Tebow rally fails miserably


The people have spoken.

All dozen of them.

The Monday rally in Jacksonville aimed at pressuring the Jaguars to sign Tim Tebow failed miserably, per multiple accounts.

We predicted the event, which was scheduled to begin at 3:16 p.m. ET on Monday and due to last three hours and 16 minutes, would draw between three and 16 people.  It looks like it did.

It would be fitting if 11 ultimately showed up, which would match the total points the home team has scored this season.

Regardless, the Jaguars weren’t there to even notice.  As Ed Werder of ESPN pointed out on Monday, the team decided to stay on the West Coast for the week between games at Oakland and Seattle.

It doesn’t mean that the nationwide throng of Tebowmaniacs would pipe down if Tebow ends up on a team with a non-franchise starting quarterback.  It does mean that the Jaguars are risking no customer-relations problems by continuing to proceed without Tebow on the team.

The more significant potential customer-relations problems may come from the team’s performance in Week One and Week Two.

56 responses to “Tebow rally fails miserably

  1. Sounds as if it’s time to close that chapter

    He is a nice kid but a poor fit in the NFL. I wish him well.

  2. Social networking killed the rally. It’s easier to click like or yammer on the social network of your choice than to actually go to an agreed upon location and collect as a group to protest an issue.

    That or maybe this isn’t much of an issue.

  3. Honestly, after a few more loses it would make complete sense to bring Tebow in for the rest of the year. They could all but guarantee the first pick next year, and they would sell a ton more tickets, merchandise, etc. It might look like a bad football decision but they aren’t going anywhere anyway, so why not?

  4. It is strange to see a group of grown men and women in their 30’s, 40’s or older so obsessed with this guy. They act like a 13 year old girl would act about Justin Beiber. It would be funny, if it wasn’t so creepy.

  5. Great. Let those Tebowmaniacs (like Yacko, Wacko & Dot – the Animaniacs) fade into obscurity. Fans can pressure teams to sign players, but I do not believe the teams should listen because most fans are idiots – and fans begging teams to sign a QB that is inept are idiots.

  6. This will finally put to rest to members of the media and other trolls that an overwhelming majority of Jags fans DO NOT want Timmy here in JAX.

  7. So this rally is being considered a failure, yet it’s still receiving national attention. Attention is kind of the purpose of rallies.

    Basically, regardless how many people showed up, it’s not really a failure if its still receiving attention.

  8. 12 people showing up is phenomenal turnout actually. That’s every Jaguar fan except Steve and Doug.

  9. Mama said there’d be days like this.

    For all you people that think Khan needs Tebow so he can sell a t-shirt or a football ticket, please get a grip. Khan has money. And thankfully, long-term vision.

    Keep your hard hats on Jags fans. Rebuilding year.

  10. The Jaguars are a terrible team, so how could Tim make it any worse??? At least all his Florida fans would go to the games, that would be more than go now. If this is a rebuilding year, it’s a terrible one. Who is the QB of the future, lets start there??? It sure isn’t Chad Henne, he couldn’t make it with the Dolphins so please.

  11. The Jaguars are a terrible team but you guys are clueless about the fanbase. The team was 2-14 last year and yet they outdrew 12 other franchises in terms of fan attendance. Say what you want about the roster, because it is awful. But don’t be so clueless about the support the team is given by it’s fans.

  12. Here I was thinking this would make people realize Jags fans don’t want Tebow but people just can’t let it go. If he can only draw 12 people to a free rally, why would you think these people would pay to go see him play and play terribly at that. The attendance jokes are great too considering the jags finishined 20th in the league last year in attendance. I guess the 12 teams below them had 1 or 2 people showing up to games? Keep showing your lack of football knowledge though… As a fellow jag said earlier, it’s tank for Teddy. We know we suck. It’s about the future for us.

  13. At least there were more supporters for Tebow than the rally against the Redskins name at lambeau field which was advertised but was non-existant.

  14. They say any publicity is good publicity. Just look at it this way, The Jacksonville Jaguars got more attention just mentioning TimTebow’s name than they did play on T.V / Offense needs a pick me up
    The Pistol Offense can help!!! Visit me on Facebook

  15. Ain’t the media great? Everyone and their brother had the story that the “rally” was happening but only a rare few, after several days, are coming back to tell the story of what a non-story it should have been all along. Go Jags!

  16. This is so awesome- the only thing that would have made it better is if Tebow had shown up to thank his “supporters”. LOL!

  17. Bro a good team would’ve had more people than this. It isn’t because they don’t like Tebow, it’s because jax doesn’t give a rats ass about the jags. I lived there for 4 years, it was sooo easy to get tickets for like $20, sometimes even free. LA bound.

  18. Does this mean that the Tebow faithful all have jobs?

    No. No. That can’t be it.

    Better explanation: bad marketing of the “protest.”

    Best explanation: Tebow is really, really over-rated, and there’s an echo chamber effect going on here with Tebow. It would be interesting to see if there were more members of the press covering the “protest” than there were people participating in the “protest.”

  19. Does this mean the protest against the Redskins name in Green Bay was also a failure since only 20-24 people showed up for that?

  20. tformation – A Jags office staffer walked outside and estimated that it was roughly 20 people and 30 media members.

  21. I’m confused. A couple of weeks ago, Tebow playing for the Bills was thought to be a great idea, but now Tebow playing for the Jaguars is treated like a joke.

    Up is down, black is white, dogs and cats living together, what’s happening?

  22. The solution to all this is simple: Expand to London, and let Tebow play there.

    That way, Goodell gets his precious London team, Tebow gets to be an NFL QB like he always wanted, but in a country where virtually no one cares about him, his fan base isn’t bloody likely to follow, and he’ll be pretty much ignored by the UK media. Not even London’s notorious tabloids will consider him worth the bother.

    Everyone wins.

  23. Looked like as many people in Jacksonville as there was for the Redskins protest which was hyped up on PFT yet when there was only a dozen people at that also, no coverage of the failure.

  24. ..starts at 3:16 and last for 3 hours and 16 minutes . . . I get it – they don’t want him in the NFL because he’s a good QB, they want him in the NFL because he’s an Evangelical Christian.

    I wish they would have just been honest and said so from the beginning, instead of the 2 years of BS arguments about how he’s a good QB.

    The BEST argument, in terms of entertainment value, was that Tebow was a better QB than Manning, and that Tebow’s play-off win and Manning’s play-off loss the next year proved it – Tebow-n-Friends vindicated!

  25. I truly hope this Tebow saga ends soon. It’s gone on for far too long. He’s not an NFL quarterback. The NFL sees it, Tebowites can’t.

  26. All this when the guy played QB many times in the NFL. How many of us can say that? It’s the Evangelical aspect that makes Tebow so newsworthy, rather than his skills, of lack thereof.

  27. Thursday at 4:20 I will be at EverBank Field with a group of true fans for four hours and twenty minutes to demand Cheech Marin be signed and play quarterback for the Jacksonville Jaguars.

  28. Yeah, gun control proponents are the WACO ones, not the folks who fight even REGISTRATION of dangerous weapons. That’s a good one!!

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