Browns insist they’re not giving up on the season

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Hours after trading away the player who may be their best young talent for a 2014 first-round draft pick, the Cleveland Browns’ decision makers insisted that they’re not giving up on this season.

Instead, Browns CEO Joe Banner and coach Rob Chudzinski both said they’re working on building a winning team, starting this season. When Banner was asked about a perception among Cleveland fans that the Browns are giving up on this season by trading Trent Richardson, he answered, “That’s not the case.”

“We’re going to continue to play hard and do everything we can to win every week,” Banner said.

Chudzinski said he believes in the group of guys he has in the locker room and that they’ll do what they have to do to win.

“We’ll have the same expectations, we’ll have the same goals, and we’re going to do everything we can to win every week. Nothing has changed from that standpoint,” Chudzinski said.

The reality, however, is that the Browns are 0-2, and they just gave up a starter now for a draft pick in the future. That means they’re thinking more about the future than they are about the present. If the Browns use the Colts’ 2014 first-round draft pick to select a player who helps them win a Super Bowl some day, this trade will look good.

But if that happens, that day is a long day off. This season, the Browns are a bad team that just got worse.

142 responses to “Browns insist they’re not giving up on the season

  1. I have ZERO faith in Banner and Lombardi they’re just awful. Look at this years draft class, outside of Mingo who is going to be good? And the jury is still out on Mingo.

  2. Banner lies with the best of them. The Browns suck, Weeden isn’t the answer and this is a QB rich draft. Hello Joe, you aren’t that smart and we aren’t that dumb. By the way do you think the beard makes all 5’4″ look tough? Nice try but your still a dweeb.

  3. How long till Cleveland fans start burning Joe Banner and Rob Chudzinski effigies in the stadium parking lot?

  4. The Browns make you count your lucky stars if you root for a team that is competently ran. Year after year the faces change, but nobody knowing what they’re doing stays the exact same.

  5. All I know is that Richardson’s career game so far came in a 7-6 Browns win over the Chargers last October 28th. He looked pretty good but we also had NORV. Now the Browns have NORV and have averaged 8 points a game. I’m almost rooting against Richardson having a decent season this year because I feel so bad for fans of the Cleveland Browns.

  6. BTW, when a team fire sales like this it lasts for a few years. The Bucs had a fluky good season in 10′ against a weak schedule, but 09 and 11′ almost made me root for another team.

  7. Spending a high 1st rounder on a RB was the first dumb move… this… well yeah, they weren’t going to be good anyway and they can find a new RB easy enough. Maybe they’ll find their QB and some O line help in the 1st round next year…

    Feel bad for any Browns fan, but maybe gutting the team is a start of something better. Suck for few years and build a young core of talent.

  8. I’m trying to imagine the looks on the faces of the Browns fans who are staring into their closets at their Weeden and Richardson jerseys.

  9. Man…I feel for Brown’s fans. Just when they start to amass young talent. They make a horrible coach hire and now this.
    In 2 years when they fire Chud, they will be stockpiled with young talent on the positive.

  10. Couldn’t they have at least traded Richardson to a team that will ikely miss the playoffs? This pick looks like a 20-24 pick to me. Did they even try calling the Rams, Cardinals, Panthers, or Jets?

  11. Richardson has plenty of talent, but i will say he hasnt looked like the next great running back, despite the fact that the browns have one of the better offensive lines in football. next years draft is stacked, and a first round pick is about the right price for him, but the browns dont seem to understand that all the first round picks in the world wont make your team better unless you can develop them. the browns havent been able to develop their picks. on a side note, if they use this pick or their other 1st rounder to draft manziel, im done rooting for this team forever.

  12. Browns fan here. I’ve watched every one of Trent’s snaps since he came into the league. I know he was injured last year, but even this year, he stuttersteps in the hole. I didn’t see a dominant back, so this trade doesn’t bother me that much. (McGahee couldn’t be much worse than what Trent was doing.)

