Antwan Barnes takes shot at Mario Williams, Panthers

Getty Images

It was bad enough losing yet another game on yet another blown fourth-quarter lead.

But here’s how bad it’s gotten for the Panthers: They’ve become a punchline for the Jets.

Jets outside linebacker Antwan Barnes was discussing the 4.5 sacks Bills defensive end Mario Williams posted last week against Carolina, when he put it into context.

It’s the Panthers we’re talking about,” Barnes said with a laugh to Newsday’s Kimberley Martin. “Obviously, he’s a first-round pick, they pay him so much money, so he’s got to go out there and do something. For our O-linemen, it’s the same. They go against us every day. They won’t be scared or intimidated by it.”

This is where we pause for a moment, to let Panthers right tackle Byron Bell and his teammates extinguish themselves, and then slink to the corner in shame.