Richardson trade positions Browns to get franchise quarterback in 2014


When the status of former Browns coach Pat Shurmur and former Browns G.M. Tom Heckert was in doubt, one of the primary sticking points for new owner Jimmy Haslam and CEO Joe Banner came from their failure to move from No. 4 to No. 2 in the 2012 draft to get quarterback Robert Griffin III.

Instead, the Browns unnecessarily traded up from No. 4 to No. 3 to get running back Trent Richardson.  And the new regime provided the ultimate indictment of the old regime by already giving up on Richardson.

Per a league source, the new Browns management didn’t have high regard for the oft-injured Richardson, who rushed for 950 yards in 2012 and 105 through two games in 2013.  His career average is 3.5 yards per carry.

The move leaves the Browns with only two running backs — Chris Ogbonnaya and Bobby Rainey.  They’ll presumably add another running back to the activer roster; rookie Dennis Johnson currently is on the practice squad.

Most importantly, it also leaves the Browns with two first-round picks in 2014, which should give them plenty of ammunition to move up the board (if necessary) to get a franchise quarterback to replace the other first-round pick that Mike Holmgren and company made in 2012.

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  1. Rinse and repeat. Blame all your problems on your quarterback. Never mind your horrid offensive line. Never mind your stone handed receivers. Let’s just draft another QB that we can ruin. If I were drafted by the Browns I’d put my college degree to good use and retire from the league immediately.

  2. They will clearly be trading a lower pick now for a guy like Bryce Brown, Leshoure, Moreno. I like the move T-Rich is not an elite back in my mind and if you can get your future QB next year in Bridgewater or whoever then more power to the Browns.

  3. What was your favorite moment of the Brandon Weeden era? I liked that time when he got run over by the flag.

  4. Great move by the Browns. Only in the world of fantasy football (where Jim Irsay apparently lives) would a 3.5 ypc running back with an injury history be worth a 1st round pick. The Colts just got robbed blind.

  5. Brown’s will get clowney with the second overall pick. Then draft a qb with the Colts pick they just got. Replace Richardson with a running back in the second round. It’ll be a major makeover,

  6. At least the fans at the Factory of Sadness now have hope for the future to get them through the remaining 14 games of the season.

  7. I don’t even want to make fun anymore. I feel for you Browns fans (for the both of you).
    But, what a move for the Colts!!! Look for that yards per carry for Richardson to increase by a couple of yards at the very least.

  8. And with this move its pretty much sealed Weeden’s fate. The browns will have a top 3 pick and get a QB and probably a WR with this one. Theyre pretty much tanking this season after two games.

  9. Even though this makes sense in the long run, I feel badly for the Cleveland fans. They deserve better. And what if the Jags end up with the #1 pick and select Bridgewater? The Browns will likely be drafting top 3, where is the franchise QB? Hundley’s got game, but top 3 overall?

  10. Or the Browns are just getting rid of anyone who can lead them to a win which is one more than the Jaguars will have.

  11. Dumb. They trade the only player worth keeping and only player that can take a modicum of pressure off whatever QB they trot out there. Nevermind the fact that they traded up last year and bypassed Griffin to get him. I feel your pain Browns’ fans.

  12. It’s seriously hilarious being a Browns fan. I’m not even in shock anymore when I hear news. The fact that our fans still stick with them is beyond me.

  13. Weeden injured? Hoyer starting this weekend. Richardson traded? Looks like I’m taking the Vikings in my suicide pool this weekend!

  14. Browns should have called us if they were going to make that dumb trade. We need a RB just as bad as the Colts and we’re likely to finish with a worse record than them.

  15. Bahahaha like there’s a franchise QB in the 2014 draft. Stick with Weeden you idiots, get a receiver and RG and BUILD THE TEAM!

  16. How do you move up from first overall? They also have so many needs since they are jettisoning the starting QB and RB that were only drafted a year ago.

  17. What are they planning on doing? You can’t package the top pick in the draft to move up any further.

  18. Come Browns this can’t keep on happening to this franchise. The other team on the other side of the lake is maybe starting to see the light finally

  19. The Belichick curse continues.

    No Cleveland team shall meet or exceed the 11-5 record of Belichick’s 94 team during his lifetime.

  20. Why does Cleveland even pretend to be a professional football franchise? Seriously, they weren’t going to be that good to pick in the 20s-30s by which time all the future “franchise” QBs would be taken. They could/should have kept Richardson and still secured a QB.

  21. As if they’re going to need any ammunition to move up the draft board. CLE and JAX will be 1 and 2, if not in that order.

  22. Sorry Browns fans. One for beating you in week one, and two- that your FO just told you and the season ticket holders-not this year…

  23. They wanted two draft picks so they could trade one away and replace the other of the last time they had two picks. Talk about spinning your tires in the mud.

