Alex Smith needs to protect himself a little better


With all the concern regarding the ability of Andy Reid’s former quarterback in Philly putting himself in harm’s way, red flags should be hoisted regarding a sudden reckless streak from Reid’s current quarterback in Kansas City.

Smith, who lost his starting job in San Francisco after a concussion opened the door for Colin Kaepernick, repeatedly put himself in harm’s way during the opening drive in last Sunday’s home opener against the Cowboys.

During the 13-play, 77-yard scoring march, Smith ran the ball five times.  Every time, he finished the effort with something other than a slide or a run out of bounds.  At one point, Smith capped a 17-yard run on third and 15 by launching himself butt first along the sideline.

On each of Smith’s next three runs during the game, he either went out of bounds or slid.  So maybe it was adrenaline on the opening drive, and maybe he was told to calm down and be careful.

Regardless, when we’re watching and waiting for Mike Vick to get blown up, sir on Thursday night, it makes sense to also keep an eye on whether Smith gets ear-holed.