Revis on Tampa drama, “I thought those New York days was over”


When Darrelle Revis moved to Florida, he thought he was leaving behind more than state income tax.  Revis assumed he was ditching the endless drama, too.

I thought those New York days was over,” Revis told reporters on Wednesday, via

Revis specifically was addressing a report from FOX Sports that he’s not happy with the ways of coach Greg Schiano, who has brought a college brand of discipline to Tampa, or the player’s role in the defense, where he’s been playing more zone than man-to-man coverage.

“Zero truth to it.  Why wouldn’t I be happy here?” Revis said.  “They gave me opportunity coming off my injury to play football again.  I’m excited to be here.”

Revis has a long history of causing problems for a pro football team, primarily through two holdouts and another one that he seriously contemplated in 2012.  For Revis, “those New York days” include his own role in an off-off-Broadway production far less amusing than La Cocina.  So there’s reason to believe that what he says and how he feels could reflect two very different realities.

“I think the best thing through these situations is to be honest,” Revis said.  “Be honest, and for us as a team to stick together. A win will change everything.  A win will change this whole atmosphere.”

Implicit in that comment is that the atmosphere isn’t good.  Which caused him to meet with the head coach to clear smoke that supposedly wasn’t there.

“I just wanted to make sure me and Coach was on the same page,” Revis said regarding the 15-minute sit-down with Schiano.  “You know, a lot of things in the paper to get out, rumors here and there.  But I just wanted to make sure I wanted to talk to him personally and just say, ‘Hey, just to let you know, I don’t know if you believe [the rumors] or not.’  Just make sure, you know, he saw me.  During this time, it’s a tough time for this team.  We’re 0-2, and we don’t want distractions.”

None of this means that Revis doesn’t have concerns.  It only means that he’s smart enough to know he can’t afford to be perceived as already having concerns — and that the team can’t be successful if he or other key players have concerns that are unresolved.

For Revis, he may be happy to be in Tampa.  But maybe he could be even happier if certain things were handled differently.

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  1. I’m thinking Revis brought his me first attitude into the Bucs locker room.Schiano might be a pain in the ass but Revis is just fueling it.

  2. I think he answered his own question by explaining how a win change everything, so he admits times are not good now, thus that’s the reason to not be happy. Because this isn’t a winning football team and likely isn’t going to be any time soon. How are you confused about this Darrelle?

    Now the issue is even bigger because not only is Revis not very happy, but he’s confused and ignorant despite the very answers still coming out of his mouth. Or maybe this is just part of his game to be a malcontent or distraction so that he further his selfish agenda. This is just a bad and very weird situation and every time Revis speaks he is making it worse and embarrassing the team further for their decision to acquire him despite having a weak plan to win it all.

    WHAT A MESS! Nice going Dominik.

  3. Funny that Mevis always seems to be one of the Ringmasters in the circus known as the Jets and now Tampa Bay.

    Coincidence ??

  4. so a “source” starts a rumor and it is taken as fact. people involved in rumor state that there is no truth to the rumor yet that is taken as a cover up?

    not trying too hard are we to create news?

    if you took the time to read/listen to the entire interview you would know his “new york days” response was to the media making up stories ala the back page in the NY Post. but then again, that wouldn’t draw as many clicks would it?

  5. I don’t know if there has ever been more unjustified over-analysis of the Bucs in franchise history. Someone said it best today- we are 10 seconds from being 2-0. Every article drastically changes if our kicker makes his 47 yarder or L. David pulls off Geno. We played like bums against the Jets and deserved to lose. I don’t know many teams that could contain the Saints like we just did but the boneheaded mistakes time after time on offense caught up with us. All that said, Revis has been unbelievable coming off the injury, Brees tested him maybe once and it didn’t work. If this team gets on a roll, no one, no one, will want to play the Bucs.

  6. @skoobyfl

    if someone “reported” something about you from a “source” that was not true and it concerned someone close to you or someone you had to work with/for on a daily basis, would you not want to go to them and make sure they knew it wasn’t true?

  7. Thankfully he’s in Tampa. The Jets (one of the NFL’s favourites) are always in the news. The little prima donna misses the bright lights of NYC. Who cares about him, he’s washed up and serviceable. That’s it.

  8. Thrilled that NY Jets had Revis during his best years and he made his mark.

    Equally thrilled that he is another team’s problem now… and so is his salary.

  9. The smoke he had to “clear the air” from is all this crap being reported by the media without a shred of evidence. If the paper goes and write an article saying you are having issues with your coach, you go and talk to them to make sure they know it’s all BS. Anonymous sources sure are convenient for being able to report whatever you want.