  24. I am all for it. RB not named Peterson are a dime a dozen in today’s NFL. At this point I would be happy with anything better than a sixth for weeden

  25. The thing is, they were most likely already going to have a top 3 pick anyways, and the likely teams picking ahead of them (Jax or Oak) would not trade their first or second pick to the Browns for their 2 first rounders because they need Bridgewater too. I’m gonna laugh for a long time if Jax and Oak pick 1 and 2 and the Browns can’t move up for their guy. QBs like Fales, Hundley, Manziel are not worth a top 10 pick. Stupid Browns. They better hope they have the worst record.

  26. Browns will package some of those picks and trade for Cam Newton. CAR gets extra picks for their new HC and Cam gets the change of scenery he desperately needs and is reunited with the coach he had the mist success with. Everybody wins.

  27. Maybe I am the only one but BOTH teams look absolutely STUPID. The Colts traded away their 1st round draft pick for Trent Richardson…decent but he is not the answer to their problems. Never mortgage away your future. The Browns on the other hand are tanking on their season after week 2…that franchise is beyond a mess…they haven’t drafted well since selecting Joe Thomas! The Browns going out and getting another 1st round pick means nothing…knowing them they will waste the pick as usual and draft something bad like another Barkevious Mingo.

    I expected better direction with Michael Lombardi running things.

  28. They are signing Willis Mcgahee. Maybe not this week, but the weeks following he should start for sure. Just so he can accustomed to the playbook and get back into better NFL shape. There is no way he loses out to Rainey and Ogbonnaya.

  29. If I were Bridgewater or Manziel, if I got drafted by the Browns or Jags I’d sit my first year and go elsewhere.

    It’d be worth sitting a season not to spend better part in some horrible NFL purgatory of a team.

  30. I hate to see him go but it is a smart move by the Browns. Richardson wasn’t living up to the expectations of a first-round pick and they were still able to trade him for a first-round pick.

    Now they’ll have these first round picks to trade up for the #1 QB.

    Times are different, rookie QB’s have to be ready to go when they get to the NFL. Look at Wilson, RGIII, Luck, and Kaepernick last year.

  31. I still think the Jags are worst than the Browns! It’s a pretty deep draft for QB’s this year they could have gotten their franchise QB without trading Richardson.

  32. Johnny Football just received the kiss of death (getting drafted by Cleveland) next season. He’d be better off staying another year so maybe Cleveland doesn’t get him.

  33. The point being missed here is the reason this trade makes little sense is because it doesn’t appear Cleveland got max value for their best player despite the declining value of the RB position. They needed to involve more teams to bid on Richardson, and its hard to believe the highest bid wouldn’t involve multiple draft picks. This should have occurred before the season began, not in week 3.

  34. So what if they now win 5 or 6 games and fall to the 8th or 9th pick in the draft. No top QB left. If all this talk of doing this to get the best QB next draft is accurate this could backfire big time.

    Watch them kneel down behind by 2 points with 4 minutes left.

  35. Great move by Cleveland’s Banner and Lombardi! Fans will eventually see the prudence in this creative move by the Browns.

  36. This may work out for both teams. First, I see why the Browns did the deal. They aren’t going anywhere and they got value (albeit the move up to get TR was horrible and they will get a lower pick from Indy–around 22-24) for a player who wasn’t going to make a difference in the final standings.

    Indy gets a player who has demonstrated some ability, but was the entire Browns offense that any defense paid attention to. Indy also probably thinks TR will be less likely to be injured bc he won’t be the Colts primary focus of offense.

  37. Anyone would suck behind that offensive line. They will draft a franchise QB and franchise rb and be in the same position in 2 years. Richardson will do great on colts.

  38. Put the Vikings in the conversation, they are a mess as well! At least they are not the browns! But they are looking bad , I hope the browns beat my squad this week, would be funny

  39. Do the browns just realize they gave Andrew Luck a Franchise running back to go along with vick ballard for the next 10-15 years. lol. Trent Richardson was damn near a 1000 yard rusher for a browns team that was horrible and everybody zoned in on him. lol. he also broke the rookie touchdown record. lol. this is awesome my colts are gonna make the playoffs and browns wont get any higher than a 16th pick this is great. Browns truly are the worst ran franchise in the last 30 years.

  40. They had two first round picks in 2012. One is now on my team. And the other was used on Weeden. By drafting a franchise QB in 2014, they pretty much giving up on the other first round pick too.

    Only Cleveland would find a way to waste two first rounders from one year.

  41. I don’t think it has anything to do with getting a QB. They would have been positioned for Bridgewater or any other QB that shoots inside the top five without this trade because frankly, they suck.

