Rowdy teens trash the home of ex-NFL player Brian Holloway

Brian Holloway was a first-round draft pick of the Patriots in 1981, lasted eight years in the league and made three Pro Bowls. When you have that kind of NFL career, you make enough money to buy things like a vacation home on a 200-acre property.

And when you have a vacation property like that, you’re a target for rowdy teenagers.

That’s the hard lesson Holloway learned over Labor Day Weekend, when he was at his home in Florida and began seeing messages on Twitter about a wild party at his vacation home in Upstate New York. Holloway couldn’t believe it when he started seeing tweets saying hundreds of teenagers were partying at his house, getting drunk, breaking windows and generally wreaking havoc.

“We were getting eyewitness reports of what was happening while it was happening. We couldn’t believe what was going down,” Holloway told the Associated Press.

Police eventually showed up, but the party-goers scattered and no arrests were made. Holloway estimates that the damage (which includes broken windows and glass doors, holes in walls, graffiti, scratches on floors and urine stains on carpet) will cost about $20,000 to clean up.

Holloway is asking anyone with information to come forward, and he’s hoping to use Twitter messages to determine the identities of some of the teenagers.