Pollard tweets that he’s been fined $42,000


Titans safety Bernard Pollard figured it might be coming. But that doesn’t mean he’s happy about it.

Pollard tweeted this morning that he had been fined $42,000 for his hit Sunday which left Texans wideout Andre Johnson with a concussion.

Pollard’s contention that he did everything right is subject to debate. He led with the shoulder, but hit Johnson in the helmet in what could be reasonably considered a defenseless position.

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  1. It wasn’t the hit that cause the concusson, it was the landing and his head snapping back and hitting the turf.


  2. This was a good football play and he didn’t lead with the head. They’ve taken this rule and trampled all over it for the sake of future court proceedings and to preserve fantasy(gambling) football stats.


  3. Pollard is the dirtiest player in the league, he should learn to not target the head of an opponent or plan on writing a weekly check to the NFL.

  4. Pollard was blocked and basically crawled to Brady’s knee. He did what any football player from mighty mites up was supposed to do. Now he’s had some hits since that have been high but his hit on Brady was a great play, unfortunately, Brady got hurt. It was that injury that got KC to pay Matt “GD” Cassel a 60 million dollar contract. The joke was on KC and set them back a good 4-5 years. Thanks Pollard!

  5. Total Crock.

    Look at the picture above.

    How is he defenseless?

    He is already in collision with another player. Are we going to ban gang tackles now as well?

    Was Pollard supposed to go lower and truck his own player instead?

    Buncha jerk offs running this league.

  6. The Question is whether Pollard is going to appeal this fine?! I would definitely appeal if I were him, if you watch the tape and this picture shows his shoulder is hitting Johnson. Pollard has a good chance to win the appeal due to it being his shoulder hitting his opponent?

    Or Pollard’s reputation vs Johnson’s reputation wins out here? And due to Johnson getting a concussion on this play from the hit or hitting the turf on the way down?

    —Titans Fan Dan

  7. what about the hit on Wright that was 1000% worse?? just b/c he got right up doesn’t mean that hit was any cleaner? it’s amazing how certain players are targeted and others just get away with it all.

  8. denverwally says:Sep 18, 2013 9:50 AM

    Pollard is the dirtiest player in the league, he should learn to not target the head of an opponent or plan on writing a weekly check to the NFL.

    look at the picture denver, and better yet, watch the replay, no way he hit his head.

  9. The NFL is such a joke. Fining Pollard on that play is ridiculous, but that’s not the worse thing from that game…

    Why has there been no fine handed down to Kareem Jackson for launching helmet to helmet against Kendall Wright? In that case Wright actually was completely defenseless and Jackson launches head first into Wrights helmet. Personal foul called, but no fine, WTF?

    Also on the first Titans drive, Jake Locker slides out of bounds and Cushing flies in head first to nail him out of bounds and of course no flag.

    I’m so tired of Goodell and the hypocrisy of all these personal fouls. Get it straightened out NFL.

  10. This is all about reputation. And I would argue that he has that rep undeservedly. He talks like he’s dirty but I’ve seen no more dirty hits from him than I have from any other safeties in the league. Their job is to hit people. All of his so called patriot killer hits were clean plays. I understand some of the new rules like headhunting, but its gone way too far.

  11. Coming from a Texans fan, Pollards hit was NOT dirty. He did what a safety is supposed to do. Now our Kareem Jackson hit was TOTALLY unnecessary. He should be the one fined. Alot of you are commenting just because of whom was involved and never even saw the play. I bet if you ask Andre himself, he would tell you it was not a dirty hit. Sheesh even Kubiak on the morning radio show would commit to saying the hit was dirty. Pollard should appeal, the NFL should have never approved of this fine.

  12. How about this instead of telling defensive players that they can’t hit players that are one second trying to catch a pass (the thing the defense is supposed to stop) and a split second later defenseless the onus is put on the offensive player to protect yourself at all times. If you can’t catch the pass in stride or you have to put yourself in harms way pull up.. but once you touch the football you’re basically live bait.

    How many fans could make the NFL if it was touch football…isn’t the ability to take the hits and keep playing what makes them pros?

  13. Dont complain about the ruling, complain about the rule. If you watch it live it fits the description of the NFL’s “defenseless receiver” penalty. This is the NFL acknowledging a flag should have been called.