    I would have preferred to get a 1st + 6th or 7th for him though, given his draft status and the fact that he’s got a year of NFL experience under his belt.

  13. “But if anyone out there can play QB or RB give us a call.”

    We do not know how this trade will turn out until we see what they do with the extra first rounder. It’s going to have to be a pretty good player.

  14. Ahhhh, if only for a few minutes, us JAGS fans are not the butt of the joke.

    Sorry Browns Fans, don’t care what the leadership says. When you are going to your 3rd string QB to start and trade away one of your top offensive weapons you are shipping it in.

    Hopefully, you can pull a few upsets this season. Good Luck.

  15. There’s always being champions of the all important “Salary Cap Bowl” that Joe Banner has always desired.

  16. I hope the Colts make the playoffs this year and Cleveland only gets the 27th pick next year. Serve them right for doing something so stupid.

  17. As a Brown’s fan, this does not upset me as much as I would expect. They were not using Trent in a way to exploit his talents. Assuming front office remains stable and coaching also for the next few years, I have no issue with them cleaning house. With no QB Richardson was unlikely to work much magic with opposing teams concentrating on stopping him. I will admit also that it was not like Richardson was lighting up the world though the fault of this is not all on him….

  18. Johnny, Teddy or Javedeon will surely be selected by them now. It’s a smart play as trading for Trent after 2013 would maybe get them a 2nd, not a 1st. This is the new regime making moves for the future. Don’t be surprised if you see Weeden gone for a 2nd by the end of the year.

  19. FML. Well, I guess THIS is why Browns fans always panic after week 2…

    Congrats, we wanted a change and we got it.

  20. This is how you flop a season 101. No way Browns fans should pay any money to see the product they will be putting out there. Trade last year’s 3rd overall pick for a 1st round pick next year. The happiest two people in the NFL have to be Andrew Luck and Trent Richardson.

  21. I may be in minority, but good riddance to T Rich. He is soft and will be banged up his entire career. Jim Brown was absolutely right when he called him an “ordinary back”. 2 first round picks in 2014 will go a lot farther in turning this train wreck of a team around than one average back who dances around behind a crappy offensive line.

  22. With the first pick in the 2014 NFL Draft the Cleveland Browns select DE Jadeveon Clowney. It’s a brilliant move if you land Clowney. We watched runningbacks fall further in the draft this past year. If you can get an Eddie Lacey type back or a Monte Ball in the late second round next year, pick up an additional 1st round pick as well….. Lets face it the Browns are NOT going anywhere anyway. So there GM looks like the biggest idiot this year and turns around makes the playoffs next year and is considered a genius from coming from nowhere…

  23. Trading Richardson isn’t giving up on the 2013 season, that happened before week 1. It’s giving up on the 2014 season, too. You can’t build a team in one draft even with two first-rounders.

  24. They have to have given up on the season, why would you trade Richardson now??? When the Dolphins played them the 1st week, Weedon was terrible, and Richardson ran for 45yds. Now both those guys are out, and you send Richardson to the Colts. What a looser bunch in Cleveland. Maybe you won’t be worse than Jacksonville, so they get the QB. Perhaps have a competition as to is the worst team starting Sunday, Cleveland or Jaguars.
    Peyton has to be thrilled because he needs a running back, and Richardson must think all his Christmasses have come in one.

  25. Thank you Browns Mgmt for calling us all stupid. Lots of contending teams trade their starters for future draft picks. I honestly do feel sorry for the Browns fans.

  26. Richardson has done nothing to show me he will be anything more than average (and possibly worse). To me getting a first for him then turning around and signing McGahee is a huge win. Now if only they had a qb they might actually win some games

  27. Hate to sound like a homer but with the Colts now having the top QB, the top RB and the top TE from last years draft along with T.Y? Hilton, I feel pretty good about where the Colts offense is at.

