Josh Gordon’s return leads to Greg Little’s demotion


Brian Hoyer will be starting for the Browns this week.

Greg Little won’t be. Multiple Browns beat writers report that head coach Rob Chudzinski announced Wednesday that Little will not start at wide receiver for the Browns against the Vikings on Sunday. Josh Gordon is back from suspension and will start with Davone Bess.

Little has been targeted frequently through the first two weeks, but has just eight catches for 59 yards to show for it. Part of the reason why he hasn’t made more of the opportunities is because his issue with dropping the ball has reared its ugly head once again. According to ESPN Stats and Information, Little had seven drops on 85 passes thrown his was last season and he’s had 18 over the last two years.

Little’s still likely to see a fair amount of time, so he’ll get chances to show that he can be a reliable receiver for the team over the long haul. If he can’t, the Browns will probably make finding someone who is a priority for the offseason.

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  1. Cleveland fans, would you still take defensive tackle Phil Taylor , Greg Little , fullback Owen Marecic (now a Niner) and quarterback Brandon Weeden for Julio Jones?
    Not trying to be a smart ass, just wondering how fans feel about this trade as Julio looks like a perennial all-pro while Little and Weeden struggle with Taylor basically being the most solid player and biggest plus for the Browns so far.

  2. Bobulated – excellent point. As a Browns fan who is loving what our defense is doing so far, I think it’s obvious to ANYONE that that trade was a bad move in hindsight, Taylor or not.

  3. That’s it, making finding a WR a priority in the offseason. That will take you out of the slums of the NFL. Instead, why don’t you make passing on everyone except a “sure thing” WR a priority, instead of reaching on “potential” guys like Little and Robiskie in the second round. Little’s a bum, and he needs to be shown the door.

    Gordon though, he is the real deal if he can stay on the field.

  4. “demotion”?
    Because he’s not on the field for the first snap?
    They need to bench him for the entire game and make it very clear to him and everyone else why he’s not playing. The Browns player’s mantra is becoming “we’ve got to do better” but it’s not happening. And the most frustrating part of it is, this is not only acceptable to the coaches, but they’re saying it too! This team has no clue as to how to become a winner.

  5. The negatives of Little- can’t catch a ball unless you throw to him more than Cutler does BM

    The pros for Little- He’s always healthy cause he can’t catch nothing.

  6. @bobulated:

    If the Browns forego the trade and pick up Julio Jones, they would have had Colt McCoy throwing it to him. That’s not ideal, and somehow I doubt that he would have flourished the same way he has with Matt Ryan throwing it to him lined up with Roddy White and Tony Gonzales.

    Phil Taylor is going to be an anchor for that defense for years to come. Weeden was, in retrospect, not the best choice considering Russell Wilson, Nick Foles, and Kirk Cousins all came off the board two or more rounds later, but he was certainly an upgrade over what they had at the time.

    Greg Little hasn’t panned out. Someone forgot to take a look at his scouting report and find out that his hands have been chiseled out of granite and that his fingers do not bend.

  7. @dawgpoundjedi:

    You don’t make trades in hindsight. If you did, of course you wouldn’t make the trade if those names were on the table.


    Logical comments re: McCoy and Taylor. If you extend the discussion to the Mark Sanchez trade, you can add Alex Mack into that mix as well.

    Generally, when you are the team that is not one player away from contention, you do the trade to acquire the picks. You do it for Jones. You do it for Sanchez. You do it because it gives you your best chance of improving quickly, BUT YOU HAVE TO THEN DRAFT WELL, which we did not. The trade was good. How we dealt with it was bad.

  8. I forget who Little talked to last season that helped him turn the corner but he needs to have another conversation with that same person later on today. He has moments of brilliance but consistancy is becoming an issue again.

  9. The headline should read “Little’s Release”
    This guy dropped the pen 3 times when signing his contract. If he had caught those passes both games may have been different.

    The starters should be Gordon #1, Bess #2 and Cooper #3

  10. Why not make Greg Little a Cornerback? Seriously, his only positive attribute is that he can run fast and swat at balls without catching them. Sounds like a Cornerback to me!

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