Matt Light: I never said anything about Aaron Hernandez


In June, the Dayton Daily News quoted former Patriots offensive lineman Matt Light making critical comments about former teammate Aaron Hernandez. Those comments were picked up here at PFT and picked up by many other news outlets as well.

Now Light is claiming he never said anything about Hernandez at all. In an interview with 98.5 The Sports Hub, Light said he has no idea where the Dayton Daily News got that quote.

“I was in the woods for two weeks at that time working with young people through the foundation,” Light said. “Two weeks in the woods, none of that time involved talking to a reporter about that situation that played out earlier this year.”

Light said he had nothing to say about Hernandez before and nothing to say about Hernandez now.

“I don’t comment about that stuff and I never will,” Light said. “It’s not my place. But, uh, things do happen out there in the world of reporting, right?”

Light’s denial is odd, because in the Dayton Daily News piece, writer Tom Archdeacon says that he has known Light for a long time and that the two of them spoke face to face. And Archdeacon quotes Light speaking directly about Hernandez, saying, “I never talk about other guys, but I will say I have never embraced – never believed in – anything Aaron Hernandez stood for.”

Light isn’t claiming his words were misconstrued or twisted or taken out of context. He’s flatly saying he never said what Archdeacon quoted him as saying, and never said anything like it. I sent Archdeacon an email and left him a voicemail seeking his comment. So far I haven’t heard back. Maybe he’s in the woods for two weeks.

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  1. Let’s face it, when you work for an organization that has a strict “no comment” policy even a comment you may have made was actually no comment. The man has no choice but to say he never said it.

  2. Out of sight out of mind..Hernandez is languishing in jail.. if Light said it, so what, even if he is denying it.

  3. folkcrusader:

    Yes he has a choice. He could tell the truth and the full truth and give us his honest thoughts and opinions, as well as clear up exactly what he said and thought in the past. I just don’t respect Matt Light, or anybody associated with the Pats that has this kind of response.

  4. Just contact Jay Glazer regarding the quote. I’m sure he’d be more than willing to make up something that can be used.

    I mean, why not? He made up some stuff about Suh talking trash and stomping on people at practice, even though he’s never attended a Lions practice and no Lions player has spoken to him.

    But hey, no reason to not make up a story.

  5. In the woods? … wait a minute? …..


    Question Light NOW!

  6. You deny because you don’t want some gang banger wannabee looking for initiation.

    Only people who should be talking about very bad people are the very good people trying to take them down.

  7. ” I just don’t respect Matt Light, or anybody associated with the Pats that has this kind of response.”

    I’m sure Matt Light and the Patriots are just devastated that some random internet poster doesn’t respect them.

    Perhaps one day they can meet your lofty expectations.

    It’s interesting Light denies saying anything at all but in the end whatever comes from this will be pretty meaningless The Patriots have moved on from the Hernandez situation and Light is retired and seemingly enjoying his retirement.

  8. thestrategyexpert: Yes he has a choice. He could tell the truth and the full truth and give us his honest thoughts and opinions…

    He is telling you the truth-he never made a comment about Hernandez. As for his “honest thoughts and opinions”, he obviously feels that that is none of your business, or mine, and he’s right.

  9. 808raiderinparadise says:
    Sep 18, 2013 2:37 PM
    In the woods? … wait a minute? …..


    Question Light NOW!
    I’m a Pats fan and this is some funny ish. Well done,sir or ma’am!

    I agree with theChargers fan…this is plain curious. Light is a straightforward dude, can’t see him BSing. I agree with those posters who say it could be a ganbanger retribution thing. Or else he said it to the reporter with a strict or implied understanding it was off the record.

  10. azarkhan:

    No, that’s your belief, we don’t know if he’s telling the truth. From the entirety of his comments he doesn’t sound believable to me and that’s my opinion. And I think everybody’s opinions are their own business and nobody is forced or required to share them with others. So that notion is not in dispute and that doesn’t protect him from losing respect on this case issue.

    So it goes without saying that he doesn’t think it’s my business otherwise we’d have a lot of quotes from him, that much is already obvious. I just don’t like or agree with his approach of how to handle this situation as well as the Pats’ mngmt staff that I think has done an extremely poor job of handling this situation. And for that they deserve to lose respect and that’s my belief.