    All this supposed turmoil is made up because the Bucs have had two admittedly heartbreaking losses by a combined three points to open the season. Two plays from 2-0, 150 yards a game in penalties (some legitimate, some not), and bad QB play will frustrate anyone, and if the Bucs are 2-0 right now no one’s talking about it. If the Bucs clean up some mistakes, the offense stops making negative plays and the D continues to play its ass off, we win the next two games and everyone forgets about these shoddy reports.

    Then all we Buc fans have to worry about is who we have behind center…

  10. The Bucs just need to win this week or be prepared for another week of “The media doesn’t actually report anything, they just make stuff up, and since you’re the easiest target you’re getting the anonymous sources treatment”. A win + a Redskins or Giants loss means next week is all about them.

  11. Here’s my impersonation of a Jets fans… clearing my throat…. here we go….


    I just threw in Testaverde since I don’t actually know any other Jets.

    Thank you!

  12. Darrelle Revis is a diva (he reminds me of a star NBA player), but he’s a diva who is the best man-to-man corner in the league – his $16 million contract is proof the Bucs think so too.

    Greg Schiano is that worst of all coaches (and managers) – one who tries to shoehorn his players into his “scheme” rather than adjust his style to maximize each of their individual talents. Paying Revis $16 million to play zone is like mixing $300 cognac with coke.

    Anyone who is looking at Schiano’s style objectively can see how it’s a terrible long-term approach. He has no respect for the code of the league, as evidenced by his idiotic kneel-down-blitzes and his flogging of Josh Freeman in the media. What player will want to come to the Bucs to join this drama – at least on a circus team like the Jets you get to play for a player’s coach and live in New York City.

    If Dominik is smart, Schiano will be gone by January.

  13. detroitlionstoronto:

    Agreed, there’s nothing exciting about overpaid football players. Revis is a joke of an acquisition that only a fool would make, especially when you should be in a rebuilding process to change your fate from being a perennial loser.

  14. Does anyone in the media actually take the time to fact check anything anymore? How is it okay to just make up stuff and crediting it to a source? Why does that one made up “report” then get repeated and twisted until other news outlets act like it’s a confirmed report with a direct quote? Manufacturing news is the new way these guys do business, and business is good.

  15. As a Jets fan, I would like to take this opportunity again to thank the Bucs for reducing the circus by one…

    Now I can just smile when another, inevitable ‘Revis is upset’ PFT article splashes across my screen….

    Oh…and Sheldon Richardson looks pretty darn good too…thanks for him…and the 3rd rounder next year…

  16. For those angry Jets fan, just for the record Revis hasn’t said anything, has been a model citizen and has made a couple of big plays for us already. The issues with Freeman and Schiano started last year when Schiano told Freeman to stop running around like a fairy and to be a 1980s QB, stand in the pocket and be completely immobile like a good QB should do. Now Freeman isn’t a runner but he is mobile and to make sure Freeman couldn’t be mobile Schiano put big knee braces on him. Revis had nothing to do with that and so far he’s been on best behavior. I know you’re upset about being dumped but come on already, the refs actually gave you a victory on opening day to make up for it. Move on already.

  17. Ok enough is enough. Way too much Bucs drama! We get it. The Glazers are disfunctional incompetent impatient micromanagers. I think everyone in the Bay area gets it, but its starting to get annoying. Some other posters suggested if the Glazers sell, there would be new life in Tampa. I’m all for it!

  18. leecaz:

    Because we don’t have very good laws or systems in this country that punish people for making a buck without deserving or earning the money. Too much wealth from the economy thus gets diverted into undeserving hands and there’s an army of game players out there that are trying to stick their hands in the middle for their piece. As long as that loot is a free-for-all for anybody that grabs at it, you can’t expect a civilized distribution process and thus shady tactics continue to blossom instead of being discouraged.

    Does anybody own yet?

  19. What I learned from reading these comments:

    Jets fans are the reason the Bucs are 0-2, Revis is a “model citizen”, and Schiano put knee braces on Josh Freeman to make him less mobile.

    LOL, ok then.

  20. Ahhh, the drama that is Mevis.

    To think the Bucs will be stinking it up this year, fire the coach, and Mevis will be back for more money after the next coach’s 1st year.

    And meanwhile back in the big city, Richardson is busting his can, being a good team player, and the Jets have a young stout defensive line that could play together for years to come.

  21. Different team, different head coach, different teammates, same BS drama. Revis should look in the mirror and see that he is a part of the reason why teams he plays for are dysfunctional.

  22. Any player could have been in a meeting with the head coach for the last 3 hours for all we know. How was it that Revis’ meeting became public fodder? And Why?

  23. “I just wanted to make sure me and Coach was on the same page,” Revis said regarding the 15-minute sit-down with Schiano.

    Translation: Me and Coach be talking about a new contract, yo!

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