  28. Let’s hear from all the Colts fans who, yesterday, would have said Richardson is a terrible back but who, today, think they just landed the best back in the league 🙂

  29. I don’t see a single person pointing this out…. he was a FIRST ROUND DRAFT PICK.

    You tend to draft players in the first round you consider to be the most valuable and sought after.

    Would the Browns still have drafted him with a first round pick if they had to do it all over? Of course not. If Richardson had lived up to being a first round pick the franchise would’ve never gotten rid of him.

    Which raises question #2. Would the Colts had given up next years first for a player who’s clearly not a first round pick if they hadn’t just lost a starting RB for the season.

    I say the Browns made out like bandits on this deal and the Colts are now being exposed as a team who greatly overperformed last year.

    Throwing away a season that already had potential garbage written on it in an attempt to become better in the immediate future sounds like something far closer to being committed to winning to anything I’ve ever heard coming from the Browns franchise.

  30. Of course the Browns aren’t giving up on the season! When it comes to offensive talent the Browns are like a cauldron of boiling water, spilling over the sides. They have more talent than they know what to do with…

  31. Channel 10 news in Miami tonight said Miami is in discussion with Cleveland about a trade after the Richardson trade was announced… Could it be Thomas? Miami needs a left tackle….

  32. “do you think the beard makes all 5’4″ look tough? ”

    Are you 12? A short guy grows a beard, and he’s trying to look tough. If he’s 6’4″ and grows a beard, is he trying to look like Abe Lincoln?

  33. This suggests that Weeden’s injury is much more serious than they’re letting on. There’s no reason to start trading away players like Richardson this early in the season, unless you’ve already lost other key starters and your season is already headed down the drain.

  34. They haven’t given up in the past either. They are just bad and have NO players. TR won’t be missed because he wasn’t going to be making a difference anyway.

  35. So maybe I’m just justifying the move here, but who is the best running back in the league? Probably Peterson. And the Vikings suck almost as bad as the Browns. Other great running backs – Spiller, C. Johnson, LeSean McCoy, Jamaal Charles – similarly headline terrible offenses.

    The point is great running backs don’t make great offenses.

    So I’m still skeptical of this move, but I’ll credit the front office with this: no Browns front office has made a move this ballsy in 20 years. And its been about that long since we’ve had a team to be proud of. In other words: this is so crazy it just might work.

  36. This sends a clear message to the Browns defense that they might as well stop trying now also. Otherwise, they might have had to wait a few more weeks before becoming thoroughly discouraged and counting down to the end of the season. At least they know early now.

  37. Well then… Miami needs to offer Cleveland a pick for Joe Thomas or Joe Haden. You know before this sale is over.

  38. As a 49ers fan and speaking from experience, this is a heck of a move for the browns. You can find a RB late in drafts but you can’t find a franchise QB unless you get lucky.just be patient and just wait to see. I see good things in the near future.

  39. The Browns just saved my Jags from being featured relentlessly in the monologues of late night talk show hosts.

  40. Seems to me the Browns got the better end of this deal. They made a big mistake taking Richardson with the 3rd overall pick. He just hasn’t shown ANYTHING to indicate he’s that talented. This was an opportunity to recoup a first round pick. They now have 2 first rounders in ’14, which could speed up their rebuilding effort considerably. Losing Richardson won’t impact this season very much, anyway. McGahee is a serviceable back (unless a knee blows out again). With or without Richardson, the Browns and Jaguars will battle for the honor of worst team in the league. The Colts hit the panic button and gave up a first round pick for an average running back. Browns are the definite winner here.

  41. Generally, I would find this funny. But, having suffered through a decade+ of Joe “Nickles” Banner’s antics, you Browns fans really have my sympathy. Good luck.

  42. I see the boys at the Factory of Sadness put in a little overtime today…..

    Question I have is, why not play out the season, if they stink, they still get a shot at a QB.

    If mediocre, they could’ve packaged up their #1 and ’15 #1, to go up and get the QB they coveted.

