Brees and Brady have differing opinions on Goldson

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Two of the league’s top quarterbacks had very different reactions to the news that Buccaneers safety Dashon Goldson’s suspension was overturned earlier today, and replaced with a $100,000 fine.

Patriots quarterback Tom Brady (who will see Goldson Sunday) called him “one of my favorite players,” while Saints quarterback Drew Brees (who will see him twice a year) had a much different take.

“He’s had a lot of those,’’ Brees said, via “He certainly has no regard for the rules in the middle. He’s going after guys’ heads. You can see it.

“So, obviously $100,000 is a pretty hefty fine. And I’m sure if it continues to happen it will be even greater punishment than that.’’

Brady, on the other hand, had nothing but praise for the Bucs secondary in general, but said he respected the way Goldson played. He saw him up close in a joint practice prior to a preseason game, but said he had long been a fan.

“Why? Because if I were a safety I’d try to play like him,” Brady said in comments distributed by the team. “He’s a great a player. I played against him last year, always kind of watched him as a 49er and he got his opportunity there after a few years in San Francisco and took advantage of his opportunity. He’s a big part of the reason why that defense was so good last year and then now he’s playing for Tampa, so he’s already made a big impact.

“He’s a very good player, and practicing against him you see why.”

Again, the reactions are likely a reflection of timing as much as anything. Brady’s not going to say anything to provoke or inspire a guy he has to play Sunday.

Brees was responding to a hit on teammate Darren Sproles, so the reaction is naturally more visceral.

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  1. Of course Brees has a different opinion than Brady. Brady was not in the game. It was not Brady’s friend who was targeted by Goldson.

    Brees was there. Brady was not. Brees’ teammate and friend was the target of Goldson, Brady’s was not.

    A huge difference. Charities should do well if Goldson continues. The League will be watching him closely now. Clean hard hits are acceptable. What Goldson did is not.

  2. Explain something to me

    The Saints were competitively disemboweled last year for the bounty scandal when there was no clear proof they were intentionally trying to injure anyone

    Here is Tampa Bay with a $100,000 fine but no suspension for a hit clearly intended to hurt Sproles

    And Black tries to hurt Jimmy Graham and anyone with a brain can surmise that Schiano ordered him to do this after Graham’s big first half

    And everyone yawns about this.

    Where are the suspensions?!

  3. Drew Brees always seems to be whining about something, did he not forget the NFL rolled out the red carpet for his lone Super Bowl appearance while his defense had a bounty system in place that resulted in punishment by the league?

    Tom Brady rarely if ever complains, he stole Justin Beiber’s haircut for a solid season and didn’t care how ridiculous he looked, he takes whatever the Pats give him in terms of weapons, which this year doesn’t look like a whole lot and just gets the job done. He’s a winner not a whiner. Drew Brees should be taking notes.

  4. “So, obviously $100,000 is a pretty hefty fine. And I’m sure if it continues to happen it will be even greater punishment than that.’’

    It sounds like if Goldson’s punishment DOESN’T increase the next time, then SOMEONE is gonna demand a SOMETHING-or-other.

  5. Players like Goldson will change if and only when they are suspended for a game or two.

    He sounds about as likable as the late Jack Tatum.

  6. Why does any member of the media act like they would expect Brady to say anything else ?

    Belichick, Brady and the Pats as a whole never say negative things about their opponent of the week.

    They could be playing an 0-15 team and they would talk them up like they were the first seed in the playoffs.

  7. Ask Bill and Tom about anybody they’re playing next week and they turn them into a hall of famer even if it’s the field goal holder.

    It’s showing respect for your opponent, but it gets amusing sometimes.

  8. You gotta love the way Tommy pulls his skirt on for Goldson. I’m sure he didn’t check with his receivers before heaping praise on this visions character.

  9. Does anyone see the natural move of an offensive player to duck his head prior to the impact, so if a defensive player is going for the chest by virtue of this move the helmet to helmet occurs. It is a two way street!

  10. Brady can speak highly of Goldsons actions because he’ll never have to worry about being on the wrong side of one of his hits. Even I know Goodell will never stand for anyone doing anything to Tommy.

  11. Brady is still a 49er fan at heart. Once a Niner fan always a Niner fan that’s just the way it is. Rodgers is also.

  12. This is why Drew Brees can’t pull of the Wrangler commercials. It’s really hilarious to watch him on those when they probably filmed the Favre commercial in his back yard literally.

