NFL fines Kareem Jackson $42,000 for hit on Kendall Wright

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Bernard Pollard wasn’t the only safety fined $42,000 for a hit on a defensless receiver during Sunday’s Titans-Texans game.

Texans safety Kareem Jackson was also fined $42,000 for hitting Titans receiver Kendall Wright, according to John McClain of the Houston Chronicle. Jackson will appeal the fine.

Jackson was flagged for unnecessary roughness for his hit, which moved the Titans to the 10-yard line. The Titans scored a touchdown on their next play, so the penalty was costly to the team in addition to being costly to Jackson.

Pollard was not flagged for his hit on Texans receiver Andre Johnson. His fine makes clear that the league office thinks the officials should have flagged Pollard’s hit, just as Jackson’s fine serves as confirmation that the league office thinks the officials got that penalty right.

10 responses to “NFL fines Kareem Jackson $42,000 for hit on Kendall Wright

  1. Owen Daniels said he’s never seen a more blatant blow to the head than the one on Andre Johnson. Seriously? Forget about “never”, it wasn’t even the most blatant one in the same game.

    Pollard was coming in when Johnson was already tangled up with another defender and on his way down, when Pollard tried to lay a shoulder on the ball but ended up hitting the falling Johnson around the neck.

    Jackson was the FIRST guy to hit Wright, who was completely upright, and literally launched himself upwards to make initial contact with Wright up around the head.

    But sure, Owen. You go on believing that Pollard’s hit was the one that deserves all your self-righteous outrage.

  2. Why would any player want to play defense now in the NFL? If I’m a high school star with dreams of going to the NFL, I move to the offensive side of the ball. Sure, it’s more fun to hit than to be hit, but Roger is making it impossible for NFL defenses to exist.

  3. Forget the hit. Kareem should be fined for playin’ five yards off the receivers when he’s in man coverage…….

  4. Here is my problem with the League leveeing fines after the fact. If the Officials did not feel that a penalty was committed at the time and then the League reviews the film and determines that a fine is warranted, then why can’t they review and change blatant errors by the Officials that cost a team to lose a game because of that call or non-call? Just kidding, sorta. But give Goodell a few more years and we won’t know who actually won a game until the following Tuesday, for safety’s sake or because someone’s feelings might get hurt.

  5. those 2 hits were nothing even close. Kendall’s was clearly to the head, and Pollard hit Johnson with his shoulder, and Johnson hit the ground hard with his head resulting in the concussion. let’s just call it flag football and fine all hits.

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