  14. Waiting for some insanely rich person like Bill Gates to start his own real American Football League. Make players sign waivers so it greatly reduces issues later down the road. The current NFL is self-devouring right before our eyes. They are convinced that they are to big to fail. I don’t recognize the game I love anymore.

  15. Although i only played high school football i am much tougher then these NFL players since i played “REAL” football.

  16. The picture says it all: Pollard led with his shoulder and delivered a hit to the only area of the body that was exposed …which was the area above AJ’s shoulders.

    It was a clean hit with an unfortunate outcome. The fine is bogus.

  17. Bottomline all the players that are out to make splash hits need to chill and learn to make proper tackles…Seems many players want the highlight on NFL AM but you could still be effective like Ronde Barber..1 of the most surest tacklers in the game and he didnt make splash plays HE MADE TACKLES the right way….Players dont like it…then change ya game…If not prepare to be broke.

  18. i love the way he plays. reminds me of greats like ronnie lott and lester hayes. i would rather a player chance a concussion than lose his career an be cripled later. i like all the concussion tests. if a player gets a few concussions a doctor than can recomend or sit a player. a player getts his knees taken out he might never walk right again. its a fine line i know, but there is going to be too many crippled players with this stupid rule.

  19. The salary cap needs to be much higher and the players should be paid more to offset the fines for playing football. Or some type of rule change needs to be made that a player cannot advance a caught ball since a defensive player can’t make contact anymore with an offensive player.

  20. I see a lot of comments on here talking about how AJ’s head and shoulders were the only place Pollard could hit so what was he supposed to do, gee you ever think about maybe don’t hit him. His team mate already had him corralled and they were falling out of bounds so someone tell me again why the hit was necessary in the first place. What Pollard hit him with is not at issue here, where Pollard hit him is! The NFL has spent the last couple years sending reps to each team to explain what the rules are and what the rules aren’t and what a player can do and where a tackler is not supposed to hit. Apparently Pollard thinks those rules don’t apply to him and he can just launch himself into a ball carrier and who cares where he hits him. Everyone wants to gripe and moan about how the NFL is turning into a “girls” league but fail to understand how the game and players themselves have evolved. In the “old days” 280+ pound players were not an everyday thing, they were slower and the game was more run oriented, not saying there were not passing offenses in place but compare statistics today with 20-30-40 years ago and hopefully you see the point I’m trying to make. Players were not always running halfway across the field at full gait just to slam themselves into a receiver that got wide open, unfortunately playing the game at the speed they play today is much different. Add to that the players themselves are much bigger and faster and you have a recipe for 1 injury after another, which occurs. The NFL had to do something, if they didn’t the average career of players would plummet to much less than the 3 or 4 or 5 years it is right now. In case you can’t figure this one out it is hard to run a business based on athleticism when all your employees are on the sideline recovering from concussions or in braces, casts or on crutches. If the NFL made NO changes I would be willing to bet in 15-20 years there would either be no football at all due to it being without players willing to basically donate their body to science so they won’t grow into some contorted old man or the game itself will end up being delegated to some arena that the WWF had to give up for that Sunday afternoon.

  21. Why not show the tackle/hit from the other side where you can clearly see Pollards forearm going to AJ’s head. From the picture above I would say I agree not a bad play at all. But the other view shows he really lead with his forearm to AJ’s head which has been “outlawed” for years.

    By the way I’m a Pollard fan and like the big hits, but he plays too close to the edge with them in todays game. But he is a great radio interview and even says himself he will not let his son play football.

  22. These rules suck. Whats he supposed to not tackle him? Just let him catch the ball and score a touchdown. There is no such thing as a defenseless player that is on a football field. You are either 1 of the 22 guys battling on the field or you are not. Just like the Chad Clifton rule, he let up and stopped playing while a play was going on its his fault he got creamed. If he was paying attention and gave full effort until the whistle blew it would not have happened as it did.
    If you dont like receivers getting hit outlaw passing.

  23. @rick630c1
    The reason behind the hit is he hadn’t come down , if the hit had knocked the ball loose there’s no catch. That’s kinda what they pay Pollard to do stop people from catching the ball and that’s what he had done until they challenged the play.

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