RG3 challenges Garcon to race, Garcon still has issue with brace


A day after Washington receiver Pierre Garcon said quarterback Robert Griffin III isn’t as fast as last year because he’s wearing a knee brace now, Griffin responded by saying he’ll race Garcon to show just how fast he is.

But Garcon isn’t backing down, reiterating today that he thinks the brace is holding Griffin back.

“There’s no knee issue,” Griffin said. “I love my receiver. If he wants to race, then we can race.”

Garcon, however, says it’s obvious that you can’t run as fast with a knee brace as you can without a knee brace.

“It’s just like when you have extra equipment on,” Garcon said. “You definitely can’t move as fluid and as fast as you could if you didn’t have it on. It’s common sense, really. If you carry extra stuff on you, you’re not gonna be as fast as you were without it.”

Garcon also indicated that the decision not to play Griffin in the preseason has caused Washington’s offense to be rusty at the start of the regular season.

“It’s always tough to not have any actual preseason games and try to come into the full speed of the regular season,” Garcon said. “That definitely didn’t help us, as we can see now. But it’s a situation that you have to deal with. You don’t want to get hurt in the preseason. That’ll cause more controversy and drama around here. But you’ve got to make a decision and live with it. We made the decision not to play him in preseason. Now we’re living with it. We just have to get better.”

There’s no doubt about that last part: After starting the season 0-2, Washington needs to get better in a hurry.

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  1. MY GOD! the drama going on in Washington!

    0-2 start
    receivers calling out RGIII
    the leader of the team (RGIII) not taking the high road
    dissension in the locker room

    right? it’s drama right?

  2. Dearest Pierre

    If I relied on a gentleman to pass me the ball and make me money, I might keep it to myself that I thought he had slipped a little.

    All my love,

    Common Sense

  3. The correct answer is: The knee brace? I am not concerned about all of that. All I care about is getting ready for Detroit.

    This team talks entirely too much about every little thing.

  4. RGIII is becoming Dwight Howard light of football. Unlike Howard he seems like a halfway decent guy and a good teammate, but he wants everyone to like while simultaneously making everything about him and not the team (press conferences, dumb slogans/shirts referencing his recovery)

  5. This is how weak teams, with weak players implode…
    Just because Skip Bayless is swaddled in your jocks, doesn’t make you a good team.
    Bob3Sticks knee is shot.
    His team mates know it, and anyone who has watched him knows it.
    Skins 3-13 at best, because after giving up everything to get Bob, Shanny is just to big headed to put in Cousins.

  6. When it comes to evading apex predator Dan Snyder at the end of this season, as the saying goes you don’t need to be the fastest on the team, you just need to be faster than Mike Shanahan.

  7. Why don’t these two just get a room. Talk about drama queens….
    An average over-priced receiver and a gimp QB who’s career is over before it even got started.

  8. Really, what a pathetic excuse to show he’s healthy, how about showing on the field….


  9. RGIII should have listened to McNabb’s advice. Shanahan doesn’t care about his well-being. McNabb tried to tell him that, but he was too busy being coach’s pet. The trajectory or his career has been forever altered thanks to the wisdom he didn’t take.

  10. Or you could, you know… worry about staying on the field for more than 2 minutes at a time for the first half of the Detroit game.

  11. Seriously stop using no preseason games as an excuse.
    How much do starters play …
    1st game …. 1 series
    2nd game … 1 quarter
    3rd game … 1 half
    4th game … Zero playing time so if you do the math that’s less than one full game.
    How many games as RG3 played … almost 3 preseason seasons.

  12. I think a more interesting contest might be who has the sickest grill. RGIII with his natural gaps, or Garcon with the vampire mouthpiece–holla!!!!

  13. Sideshow Bob is at it Again. They trot this guy out every Wednesday for his own press conference so he can create controversy/distractions each week as the team is in the midst of game planning.

    WHY???? MARKETING T SHIRTS don’t look but little Danny Snyder is not gonna tell his cash machine to sit down, shut up and work on delivering on Sundays. He welcomes the drama, the bull crap stories to feed his radio station with content and could care less if he undermines the success of the team.

    Operation Patience will soon be Nationwide tagline for another failed experiment for the slurs. It may take 3 years but I’ll bet there’s a greater chance they’ll be mentioning RG3 in the same breath as Heath Schuler rather than Sonny Jurgenson….

    Meanwhile the World Champs up 95 (or the BEST NFL TEAM IN MARYLAND) just keep on collecting Hardware and winning with their boring ,slow, dump off ,non-elite QB that goes by the name of SUPERBOWL MVP!!!

  14. What no talk about the defense, cause theres no problems there. By the way Garcon is right, RG is rusty , cant move as well with brace on and is running scared. Put it all together with the team self destructing and you got a top 5 draft pick from a 4-12 season.

  15. Speed in a straight line dash is not the issue – RGIII rarely needs to use that in a game. It is more the turning of the corner or moving around in the pocket that matters.

    And when it comes to that Garcon is probably right.

  16. FraudIII is getting exposed more and more each week.

    Will be out of the league in 3 years.

    Can the Fraud even keep his mouth shut? NO!

  17. Another article about his knee? It seems there has been an article (sometimes multiple articles in one day) each day for the past 3 – 4 weeks.

    Can’t they find something else to talk about?

  18. It’s crazy how fast “Supreme Confidence in his own abilities” become “Irresponsible Arrogance” when you’re 0-2.

  19. All the people saying that RG3 is done and that Cousins should be the starter are idiots who know nothing about football. Did you honestly believe that RG3 would be 100% mentally and physically after having virtually no practice? He is clearly adjusting to football after the injury, which is why he is playing so poorly. Also, RG is obviously kidding about racing Garcon. Come on now. Some of you take light-hearted comments way too seriously.

  20. Honestly, I also recall that Brady was tentative about stepping into his throws after coming back from the injury. It’s only natural. Just hope that Griffin doesn’t hurt himself. Seems like s good guy and a decent talent. (Except for that curious wedding day texting thing….)

  21. Lets not forget that we wouldn’t even be talking about this if Shanahan had done the right thing and pulled RGIII out of that game last year. Playing with an already bad knee on that field in those conditions? Not so smart. Coach should have lost his job over that for sure. You don’t risk your star rookie QB’s future over one game, period. End of story. RGIII may very well never be the same.

  22. He never took to wearing a brace after his first knee injury which tells you right there he doesn’t like them. No shame in admitting there is an adjustment period going on.

    Big picture is he probably should still be recovering. His return was a total rush job fueled by him wanting to come back too soon, team wanting to wash hands of blame for the original injury and an egotistical doctor wanting to show off his brilliance.

  23. Coach Shanahan was with denver for 50 years im pretty sure he knows about QBs and injurys when and when not to play them…RG3 is just off to a slower start than year and so is there Defense …no way you can blame the losses on RG3s bad knee only..sure it doesnt help but if he did play in pre season and got re injured the media and there fans would be asking for coaches head …until they get a win its a no win situation for those in charge …and im not a big fan of shanohan but i can respect his desion

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