Rivers wins AFC offensive player of the week honors

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It has been a while, but Philip Rivers has been named AFC offensive player of the week again.

Last honored in 2008, Rivers won the weekly award for his 419-yard strafing of the Eagles last week.

He completed 36-of-47 passes, with three touchdowns and no picks for a passer rating of 124.3 in the road win.

He won’t get to face the Eagles’ secondary every week, but for a moment, he looked like the Rivers of old.

19 responses to “Rivers wins AFC offensive player of the week honors

  1. Maybe McCoy should get some respect for this. He developed a system that made Orton look like an actual starting QB for a season, developed a system, mid season, that allowed Tebow to actually perform at an acceptable level and has now turned the turnover machine that has been Rivers over the last few years into the offensive player of the week. If this guy was coaching in Dallas or for any east coast team the media would be falling all over him.

  2. Brady looks human with all the loss in talent. That’s how Rivers was these past two years. Not saying Rivers is as good as Brady, but when you lose a bunch of playmakers on offense, any QB would struggle.

  3. King Dunlap and Chad Rinehart have solidified the left side of the Chargers’ offensive line. The result is the re-emergence of Philip Rivers as the QB we remember a few years ago – carving up pass defenses. He’s in a scheme that maximizes his skills, he’s thriving in the no-huddle and quick huddle offense, and he has the trust of McCoy and Ken Whizenhunt (who deserves a lot of credit too) to make more audibles. Rivers, and the Bolts’ offense, is going to keep continue to improve. Watch out.

  4. The writer forgot to mention Rivers Threw 4 TD’s in the previous week against the Texans and only 1 Int., let’s not just say it was the Eagles secondary. Rivers finally has a decent O-line and is not on his ass every play!

  5. I have always thought that River’s passing motion is – shall we say – different. But it works for great for him so let it be. Its a good thing that coaches haven’t torn apart his mechanics to try and rebuild them.

  6. Come on…he was playing against a High School team…oh, wait…they were the Philadelphia Eagles?!??

  7. We all know rivers got this by default since his team won , and that eagles D couldn’t stop my grandmother.Mike Vick line was absolutely breathtaking, in just 19 mins of possession time , he was 23/36 for 428 yards with 2 TD and rush for 23 yards and another TD, with a passer rating of 123.4.

  8. Rivers has always been a very good qb. His numbers even in the so called down years reflect that. Rivers is like a good pitcher on a bad fielding and hitting team. He lost his best weapons in the passing game in Jackson, Spri and company and has operated behind a poor offensive line with no running game. If you give Rivers time, he can carve you up.

  9. Amazing what can happen when a good quarterback has time to throw the ball.

    On that note. It will be extremely interesting to see how Manning (even less mobile than Rivers, if that’s possible) can produce without his starting left tackle. That deficiency all but killed the Chargers on offense the last two seasons.

    Also, the Raiders are playing without their starting LT. Pryor can scramble all he wants, but I have a suspicion that Denver’s defense is going to ring his bell. That will be a fun game!

  10. Hey noob cakes he carved the texans up as well not just Philly. SDs defense gave the game to texans. Not mention the BS penalty on the FG attempt that they later said was not a penalty. 30+fantasy pts in back to back weeks. No accident give him time he will eat you up. Now all the haters can start secretly picking him up on there FFL teams.

  11. First of all Houston’s D was a top rated D. Did they play like crap, possably. That being said if it was a matter of “stinking defense” then weeden, grabbert,ponder and all the other QBs that are considered horrible would be able to score points. Before the last two years Rivers was a top 5 QB. He is tied with A Rodgers for most pts per game min 50 games. Ahead of the beloved Tom Brady. He throws for 4k yards every season. And before The Lord of no rings AJ smith got rid of vjax, LT, sproles and the Oline was deminished, Rivers was destroying teams. Don’t give me the defenses he has been playing are trash. Don’t be a fool look up stats then talk. I take it by your user name the 74 in LINEMAN74 stands for your age. So lets be a little wiser before we speak.

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