    Now they’ve got no rb, and an unmotivated group of QBs. Put plenty of draft picks, despite a poor record by the GM of drafting selections.
    This was stupid beyond belief, even for the Browns.

  43. A move like this early in the season might just force a lottery system for the top picks. Other than a personl problem that hasn’t been disclosed, this reeks of setting up the 2014 draft while tanking on purpose. No other reason to trade your young RB AND starting Brian Hoyer in the same week. Seems as if they arn’t even trying to hide the checking out for the year.

  44. Mike Lombardi is the man!!!

    He and joe banner conned ryan Grigson for a first rd pick!!!

    T-Rich is Vick Ballard with more strength and carries.

    Now use those 2014 picks on anything but defense! I like Mingo, but you can score on defense while having a do-nothing offense??

  45. I know how lame it sounds, but seriously, what was the guy supposed to say?

    And, you know, one could argue that taking your 3-13 calibre team and making it a 1-15 calibre team is hardly throwing in the towel. They never really had a towel in the first place.

  46. I don’t get it. There’s plenty of QB talent that assuming they mostly all declare for the draft will make it a good bet the Browns can have a choice amongst them, and if you’re gonna start a rookie, having a RB who can take the pressure off and is a reliable pass catcher seems a no brainer. There is no first round rated RB in the 2014 draft, so I’ll guess the Browns draft Boyd at QB top 4, Jordan Matthews at WR with Colts pick, and RB De’Anthony Thomas with the 2nd round pick.

  47. I keep reading that the Browns are re-building. Doesn’t that imply that they were good at some point in time. I have never seen a franchise have a 15 year plan that still looked like it had another 5 to go.


  48. This is no surprise, Norv wants a qb and a wide out. he will always find good running backs but he is obsessed with rebuilding what he had in dallas. a pocket passer a deep threat receiver a pass catching tight end. look for his trademark run to set up the bootleg system. it works when you have all the pieces.

  49. At first glance it looks like the Browns are giving up on their season but…not so fast my friend.

    Emmitt Smith and Terrell Davis are the only two running backs to lead the NFL in rushing and win a Super Bowl in the same year. Only Smith was a first rounder and he was chosen 17th.

    Cap wise this stings but reality is that TR was only going to help a team that has a QB and some semblance of an offense.

  50. The Browns have put themselves under tremendous pressure by trading TR. They have needs at so many positions that having the number one pick next year won’t be a huge help, it could actually be a hindrance – imagine the scenario where they have the option of Clowney but choose a QB instead ? Horrible. I feel for their fans, they’ve been shagged again.

  51. We traded a guy averaging 50 yards per game for a possibility of a future. This offense is pathetic and it doesn’t matter what round we drafted Richardson in, we’re not where we need to be. Doing something is better than hoping. New regime, new agenda… It gonna be a tough season but I support the move.

  52. Where is bud selig when you need him to talk retractions. The browns and jaguars should be moved or dispanded. Well cleveland has a fan base but that team needs to be renamed. I swear it just seems cursed or something. How cany one team be so bad for so long. Also how do draft so many busts. You get the best draft spots but never inprove.

  53. Wow as a long tome life time Eagles fan, we hate Joe Banner !! He is great at winning the cap war but will never help a team win the Superbowl. Next he is going to exclaim that the Browns spend all the money allowed under the NFL cap, then when you delve into the facts you will find he does spend all the money under the cap but it all back loaded which means you will never have enough to talent now to win!! This will happen over and over again and the coaches will take the fall and the Browns will never win !!!!

  54. teams draft for the long term and sell tickets for the short term. nice work browns on screwing over your fan base for the “future”. like (god help me here) al davis said, just win, baby!