  11. Archdeacon is a well-respected reporter around these parts. No way he fabricated that. Sounds like Matt Light doesn’t want to be Aaron Hernandez’s next murder victim just in case Hernandez gets a clueless jury that acquits him.

    And hey, @whatnojets … like athletes are the bastions of truth? C’mon man.

  12. Maybe Matt Light borrowed some of Hernandez’s angel dust and doesn’t remember making the statements.

    Or, Matt Light is completely lying. One of the two.

  13. blitzdorsey1 says:
    Sep 18, 2013 3:01 PM

    And hey, @whatnojets … like athletes are the bastions of truth? C’mon man.

    Have you ever heard a complete, properly phased English sentence ever muttered by professional football player?

    I think not

  14. Light might have to go back in the woods to hole up for a few more weeks. Obviously something’s up for him to clear the air of that statement now. Just seems weird.

  15. I think everyone is missing the obvious here.

    whose the only man in NE scarier than AH? Mr. Belicheck of course.

    what’s the company line about AH? I have no comment.

    I have a feeling that Mr. Light had a nice little conversation with Bill and Bob and his memory changed real quick.

    read again what he said in the radio interview….. “I have no comment on Aaron Hernandez”. company line.

    Matt decided to have an independent thought and Bill quickly explained the error of his ways to him….

  16. Arch is a pretty well respected columnist more associated with other sports.

    The initial quote is not really all that inflamatory. I can’t even imagine that someone would remember it a couple months after it was said. He may have said it and may genuinely believe now that he didn’t.

    AH may have murdered several people. In the grand scheme of things who really cares about the specific verbiage someone used to distance himself from it.

  17. I don’t think light has any obligation to the Pats as he is retired. His words are his to be freely spoken these days.

  18. Why is he even addressing the point now?

    Rule number one of media relations, you don’t have to answer every question you’re asked. All you have to do is get out the message you want to get out.

    If he’s upset that he was misquoted, he should have been talking about it when it happened, not weeks later. If that is his beef all he’s done is drawn attention to a minimal anecdote that’s already been forgotten – which seems like a pretty dumb strategy to me.

  19. Blah blah who cares.

    The only Patriots news that matters is when Goodell will tell us how much Bob Kraft paid him to destroy the tapes.

    Why do people think a weak armed QB who can barely throw 2 yard curl routes is good? What has he won since Spygate?

  20. Why make comments only to retract them later? Probably because you feel like an idiot, or because your coach told you to keep your mouth zipped.

  21. Or maybe Archdeacon just doesn’t feel that he owes you an explanation. I know that sounds crazy, right?

  22. I swear some of the people who post know nothing about football. Matt light doesn’t work for the patriots, mr Kraft or bill for that matter cause he is retired. He doesn’t have to toe the company line as he works for no company. All those comments are Whitty and funny but are stupid cause they make no sense

  23. Matt Light had a stellar NFL career, winning three Super Bowls and named to a number of Pro Bowls. During his NFL career and after he has given his time and money to charitable causes. He was a fun guy during his time with the Patriots who was able to rag on Brady to keep Tom from getting too full of himself. He also was chosen by his teammates to be their spokesman when they honored Myra Kraft after her death. That’s not good enough for thestrategyexpert, who spends his time posting to NFL blogs but believes Light falls short of thestrategyexpert standards. In a word, that’s pathetic.

  24. Perhaps it was spoken to the reporter off-the -record and, reporters having little or no character, just decided to run with it anyway.

  25. newmarketmaulers:

    Well I’m an expert in a few varieties of strategy. One being insurance and business related strategies, but as far as anything that is applicable to this forum my particular expertise is in a comprehensive set of strategies that I feel are quite similar to the global set of strategies than an NFL GM has.

    More specifically as to how that relates to the GM role, I have extensive education/aptitude in the fields of Game Theory and Logic, and a scouting eye that has historically performed better than all of the most famous so-called “draft experts” or draftniks out there.

    Basically, I’m locked and wired in to all things strategy as they relate to football, baseball, business, politics, and insurance planning. Those are my top 5 specific subjects of interest and expertise.

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