Chiefs show poise and patience in getting big win for Big Red

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The Kansas City Chiefs already have won more games than they did in 2013.  And the third win of the season arguably was one of the biggest for the franchise in years.

It came as the Chiefs went to Philadelphia with 14-year Eagles coach Andy Reid and beat the home team by 10 points, 26-16.

Both offenses were at times sluggish.  The Chiefs could have scored an early knockout in Rocky’s hometown, thanks to four first-half turnovers from Philly.  But stalled drives and a missed field goal kept the game close at intermission.

And while it seemed the Eagles eventually would explode offensively, they could never sustain the momentum, thanks to a relentless K.C. defense that sacked Mike Vick repeatedly.

Meanwhile, the Chiefs played mistake-free football, getting timely throws from quarterback Alex Smith, clutch receptions from receiver Donnie Avery, and 172 total yards from running back Jamaal Charles.

The Chiefs showed extreme poise after a quick fourth-quarter Eagles touchdown and a mishandled kickoff pinned the visitors at their five.  On third and 10, Smith found Avery for a first down that sparked a time-killing drive that resulted in a field goal and stretched the lead back to 10.

On the night, the Chiefs controlled the clock and the snaps, with 39:07 of possession and 77 plays from scrimmage.  The Eagles had only 63.

More importantly, the Eagles are now 1-2.

Even more importantly, the Chiefs are 3-0 and firmly in the mix for a playoff run.

Most importantly (even if he won’t admit it), Reid went home and kicked the butt of the franchise that fired him less than nine months ago.

82 responses to “Chiefs show poise and patience in getting big win for Big Red

  1. Pretty epic moments of camera time for Reid as he casually just embraced the moment. And then the shot of the slow motion Gatorade shower? That really sucks to have your old coach be the one to tip you down to a 1-2 start. What a big win for KC, good for them.

  2. It’s a good thing no one else in the NFC east is any good, cuz we are gonna be 1-3 after our trip to denver next week…

  3. That defense is gonna be great if it isn’t already. Relentless pass rush, great linebackers and a strong back end. With solid offensive play the Chiefs will easily make the playoffs.

  4. Tough, tough game. Both defenses showed incredible tenacity tonight. The Chiefs didn’t capitalize enough on them, but in the end, the 4 1st half turnovers by Philly were just too much to overcome.

    I’d also like to give a quick nod to the maligned (Fairly? Unfairly? Not really my call….) Philly fans for the classy reception they gave Andy Reid. Thanks, guys!

  5. Kept a team averaging 30 to 2 TD’s, KC’s D is pretty stout. Unfortunately all the coverage will go to larger market philly and how they “must get better”.

    If KC’s offense could settle in and play more like theirmatch their last drive they’ll be tough to beat. And now with 10 days they get to prepare for another NFC East opponent, the Giants.

  6. I said it all year and have been laughed at. Peyton Manning has to worry about Houston and hali. Eli is next. Peyton you will have your turn twice so be patient

  7. A mediocre, veteran coach (and his overall mediocre team) comes into a passionate football town that is home to a mediocre, rookie coach (and his overall mediocre team). The result is millions of Americans everywhere, falling asleep on their couches, and thousands more (such as myself) wondering why I didn’t do the same.

    If anyone asks about the rings under my eyes tomorrow, I’ll have to answer, “At least I have two more than #5”.

    Thank you for these compelling Thursday night games NFL Network….

  8. O Chipper take that highschool offence back to college where it belongs. Your not going to win anything you know it and I know it. Also enjoy that GIFT from week one cause that’s the only time you will beat The Redskins.!!!!!!!!!

  9. As a Chiefs fan i couldn’t be happier, but i got to give it to Philly fans tonight, they were class all the way. Glad to see them and the organization treating Reid and McNabb with the respect they did.

  10. Up by 10 points at the end. Two quick scores would ruin a good night for Chiefs. 4th and 1 on 1 yard line demands, that is demands, a FG. Then, it takes two TD’s. Reid is a great coach, but that was just plain dummmmmmmmmm!

