Gronk says he has progressed “big time”


During his Wednesday press conference, Patriots coach Bill Belichick was asked how tight end Rob Gronkowski looks this week.

“We haven’t practiced today. We’ve just been sitting in meetings; he looked great sitting in the meeting,” Belichick said.

When Gronkowski met with the media later in the day, his thoughts on how he looked in the meeting was not a topic for discussion. How he was feeling was a much bigger issue and Ben Volin of the Boston Globe reports that Gronkowski said he has progressed “big time” and that his condition has improved “significantly since last week.”

There won’t be any specific idea about Gronkowski’s chances of playing until later in the week when the Patriots submit their final injury report for the game against the Buccaneers. PFT reported Tuesday that Gronkowski was closer to doubtful than questionable for the week, which is slightly less optimistic than Ed Werder of ESPN’s report that Gronkowski’s chances of playing are at 50-50 right now.

The Patriots have obviously missed Gronkowski in the first two weeks, which is all the more reason to be sure he’s ready to play because any step backward would likely keep him out for a much bigger chunk of the season than anyone would like.

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  1. “We haven’t practiced today. We’ve just been sitting in meetings; he looked great sitting in the meeting,” Belichick said.

    Classic Belichick, who learned from perhaps the best when it comes to dealing with the press, Bill Parcells.

  2. jimmyt

    is it fun watching your first year of football? Pretty neat huh? Falcons. Bengals, Saints, Dolphins twice, Steelers, Broncos, Ravens, Texans. 9 of 16 formidable opponents doesn’t seem easy to me.

    Either way, it’s always special to see a new fan watch the NFL for their first time.

  3. jimmyt says:
    Sep 18, 2013 1:55 PM
    Has any team (other than the Patriots almost annually) ever had a softer schedule?


    Come on dude, you’re seriously going to pull that card? Lets see… Atlanta, New Orleans, Houston, Denver, Baltimore, Cincinnati, a much improved Miami, Cleveland and Buffalo. The schedule crap gets old real quick. Oh and the year before wasn’t any easier, with San Fran, Seattle, Houston, Baltimore, Denver and an improved St Louis team.

  4. Whenever I see comments about a soft schedule, my first thought is another fan who has no knowledge on how the NFL schedule is set up.

    The NFL opponents are set several years in advance as we already know what divisions the Patriots will play next season NFCN & AFCW and the other two games will be depending on where the Patriots finish this season. Based on LY the two opponents are the other first place teams , Houston & Denver.

    It would be great if people would not make fools of themselves making dumb statements.

    haters, carry on with more dumb comments.

  5. he looked great sitting in the meeting,”

    Lol that’s gotta go into the classics file.

  6. Pats will struggle against TB this week, and if they lose, experts will predict the sky is falling. TB shut down Drew Brees last week, and we know the NE offense is nowhere near that of NO.
    Another Buc loss and they’re done. They’ll come out to hit this week. Should be interesting.

  7. I would love it if the Pats could list him on the injury report with a designation of “progressed, big time”. 😀

  8. Tampa bay is going to be a tough out for sure. The point about how they shutdown the Saints last week is certainly valid, but also keep in mind they see the saints a lot and have good game plans in place for defending against their schemes and personnel, for the most part.

    Similar to the Jets when they face the patriots, they do well in slowing down their rival because of how familiar they are with them and how much prep they do in the offseason hoping to defeat their biggest opponent twice a yr.

    I believe the bucs will give the pats O trouble but they’ll score at least 21 this week

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