    Outside of Jacksonville, there hasn’t been a worse looking team through the first two weeks, and if they finish behind Jacksonville (or any other team that we generally think of as terrible, which seems to correlate with none of them having good QBs), they wouldn’t be able to trade up with them anyway. This strictly was the new regime saying, “we don’t like this player,” much like Mike Lombardi let it be known what he thought of Brandon Weeden (who is next out the door) when he was at the NFL network. They just dumped him for whatever they could get without obligation because they didn’t draft him, simple as that.

    Don’t know if it was wise for the Colts simply because Richardson hasn’t shown anything to suggest that he’s a game changing RB, and if they continue to look like they’ve looked through the first two games the rest of the year, they might have potentially given up a top 15 pick that they could definitely use to fill some of those holes that are still evident on this team (offensive line, defense in general, stud WR to take over for Reggie Wayne as his career comes to a close, etc) despite last year’s finish. Furthermore, who were they bidding against for Trent Richardson? Potentially bad trade for the Colts just for the poor value they exchanged.

  42. Remember when lots of folks jumped all over Jim Brown when he stepped up and said TR was rather average talent-wise?

  43. Most people are going to call this a bad move, but the truth is that Richardson is an average RB basically making a living off of his pre draft hype. Eventually people were going to realize that he’s a good back up at best. So, what is the difference in the Browns going 5 – 11 with Richardson and them going 5-11 without him? At least this way they gain a draft pick for next year, and the end result for this season isn’t any better and isn’t any worse.

  44. I admit, when those “new NFL schedule is released and the Browns are already mathematically eliminated” were first put out there, I though it was intended as a joke.

  45. Brilliant move Brownies ! The Colts are going to ruin their time with Luck just like they did with Peyton. Hilarious that they only won one championship with probably the best QB ever.

  46. Alabama running backs can’t seem to translate their success to the NFL(i.e. Mark Ingram) but he should do well in Indy. He won’t get keyed in on by defenses as much because they have other targets. I do sincerely feel for Browns fans on this though. It sucks that they are throwing in the towel after 2 weeks but, hopefully it pans out in the draft next year.


  47. McGahee is going to be 32 years old, they are 3 years too late in going after this guy. I wanted him after he left Baltimore. Personally I would go for Kevin Smith from Detroit.

  48. While it may sound like a ballsy trade from the Browns front office and debatably smart, the Browns have nothing to show for this trade for the next 14 games.

  49. I’m not a Browns fan, so maybe this is easy for me to say since I don’t have to watch them be bad this year. But this was a brilliant trade for the Browns. Even good RBs are wastes of money. It is a QB league. And Richardson isn’t even that good. This will make them worse this year, and it isn’t guaranteed to make them better down the road, but the only chance they have to ever be good is to get a franchise QB. And to find one, you need to be able to get up to the top of the draft.

    I’ll take trying to win over trying not to lose every day of the week.

  50. Good move by the Browns. Can someone name a Bama back that has done anything in the pros other than get hurt? I could not believe TR was listed as a top 5 running back by all the blow hards for fantasy football.

  51. Good for move for the Browns, sell high. Richardson’s value is at it’s highest and he isn’t very good, you can find an average RB in the late rounds.
    Now they can just pray to god that they get the first pick and Bridgewater.

  52. Field Fodder for Bridgewater? Suckiel for Manziel? Make Clowney a Brownie?

    And with the first, second and third picks in the 2014 NFL draft, the Cleveland Browns select to trade down for future picks and cash.

    We’re always improving and never any better.

  53. Well TR really isn’t all that anyway, just this past weeks game I said he just doesn’t get it done 2-3 yards and he’s down that’s it. Certainly not a brake away runner like I had hoped for. Maybe he can go on DWTStars cause that”s what he does most of the time anyway, dance with the Browns anyway but I really don’t think he will be lighting it up with the colts. I could be wrong but I can only go by what I have seen the last year and 2 games.

  54. I think this was a stupid move by the Colts. You trade a first-round pick for a running back?!? I’m sorry, Trent Richardson is not the next Barry Sanders, let alone Adrian Peterson or even an Arian Foster! Just pick up any running back off the street. You need an offensive line that can make lanes. Almost any running back will do. You want to trade for a late round pick for a running back? Fine. But not a 1st rounder. Unless you’re getting a sure-fire HOFer, it’s not worth it.

  55. If he sorry for whichever QB they draft. The browns have shown again and again and again that they don’t know how to develop or successfully work with a QB. If they plan on getting manziel it would not shock me if he pulls an Eli and doesn’t sign.

  56. What can brown do for you? The way I see it, the browns has just done for higher education what the federal government and politicians could not. Getting young athletes being thrown millions to stay in school and get an education is quite a challenge. The rule however in Cleve Land is that once you put on a browns jersey you will suck.

  57. doesn’t matter what draft picks you have, the Jaguars are going to get your quarterback annual once again fail to get a franchise quarterback.