  11. Congrats to Andy, and to Chiefs fans.

    The most enjoyable part of this game was McNabb’s retirement ceremony. That was by far the most WWE thing I’ve seen in the NFL.

  12. Don’t think that score is “kicking butt” like the article is written. Also not sure that he would have won that game had the coaching staffs swapped teams. It is a team sport. And coaches don’t run, tackle, catch, or throw.

  13. The Chiefs played mistake free and that’s all they needed to do to beat the Eagles tonight. Reid pretty much built this Eagles team anyways so beating them is more or less an indictment on Reid’s skills as a GM.

    As a matter of fact the Eagles defense which is the unit that is the most changed from Reid’s tenure played pretty well. While the Eagles offense and the quarterback Reid left the Eagles with played the same way they did for him before he got deservedly fired.

    The Eagles are a bad rebuilding team with a coach who’s in his third NFL game ever. They aren’t going to be good for a while and Kelly needs time to build this team up from the ground before any solid judgments can be made.

    On a side note these Thursday night games are a bad idea. They’re always sloppy and mostly unenjoyable to watch. The 49ers and Rams play next week and it’s going to be ugly football.

  14. Chip better adapt quick, u in the big boy leagues now. Probably will be 1-3 with the Broncos on deck , this could get ugly.

  15. It wasn’t pretty for the KC offense for most of the game, but the defense and special teams stepped up and played well. It’s still early in the season and the offense will get better. Now, 10 days to get healthy and prepare for the Giants.

    3 – 0 ….. Sweet.

  16. Northeastern fans (Philly NY etc) being ‘very knowledgeable’ is so cliched. To me being knowledgeable is realizing that your opposition is really hurt.

    *Visiting team’s RB has a hyper-extended leg with a piece of tendon hanging out*

    (Philly fan: BOOOOOOO!!!! He’s faking an injury to mess up the Eagles momentum!! BOOOOOO!!!!)


  17. Eagles can still get johnny football or Clowney. And for that silver lining I am grateful. Can someone please address these fake injuries? Every time the Eagles gained any momentum a Chief got a cramp. Turnovers killed us, no excuses. Just sick of all the drama.

  18. So wait… Mike Vick is hurt?… Shocker. The college offense isn’t working in the NFL? Shocker… I really didn’t see this coming. Congrats to all the teams that either passed on Chip Kelly or lost to the Eagles in the bid.

  19. That was some BAD BAD BAD football.

    KC won… but ugly… Alex Smith was panicky and had happy feet all night.

    Eagles??? Not seeing improvments under Kelly. Vick looked worse… if that is possible.

  20. Life long Chiefs fan…I almost couldnt take anymore of this franchise last season, what a difference a coach makes. Love the Chiefs and cant wait to see where this goes. Thanks Big red, from all the Chiefs fans…good luck to opposing teams coming into Arrowhead, its going to be loud!

  21. Love watching Alex Smith do well in KC. Noticed Jenkins dropped what would have been a game-cementing 3rd down catch towards the end. Still catchless for his career?

  22. Hey, KC’s defense is for real. That can’t be denied. Poe & Jackson up front bringing heat; Hali, Johnson & Johnson tipping balls and getting sacks, and a revamped secondary with incumbents Eric Berry and Brandon Flowers joined by newcomer Sean Smith. KC’s DEFENSE is back in town baby! Just need our offense to score on turnovers.

  23. I have the utmost respect for Andy Reid. However, he went back to Philly and kicked the butt of a team he was partially responsible for putting together. Philadelphia has numerous obvious holes on the defensive side of the ball. Reid is lucky to have landed with a team that did a better job of drafting players over the past few years thand did his former team.

    Again, Andy Reid is a great coach but my understanding is that he was involved in drafting players while at Philadelphia and he bears some of the responsibility for the current status of the roster.

