Panthers secondary now a primary concern


If you live in the greater Charlotte area, and have ever played safety or cornerback, it might be worth buying a ticket to Sunday’s game against the Giants.

You might get pulled out of the stands and asked to play.

The Panthers were without cornerbacks Josh Thomas (concussion), Josh Norman (thigh) and D.J. Moore (knee) in practice Wednesday, along with safety Quintin Mikell (ankle). Another cornerback, James Dockery, was limited in practice coming off thumb surgery.

That left five defensive backs on their 53-man roster to practice with. Cornerbacks Captain Munnerlyn and undrafted rookie Melvin White are the last men standing on the outside. Mike Mitchell will start at one safety spot, with just-promoted-practice squader Robert Lester or special teamer Colin Jones at the other . They did sign a pair of corners to the practice squad this morning, Greg Gatson and De’Andre Presley.

The hardest part for the Giants Sunday might be deciding which of their open receivers to throw the ball to.

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  1. If you have Eli, Nicks, and Cruz on your fantasy team, you might as well start all three of them.

    What a bummer for the Panthers, man. Another disappointing season.

  2. Meanwhile, free agent safety Kerry Rhodes is still available but the Panthers organization isists on winning as few games as possible and tormenting their paying customers with heartbreaking losses. It hurts!

  3. I don’t even know what to say. This was our BIGGEST area of need going into this season and we still have yet to address it.

    But for some reason I still think we can beat the Giants. We just can’t go into our bye week 0-3.

  4. The hardest part for the Giants Sunday might be deciding which of their open receivers to throw the ball to.


    That is if the Giants O line can block a pass rusher for more than 1 second before opening the turnstyle and letting them loose on Eli.

    You seem to forget the Giants and Steelers are fighting to decide which is the worst O line in the league.

  5. Should have drafted the honey badger…BUT HE SMOKES WEED!!!! Should sign Kerry Rhodes….BUT HE MIGHT BE GAY!!! Ok mr Richardson. Enjoy your team of choir boys and another losing season

  6. I have a strong feeling that the Panthers will beat the Giants this week. Between the Giants terrible Offensive line and Cam Newton/Steve Smith pretty bent from losing to Buffalo last week, I think they will put up a hell of a fight at least trying. Look for Newton to run the ball like he did when he was a rookie, his passing game was abysmal against the Bills. Don’t get me wrong, he will drop a few into his favorite receivers hands on Sunday, especially when Smith will be calling for the ball all day. Speaking of Steve Smith, I have always enjoyed watching his play, he’s an awesome receiver. I got a kick out of watching him and Leodis McKelvin going at it all day. Smith would get one on McKelvin, then McKelvin would get the best of Smith. Overall, SS won the Match-up, but McKelvin was able to leave the field with the win. It was a fun match-up to watch. I hope the Panthers take out the Giants, they need the win more.

  7. EJ says:
    Sep 18, 2013 5:22 PM
    Look for Newton to run the ball like he did when he was a rookie
    There is one major flaw in your theory. That would require intelligent play-calling, and our OC is a blithering idiot with the IQ of a speed bump. Here’s a more likely prediction: Look for Shula & Rivera to continue to call plays as if Shaun King, Andre Ware or Spurgeon Wynn is the QB.

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