  58. People puhleeze! Trent Richardson is a bust. All Alabama RB’s suck in the NFL. I could run for a 5+ yard average running behind that line down there for the Tide. Banner fleeced the Colts.

  59. I think there is a lot of over reaction going on here.

    The RB position isn’t what it used to be unless you have an absolute stud like AP

    These guys only last a couple years now.

    The Browns have so many holes. They need the picks. More importantly they need to pick wisely.

  60. Great move. You can have the best RB ever to play the game but if you don’t have a franchise quarterback, you aren’t going anywhere (see: Minnesota Vikings).

  61. Im a Broncos fan and McGahee will be as productive if not MORE productive as Richardson, and yall gained a 1st rd pick, I dont see this as a bad trade for the Browns, and I dont see the Browns as giving up this season as TR wasnt gonna be anything spectacular…Good move Browns..

  62. Next draft will be a replay of 2012… Two first round Cleveland picks that they’ll somehow totally blow. Then they’ll change front offices and coaches yet again. Wild card is that the owner still may get sent to jail. What a circus.

  63. The browns had to pull the trigger on this sets them up for next years draft and plus this season is far from over…they can turn it around and sneak in with wild card if they play to there capabilities and get a lucky bounce here and there…and as for next season they have a boat load of picks 2 are 1st rounders giving them leverage for what there plan is..I think its a good deal for both teams the colts need him now and the browns would just be putting wear and tear on him as he has great stats but the losses mount ..good move for both but like all trades we shall see

  64. this would not be a bad move for any other team then the browns – they have a great shot for a QB next year but they’re the browns – they will pick the wrong one!!!

  65. summitmech says:
    Sep 18, 2013 6:47 PM
    Lol, fail after fail. I kinda feel bad for Browns fans – their year is already over.

    Just like the Eagles, Redskins and Giants, there season is already over!


  66. Hate to say this, but I think the Browns would be positioned to take a franchise QB in next year’s draft without this trade, the way things have been going thus far.

    This trade really comes across as mind-boggling. For starters, the Browns traded up one spot to get Richardson last year, and gave up 2 or 3 draft picks in later rounds to do so. Now, they trade Richardson after only 18 games? Either they didn’t do their homework prior to drafting him, or they’re seeing something the Colts don’t see.

    Maybe it works out in the long run, depending on what happens with Richardson, and what the Browns do with that pick. But it’s hard to see this as anything other than Cleveland writing off the rest of a very young season.

  67. I may be in the minority, but I think the Browns got the better end of this deal. Ownership will say “we aren’t mailing in the season”, but they already knew that this team wasn’t going to do anything. So you deal a RB with an injury history and get a 1st round pick for the next draft? I would do that every year if I was a GM.

    They will be terrible this year so their #1 pick is already going to be top 5(ish) and that may land them Clowney. Then the other can be whatever QB they have in mind. Now factor in that they have after the 2 1st round picks 2 3rds and 2 4ths they can work on that O-line.

    So throw away a year to totally revamp a terrible offense and potentially get the best defensive player in the draft? Where do I sign up for that one?

  68. SMART move Browns! Trent is not the power horse RB he was suppose to be and by trading him now while he had value was a smart move.
    Hoyer taking over for Weeden while he is hurt was the right move, Campbell just would not be able to get the job done. Bringing in McGahee won’t be any worse than Trent so no real loss with the RB position.
    Finally demoting Greg Little was another good move, and with all these changes it gives the Browns the best chances on winning some games this season. I see them going 7-9 this year and now they have some ammo for next years draft.

    GO BROWNS!!!

  69. Haslam and Banner = the second coming of Art Modell.

    Next news from Cleveland…the Browns are moving to Los Angeles…so Haslam and Banner can collect their pot of gold.

    What the Browns really need is an owner who is not facing “jail time” and someone other than a “beancounter” (Banner) running the football side of the Browns.

    Is that too much for a Browns fan to ask?

  70. And people need to stop judging how good QB’s are after one or two seasons. Remember when Josh Freeman was the future of the Buccaneers??? All I know is that Cam Newton & RG3 were both rookie phenoms & now their teams can’t win a game.

  71. Bet Richardson is grinning all the way to Denver… glad to get out of Loserville….

    All the excitement about picks next year..?? Why..?? The way it goes in NFL, half the picks will be injured during training camp or pre season…

    Browns or Losers…. It’s just a different spelling of the same thing…

  72. Its all make sense now why they starting hoyer over jason campbell , That campbell guy can come in and win couple games which is NOT good for you getting a HIGHER pick when its all said and done.And you know we can’t have that ..tsk tsk.

  73. You can build around an injury-prone RB. Honestly, there are maybe 5 RBs in the league worth building around, given the position’s short shelf life and performance drop off. The peak for a RB is such a small window, it’s not worth a huge investment. Tear it down and rebuild.

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