  24. Man the Eagles are bad. For the past 3 years, they can’t play an all around team game. One game the offense is great but the defense can’t stop a nosebleed and the next game the defense shows up and the offense sucks.

    Special teams also looks bad every other game.

    I’m just going to think about the 2000-2005 eagles and cry myself to sleep

  25. Big win… Still have lots of work to do. The offense looked like garbage for most of the game the oline has a lot I mean a lot of work to do. The d forced 5 turnovers and held Philly to 16 points. That’s just awesome.

  26. “Playoffs”! it is only game THREE and were talking “playoffs”!

    <————-jim mora 😉

    Seriously though, "Playoffs"?

  27. Go Chiefs! The last two games have shown a glaring weakness in Kelly’s approach. Wonder how it will be compensated for.

    It’s too soon to know for sure where these Chiefs are headed in the conference, but I’ll still pick them over the Texans.

    Going to be another messy year for the NFC East, it seems. The team with the best offense-defense balance, the Cowboys, is also the most unpredictable of the bunch.

  28. Oh, and by “glaring weakness”, I mean that making the offense the quickest thing on the field leaves the weakest part of the team – their defense – on the field for the longest part of the game, and at the most critical points – when the other team has the ball. The setup demands an ineffective and/or turnover-prone opposing offense in order to work, otherwise the other team gets both more time to work with and a more tired-out defense to face.

  29. Sounds like the writer is an Eagles hater lol. Dude chill out, Andy won and believe it or not we’re happy for him. Also you write like Philly fans drove him out or ownership fired him unjustly. Where it was just the opposite, the guy got 2 extra years here by most standards he would’ve been out in 12 but due to his legacy in Philly he got those 2 years and those 2 years were probably 2 of the worst devised Eagle teams in history. So I ask again writer why the must win for big Red and hatred towards a football town which knows and loves football probably more than you ever will. Good reach though trying to portray us as bad guys again when you had nothing bad to say about the fans and the atmosphere at the game I guess you have to create imaginary ones huh? Lol

  30. One of the ugliest games I have ever seen. They played “Alfonse and Gaston” all night. Nobody wanted to win. The Eagles couldn’t hold onto the ball and KC couldn’t move it. Smith looked horrible. Without Charles they would have lost even with all the turnovers. They are the worst 3-0 team in a long time.

  31. It wasn’t that big of a win for the chiefs. I don’t know why beating the Eagles is a bench mark for any team, we all know that the Eagles aren’t really good. I wouldn’t be surprised to see Andy have the same struggles in KC, he can build a team but be is terrible calling plays under pressure.

  32. Chiefs 3-0 baby Alex smith may not make huge plays but he can come through in the clutch and protects the football. All the turnovers killed Philly….

    KCs Defense is looking monstrous this year

  33. Big win and, maybe just as important, ten days before they play again.

    The Philly crowd showed their affection for Coach Reid. Given the way he has been received in KC, it is pretty easy to understand their feelings.

  34. Well the Seagulls are who we thought they were… A mistake, turnover prone disaster. The blueprints out after the last 2 games on how to neutralize lil Chippys offence. Control the time of position and take care of the football. The Redskins failed miserably in week 1 with ball security and took the loss as a result of it.
    On the other hand, been skeptical but its getting harder to deny that the Chiefs are looking pretty legit.

    And the NFC East is turrible garbage fire of a division. Winner is gonna be 8-8.

  35. Didn’t really see the Chiefs kick the butt of the Eagles. I saw 13 points off turnovers, and the Chiefs play it safe offense, that tried to hand the Eagles the game every chance they could.

    They have a very goo defense though, looks like that may keep them in it this year.

  36. 2 weeks in a row, Philly racks up a ton of yards. 2 weeks in a row, they have roughly 20 min TOP. 2 weeks in a row, they lose at home.