  55. the Browns 0-2 and going no where i see it as get something for trent now b4 he gets injured sets up the future with draft picks and buiding from the ground up..say he has another good season next 4-5 years and still losing cus of no QB and and a mediorce OL ..this way they can keep trying win these games there by no means out of it and they already have 2 1srt round picks in there pocket for next season..lets face it they lost last season with trent and were 0 – 2 so far ..i do think the colts basically went all in for this year and if they dont win a super bowl this season it makes the browns look like a genius…dont get me wrong the colts are way better now making that move and just may get over that hump but the browns DID NOT GIVE HIM AWAY ..they got 1st rounder!! oh and im not browns or colts fan but i follow the sport grew up with it like lots of us

  56. I can only imagine an scenario where lombardi is sitting in front of his old pc counting the seconds for the 2014 draft and hearing voices inside his head “let’s play dead for Tedd” while in the same time his Brain cells tell him “Johnny be good” and ready to blow the pick.
    I wouldn’t be shocked one bit, this is Lombardi we are talking about.

    Some where Thomas and Haden are shaking their heads.

  57. How is trading your best player NOT giving up on the season? The Browns are basically saying there is no difference between 3-13 and 6-10. Clearly they are planning for the future at the expense of the present. That by definition IS giving up on the season.

  58. I am also not giving up on the season, just don’t take that I am not going to a game, not listening or watching on tv, not buying any gear, not looking at any NFL page (other than draft boards) as evidence that I gave up. That is baseless.
    Ok, maybe Ill watch the battle for Bridgewater AND hope Jacksonville will win that.

  59. Sure they are not. They just wasted their past few draft picks on personnel they are discarding.

    I feel bad for Browns fans, they never get a break.

    Well they did, but then the Brown trade him for a bottom 5 draft pick.

  60. This is awesome. Just like when I used to play MADDEN, blow up the bad team and start over. We’ll see how it works in real life now.

  61. I think we should change the name of the Browns because it offends me. I realize the team was named after Paul Brown, but regardless, as someone who tans well…

  62. I think this really tells you how bad the Brown’s offensive live is and just how good the University of Alabama’s line was. A running back can’t run with a bad line especially when everyone knows your going to run (since they don’t have any real threats just yet).

  63. Got to feel bad for Browns fans, but were they ever really trying? They’ll probably just move the team like Art did.

  64. Looks bad for the Browns for this season. But in late April, Browns fans will be very happy with Bridgewater or Boyd as their QB of the future and a new runningback (probably the kid from Baylor).

    Then, they can use their 2nd and 3rd round picks on upgrading their wide receiver corps and secondary.

    I’m a Steeler fan and I hate to say it but their set up nicely for 2014 and beyond.

  65. What is management supposed to say here? Yes we are quitting for the season? This is like the Nick Saban lie about not being the next Alabama coach while he’s still the coach of the Dolphins. It’s a situation that you simply can’t be truthful with. You can’t tell the players & the season ticket holders that you are purposefully tanking the season. It’s obvious but you still can’t say it if you are Cleveland Browns management.

  66. Yea…anyone believe Jimmy Haslam?

    Jimmy does not have a good record when it comes to telling the truth…Pilot Flying J ring a bell?

    Joe Banner…he has a history and it won’t go away…the Philly fans got so tired of Banner’s lies that he became the most hated man in Philly.

    Banner’s double talking does not fool anyone in Cleveland…the man is a liar.

    The Browns owner, who is in hiding (take notice)…lies to the Browns fans every time he says he did not give up on this team…

    Joe Banner, who is a borderline mental case with terrible ego issues, is the most artful liar Browns fans have ever seen.

    Chudzinski…what a disappointment he is…as a man, as the leader of the team, as a head coach. Chud comes out of this looking rather spineless and weak, not willing to stand up for his players.

    At least the players know what they have as a HC now and the Browns fans can now stay home, knowing management is going to be doing all they can to see that the team loses as many games as management wants.

    There is NO REASON for Browns fans fill the seats to watch the mess that Joe Banner creating.

  67. Damn right the Browns head coach and amature management team have given up on the season.

    The players know it too, as does the rest of the coaching staff.

    If there is one thing Browns fans should have learned from Haslam, Banner and Mike Lombari…if their mouth is moving, they are lying.

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