Browns sign Willis McGahee

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As expected, the Browns have signed running back Willis McGahee, a day after trading away running back Trent Richardson.

McGahee passed his physical today and is good to go for a team that had an enormous hole at running back after Richardson (the only running back who got a single carry for them this season) was traded.

McGahee has been out of work since the Broncos cut him over the summer. McGahee ran for 731 yards on 167 carries and had four touchdowns in Denver last season.

The Browns also have Chris Ogbonnaya and Bobby Rainey on the depth chart, but assuming McGahee is in good shape and can quickly pick up the playbook, McGahee would seem to be the likely No. 1 running back going forward.

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  1. And the Colts gave up a first round draft pick to get their man rather than sign Willis themselves.

    Says somethin’.

  2. Although he’s got probably only a couple of years left , the irony is that McGahee may actually be the better back.

  3. Brownies are going in the tank this season with hopes that those draft picks will bail them out next year. I have news for their fans. If they didn’t get it right with Richardson as the 3rd pick and all the other picks that proceeded him for the last 30 years, what makes them think they will become anything other than the Cleveland Clowns.

  4. “McGahee passed his physical today and is good to go for a team that had an enormous hole at running back …”

    It might be nice if the Browns Offensive Line created an enormous hole for him to run through. Or even better, stopped an enormous hole from opening so a quarterback would have time to throw without being hurried, hit or sacked.

  5. If McGahee can still play decently, this trade ends up working for the Browns. They should make an offer to Miami for Matt Moore.

  6. His contract contains language for him to be excused from the games on Nov 24th and Dec 29th, as he still has nightmares about Ryan Clark roaming the middle.

  7. At this rate, Mike Lombardi will be unemployed and back on the podcast with Bill Simmons by Week 8.

    Whoops…this is Cleveland….never mind


  8. Who didn’t see this coming, Lombardi said he would have never drafted Richardson or Weeden. Before the season started we needed at least 1 guard, a full back and a receiver with the ability to create separation and yes, catch the ball. Aside from Bess, they completely ignored the offense, Vonta Leach was released, no offer, Vickers was released, no offer, there are full backs not on rosters now and we moved a small RB to full back. They purposely sabotaged the offense to insure they would not succeed with these players. When your $30mil. under the cap, you could get a guard instead of converting a marginal tackle, you could get a fullback instead of converting an undrafted RB.
    Jimmy Haslam, you may “OWN” the Browns, but this is “MY”team. My grandfather, My Father, Myself and My sons.. You could have fielded a competitive team, but YOUR front office are to worried about, their guys, thier system instead of WINS. And believe me, we have heard it all before, Savage, Davis, Mangini, H&H, and now these CLOWNS.
    Winning is about today, and all we get is promises for tomorrow. You have an opportunity to be competitive NOW, but like everyone who preceded you, you allow them to blow it all up.

  9. Why do ppl keep saying johnny football as a possibility??? Have u seen him play? Not an nfl caliber qb, makes stupid throws, not a smart football player or person on general

  10. Not a Browns fan but I think this could be a good move that they made depending on how they use the pic. A 1st rounder for a rb is a no brainer when you don’t have your franchise qb. Show me all the teams that have won the SB with a good rb and no franchise qb. To have both is ideal but you still can win the SB with a franchise qb and a so-so running game. The past mistakes of the Browns were made by different people. They now have, I believe,a good front office and good coaches. Hope it works out for them.

  11. Here is what I would do If I’m Cleveland’s GM:

    Having roughly about 40,000,000 in cap space next year and most likely the first or second pick in the 2014 Draft.

    Draft- I take Clowney with the first pick and Johnny Football/Tajh Boyd with the late first round pick.

    I resign- T.J. Ward and Alex Mack

    Free Agents- I pick up Sam Shield from the Packers to compliment Joe Hayden. Brandon Meriweather From Washington to compliment T.J. Ward. (Solid Defensive Back Foundation) I don’t upgrade the linebacker position because it is already solid and same with the d-line especially with the addition of Clowney. Instead, I give Johnny some protection with signing Michael Oher from Baltimore and giving him two weapons with Kennny Britt (Tennessee) and James Jones (Green Bay).

    This should still leave Cleveland with some cap space to fill roster needs. Now you have a young QB which you let make big plays with a line to protect him and some weapons to help him out. You let him loose on offense because you have a solid defense that can keep teams close and low scoring.

  12. cantonbound13 says: Sep 19, 2013 4:46 PM

    Give Ogbannoya a chance to win the starting job!

    I remember watching CO when he was with the Texans. He should promise but would obviously get no touches behind Foster n Tate tho. I hope he can win the job too. But I bet Portis still has something left too.

  13. Good for WMc. He always gave a good day’s work for a good day’s wage. Best of luck to a professional baller.

  14. Even after the Richardson trade debacle, starting a 3rd string QB, I honestly believe the browns are still a better team than the Steelers.

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