  13. I agree with Brady. Play the game as aggressively as you can and pay the nickel and dime crap when it comes along. I’d rather the opposing teams have fear in their hearts when going out for a pass. Be prepared to get hurt, and the fine is my problem, but the pain and risk to your career is YOUR problem. There’s no relevance to worry about if it’s a good choice for Goldson or not.

  14. Drew, he had two legal hits with the shoulder in week one, and Sproles ducks his head into the collision on week 2. We’ll see you later this year, and Dashon and Mark Barron will be back there waiting to lay the wood. As a QB I know you whole heartedly embrace the move to flag football, but the rest of us like watching a man’s sport.

    Take up croquet if you don’t like hitting.

  15. I wonder what Brady will think of him when he blows out Gronks knee with the 1st suicide bullet pass he throws up the seam!

  16. Dashon Goldson and Adrian Clayborn are sorry that Darren Sproles and Drew Brees have a Napoleon complex.

    If it wasn’t for those two shorties’ skulls being so close to the ground, the Bucs would’ve had a change of possession in two plays.

  17. I have zero sympathy for someone who defended and enabled teammates and coaches who ran a bounty system. Don’t run from the bed you made.

  18. Brady’s not going to say anything to provoke or inspire a guy he has to play Sunday.

    Don’t you think Brady’s a little past that so called bulletin board stuff. Frankly I think it’s about the most overrated fluff sports reporters can’t seem to spend a day without bringing it up.

    I doubt Brady even considered it.

  19. “Bring the wood”? Surely you jest. You did see how Graham & Colston abused your hard hitting safeties. Comical.

  20. Imagine how much Bree’s would cry if they had lost, (which they should have , VJ 73 yard TD called back and worst of all phantom call on Clayborn where Moleman fumbled inside the 20

  21. Fine Sproles for dropping his head bracing for a tackle. Defenders don’t have eyes on their shoulder pads.

    At the end of the day. Don’t make the tackle = lose your job. Make the tackle = get fined. Answer is pretty easy here. One will put a little less food on your table, the other won’t put food on your table at all.

    You won’t stop these hits with dumb fines. And they will continue to happen when offensive players duck their heads.

  22. Funny thing is our defense scored as many TDs as the Saints offense. And Mike Williams, the WR, knocked out one of their CBs for the year. Saints are as butter soft as ever.

    But anyways whats the point in engaging in a conversation about dirty, illegal hits with Saints fans? There isn’t a fan base who knows more about that, so they know them when they see them.

  23. Funny.

    Drew Brees said nothing when Vacarro, took a cheap shot against Ryan. And Vacarro is clearly that type of player… He said so himself.

    But Goldson is wrong? That’s hypocritical.

    Not to mention the whole bounty thing. But I guess the rules don’t really apply to his team mates.

  24. wearethesteelers says:
    Sep 18, 2013 5:41 PM
    Meanwhile, Ben is hard at work, preparing for number seven.


    Thanks for the laugh buddy. He has a good long time to prepare until the next time they are relevant.

  25. Your kidding me right? All of you guys out there who love football are obviously are being brain washed so to speak by the NFL policies. You wear that equipment for a reason. Ahmad black is probably six foot so him trying to lay into a monster like Graham to to make him drop the ball is a football move that is now frowned upon. Ronnie lotts legacy enough said

  26. mlucashood says:
    Sep 20, 2013 1:35 PM
    Does Brees really have any room to talk when his coach was suspended last year for the Bounties their Team put on players..WHAT A HYPOCRITE….
    Nope, its just you being jealous lol

  27. I love how all these defensive players are getting the penalties and the fines, yet didn’t they make a rule that if in the open field, you can’t lower and lead with your helmet? Starks did that constantly against the Redskins last week, and a lot of teams are getting away with it right now. I would love for the refs and the league to abide by the rule they were placing to “make the game safer” because it’s definitely the offensive player at fault for dropping their head down to brace for the hit or to try to run through a tackle. Goldson should appeal the fine and hit the NFL with some knowledge, or put a hit on Goodell and the NFL bigwigs, and let them answer for their boneheaded rules that aren’t being followed by the offensive players. Allow it to be an Offensive and Defensive League… not this crybaby offensive bs you guys have made it to be

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