett. If you cant take responsibility for your team then it’s not your team.

  5. The House of Cards is falling down….Marinelli doesn’t place blame….nice job Garrett, enjoy it while you have it which won’t be long.

  6. Other than those 2 mistakes he actually played a very nice game. OK on the first he gets overmatched. The second he slides to help the left guard and the right guard is to cut or slide to take Poe. Then the running back is there to protect too and misses his assignment. Frederick will be just fine.

  7. I’m not sure why this is “news”. Simply watching the game gave you this information. Are we going to start creating headlines for who is to blame on all sacks now?

  8. We’ll see how good the Chiefs d is when they meet Philly. I hope they shut Philly down, and if they do I suppose that means they’re for real. But KC needs to get their offense going if they want to be able to compete with Denver in the west.

  9. I wonder how much of his success can be attributed to change in defensive philosophy to. Crennel love to read and react while Sutton is more of the blitz to put pressure on the qb type.

  10. It doens’t get any easier for Frederick this week with the Rams coming to town. Michael Brockers is an animal.

  11. Garrett threw the rookie under the bus? How is that – everyone who watched the game or caught the highlights saw that Frederick got beat on the first sack – so Garrett is supposed to blantantly lie about him getting beat. It is hilarious how after 2 games the doom and gloom attitudes come out in full force.
    Take this to the bank – the Boys will win the NFC East and it won’t even come down to the last game of the season.

  12. No else graded above the 3rd or 4th round? Why because Mayock, Kiper and McShay said so…your football IQ is limited at best and should save your Cowboy hating comments to yourself.

    By season’s end T. Frederick will be considered a Top 5 center and wouldn’t be surprised Top 3.

  13. If the ginger coach has any “guts” he’ll say the GM(Jerrah) made a mistake in drafting Frederick in the first round. Any chance of that happening?

  14. I wonder how much of his success can be attributed to change in defensive philosophy to. Crennel love to read and react while Sutton is more of the blitz to put pressure on the qb type.

    Defensive linemen don’t “blitz”, but I see where you’re going with that. Poe is much better suited playing as a gap-penetrator – his main attribute is his explosiveness and power.

  15. By the way, Frederick was an excellent pick who will be an anchor of that line in Dallas for a long time. Veterans have bad games and Rookies surely do. Sometimes a player just gets beaten on a play or two. No shame.

  16. Jags are so bad they made the Raiders look decent, that’s not easy to do.
    Of course, the Jags had to start their 2nd string QB to do it.

  17. no one is to blame other than maybe the coaching staff for allowing Poe to be 1 on 1 with their rookie center. notice how they quickly moved to double teaming him?

    Poe is also an absolute force against the run. this needs to be mentioned. MJD had 15-45, mostly due to Tyson Jackson(not a bust) and Dontari Poe(not a bust) destroying the OL. Dallas had about 12-27 with D.Murray.

    so beyond his 3.5 sacks as a true NT in the 3-4,(he has a pure bull rush sack, and he has that 1 on 1 vs fedrick) he is also stout against the run, catches all the passes from the machine in practice. He is a new age VInce Wilfork. there is no one like him in the NFL right now

  18. I hate the Chiefs, mostly because of clowns like jbaxt and slickster, but there’s nothing wrong with a high draft pick earning his money. If Poe works out better than Dorsey or Jackson, all I can say it’s about damn time one of those early first round picks paid off.

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