    Chip Kelly is a fantasy football player’s dream, but he’s going to wear his players out if they keep this up. They had roughly 1/2 the TOP of KC, and only ran 14 fewer plays. Their inability to take time off the clock and not make mistakes will be what keeps them from making the playoffs. Vick has been knocked around in 2 games, and McCoy missed a few plays last night as well.

    This game is very effective in the college game where you can pick out weaknesses and play the numbers game. But in the NFL, nearly every player was really good at the college level. Perfect example was the swinging gate 2 point conversion play. In college, the guy walks in. Tamba Hali ran him down before he could even get close to the goalline.

    Kelly is going to learn and move forward, but until that defense gets some help it won’t matter

  37. What happened to all the Eagle fans out there? Remember after the first half against Wash when y’all said it’s Superbowl time?

    Ha ha ha ha ha ha

    Told you, Chip “may I have seconds please” Kelly, and his gimmick offense won’t do it in the NFL.

    If for no other reason, it will wear out your defense. And we’re only in week 3.

    There’s a reason Chip has fonder memories of last night’s dinner than his college NCs.

  38. If the Eagles had to lose I’m glad it was to Andy Reid.
    The best coach in Eagles history.
    I’d trade Chip Kelly and Mike “Turnover Machine” Vick for Big Red anyday.
    Miss you Big Red!
    A True Philadelphia Eagles Fan

  39. The Chiefs offense isn’t scaring anyone. Against a team that can really put up points (Broncos), the Chiefs will probably be exposed. I think their defense IS legit. But their offense needs to figure out how to execute those long sustained drives throughout the game, not just in the 4th qtr.

  40. Where’s all the Philly fans? Was an ugly game but…..SCOREBOARD!!!!! And we don’t want to hear anything about new coach/new system. We have the same thing PLUS 30 new players on our roster. And all things considered I’m glad we have ours, yours needs to go back to college for a few more years!

  41. “Reid went home and kicked the butt of the franchise that fired him less than nine months ago”

    Of course, Reid drafted/signed the majority of the players butt he just beat with a team that he mostly didn’t select. Goes to show the AR the coach knows what he is doing, but AR the player evaluator does not!

  42. Lost among all the Chip Kelly and Mike Vick talk, Alex Smith has shown incredibly maturity and growth. He’s probably somewhere around 28-3 as a starter since 2011.

    Good Going!!!

  43. kcflake says:
    Sep 20, 2013 11:46 AM
    No Philly. You can’t have Andy Reid back. He is ours now.
    You can keep him…

    He will certainly take you from last place to a playoff contending team. But look at his record in NFC Championships: 1-4. He was favored in 3 of those games!

    And did you see the 2 min drill at the end of the 1st half where Smith spiked the ball on 3rd and 1? That will never change either.

    He is a great coach during the week – but makes a lot of head scratching decisions when under the gun!

  44. dankil13 says: You can keep him…

    We Will Happily Keep Andy Reid, considering His new team kicked Your Team’s Ass last night in your own stadium!

  45. Why was dankil13’s post down-voted 3 times?!? Was there too much truth in it?!?

    The fact is it was a meaningless game. KC will do NOTHING as long as Manning is the QB for the Broncos, and by the time Manning retires, either the Colts or the Dolphins will become the new AFC powerhouse.

    Or maybe NE will come back to form, or Schaub will decide not to suck in the playoffs, or the Bengals will actually live up to billing for once.

    No matter what happens, the Chiefs are going nowhere for the next 5-6 years.

    And even if they luck themselves into an AFC Championship game or two, Big Andy will coach them out of a Super Bowl. Guaranteed.

    Jim Johnson’s defense was the #1 reason for the Eagles’ success in the 00s.

    Speaking of the Eagles, they still control their own destiny in the division, being 1-0 in it.

    This loss didn’t hurt them at all.

    But even if they string some wins together and somehow win the division it will all be for naught, as the twin buzzsaws of Seattle and San Fran will be waiting for them, and every other NFC pretender, come playoff time.

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