Colts load up the cannon in effort to become elite again


Last year, the Colts looked to be hatching the NFL’s first ever Quintuplets, via the presence and solid performances of five rookie skill-position players.

This year, two of the five are done for the year, but a new Ringo has been added to form a Fab Four that could propel the Colts back to the AFC’s elite.

With running back Vick Ballard (ACL) and tight end Dwayne Allen (hip) both lost for the season, running back Trent Richardson has arrived with a mega-boom, giving the Colts two of the top three picks from the 2012 draft and creating a pick-your-poison run-pass proposition for opposing defenses, via quarterback Andrew Luck throwing to 2012 rookies T.Y. Hilton and Coby Fleener.   Owner Jim Irsay has demanded better protection for quarterback Andrew Luck, and there aren’t many more effective ways to keep the quarterback clean than to have a strong running game that will set up play-action passes.

Some would say that veteran running Ahmad Bradshaw is every bit as good as Richardson, but Richardson is younger, has more tread on the tires, and has performed well last year in Cleveland despite a largely lackluster passing attack.

It’s a move for the Colts that has plenty of risk, but also plenty of potential rewards.  Far cheaper from a trade compensation standpoint than the deal that brought running back Herschel Walker to Minnesota in 1989 and far less costly from a player compensation standpoint due to the rookie wage scale, the Colts surrendered what could be a low first-round draft pick in order to give Luck his very own Edgerrin James.

Of course, James was gone by the time Peyton Manning’s Colts won the Super Bowl.  But Richardson could help propel the Colts back toward the status that seemed to be presumed after 2012, but that seemed more than a little shaky after the first two weeks of the 2013 season.

If it works, the Colts will look to be geniuses.  If it doesn’t, it’ll be hard to fault them for trying to swing for the fences.

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  1. Lets be honest here. Ahmad Bradshaw is a solid back and a good pass blocker, but he’s not Trent Richardson. Richardson was the 3rd overall pick because of his explosive power, burst, balance, and vision, and now that he has a competent QB to take some pressure off of him, he will have a chance to show what he can truly do in the NFL.

    He’s on my fantasy team too, and I definitely think he’s only going to get better.

  2. Actually don’t hate this trade for either team. Cleveland was dumb last year to take an RB at #3 overall but that’s done with. Trading him for a first rd pick is smart because RBs can be found much later in the draft & they have many more pressing needs.

  3. “With running back Vick Ballard (ACL) and tight end Dwayne Allen (hip) both lost for the season, running back Trent Richardson has arrived with a mega-boom, giving the Colts the top two picks from the 2012 draft”

    2 of the top 3, actually

  4. Not worth a 1st rounder. Most RBs aren’t. When the Colt fans are looking to get better then their competition and they don’t have a 1st rounder they will have regrets. The best teams don’t trade away top picks, especially not for a RB. That is where you get your great big guys that are the real difference maker. They still need a some big guys on both sides of the line and those become harder to come by outside the first round. Also Wayne isn’t get any younger and they don’t have much beyond Ty Hilton.

    Its a flashy move that makes the fan base happy but Richardson hasn’t been all that great. You can find a gem on someone’s practice squad, you don’t have to give up a 1st rounder.

  5. the browns made out like bandits. they get a first rounder for what will likely become a moderate draft bust. he probably will run well for a few years but he won’t last and he was certainly overdrafted at 3 overall

  6. Richardson is no Herschel Walker. I feel like the Browns fleeced the Colts and got back a first round picked they wasted last year. Richardson will be the Colts Brandon Jacobs. Desperate move by the Colts. Richardson played on a team with a weak passing game but a good offensive line. Now, strong passing game but weak line for a rushing attack.

  7. Chris Johnson ran for 4.0 yards per carry in 2010, while facing 8-9 in the box every down and playing with an awful set of coaches, QB’s, and Offensive Linemen. Everyone ripped him for it. Trent Richardson averages 3.5 yards per carry for his NFL career, and people think the Colts got a steal by giving up a 1st round pick for him. Shonn Greene, Montario Hardesty, and Jalen Parmele were among the RBs who gained more yards per carry than Richardson last season. All 3 had lousy QB/OL situations, but still managed to outproduce Richardson. And Hardesty managed to produce 20% more yards per carry than Richardson ON THE SAME EXACT TEAM! I guess that makes Hardesty worthy of two 1st round picks? What are you people smoking?

  8. Didn’t Jim Brown say that Richardson was nothing special when the Browns gave up all those picks to Minnesota to move up one slot in the 2012 draft?
    So far, Jim Brown was right.

  9. The Legion of Boom arrives for a visit in 3 weeks. We’ll all know after that game if the Colts can be relevant.


  10. This only works if the Colts have the O line to establish a run game, which they don’t. This move doesn’t help either team and I feel sorry for the Browns fans.

  11. I’m a huge TR fan and sad to say a Browns/GB fan. I find it hard to go for the Browns so I’m done with them. Some day someone will figure out their personnel. Until then go GB/Colts! I’ll be able to watch 2 Bama backs now

  12. Management is doing it’s best to delay Andrew Lucks ascension. Using two high picks on mediocre TEs, trading a 2nd rounder for Vontae Davis and now losing a 1st for a decent RB? Trying to win now has guaranteed them a middle of the road roster

  13. I think it works. It just seems to fit to well.

    It’s a scheme based almost solely on his style of running with a QB that will be DEADLY with a legit play action game. Wayne, Hilton, Fleener and Richardson are are a lot of toys to use for ole Pep.

    Hell DHB might even get open on a go route in this offense!

  14. People are missing the big picture on this…… What is the NFL going to do now with the NFL fantasy commercial where the fan is on trent’s shoulders? deleting that part out would be plain rude!

  15. And the Browns will likely get a late first round pick in 2014. Down at least 20 places from the #3 they used on Richardson.

    With Banner and Lombardi running the show, will the Browns ever escape the cellar?

  16. It’s all too easy to fault them for giving a first round pick for a running back who takes a lot of hits and rushed for 950 yards. All across America agents will be talking up mediocre prospects in the hopes of a paycheck. Unfortunately the Colts don’t have that many draft picks annually.

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