Grigson on Richardson trade: Colts have a commitment to win


Colts General Manager Ryan Grigson says the reason he gave up next year’s first-round draft pick to acquire running back Trent Richardson from the Browns is simple: He’s serious about doing everything he can to win.

We have a commitment to win,” Grigson told the Indianapolis Star. “That goal is something we strive for, regardless of circumstances or anything that’s put in our path. That’s how we roll.”

Grigson has loved Richardson since evaluating him before last year’s draft, although the Colts, who chose Andrew Luck first overall before the Browns took Richardson third, never seriously considered taking him. Grigson would have been ecstatic if you had told him before last year’s draft that in a year and a half he’d have both Luck and Richardson on his team.

“The thing about him is he plays the game the way it’s meant to be played,” Grigson said of Richardson. “He was born to run the football. He’s a powerful back, a back that can avoid tacklers or run over them. He can catch the ball. He adds an element on third down. He’s got a pretty broad skill set in a very compact 220-pound frame who happens to run a 4.48.”

There is, however, one nagging question: With all of Richardson’s talent, why has he averaged only 3.5 yards a carry so far in his NFL career? Grigson suggested that opposing defenses were stacking the box to stop Richardson because the Browns didn’t have much of a passing threat, but they won’t be able to do that now that Richardson is lining up behind Luck.

“I know the numbers,” Grigson said. “But the yardage is there. You see it when you’re watching the film. Obviously if you have a guy that’s your main threat in the offense, that’s who defenses are going to key up. Trent isn’t even near his ceiling. We’re talking about the third pick in the draft and that’s not because he’s a ham-and-egger.”

Grigson has no doubt that Richardson can help the Colts win.

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  1. There is, however, one nagging question: With all of Richardson’s talent, why has he averaged only 3.5 yards a carry so far in his NFL career?

    Look at all the bama rb’s. Why are the so much smaller when they get to the nfl?

  2. If the Colts are committed to winning, are the browns committed to losing? They play in Minnesota this week with Hoyer as qb, and a question mark at running back. They drafted Richardson and weeden In the first round, and are already moving on within a year. Jeez

  3. Grigson is apparently a smart dude.

    His team gets better, Richardson’s ypc will go waay up because he is in a real offense, and the Colts are up and going for the next 5-7 years at the skill positions.

    Meanwhile, the Eagles have one terrible season, and no franchise QBs are available, and we come back terrible on defense yet again this year.

    Im jealous of Colts fans right now. (I would still rather have Lesean McCoy though)

  4. Worst comment ever!
    “I know the numbers,” Grigson said. “But the yardage is there. You see it when you’re watching the film. Obviously if you have a guy that’s your main threat in the offense, that’s who defenses are going to key up.
    Tell that to AP in Minnesota. They stack the box every week and he almost breaks the rushing record.
    Good luck Luck.

  5. Maybe next year, a good young team that will make some noise this year, might be the AFC team to Face the Cowboys in the Superbowl this year!


  6. Luck will now be even more successful with defenses paying so much attention to the running game.great move by Indy.

  7. We will finish 7-9 with a rb that gets hurt and averages an impressive 3.5 ypc and wish we had a 1st rd pick to address the oline.

    That’s how we roll.

  8. Before all of you geniuses start running off your mouth about how huge a first round pick is… Remember this:

    Trent Richardson > Bjorn Verner, Anthony Castonzo, Jerry Hughes, Donald Brown, Mike Pollack, Anthony Gonzalez.

    Good move by Indy.

  9. His yards per carry are down because he was in Cleveland with nobody to block for him. No teammates that are players can do that to a career. Just ask Colt McCoy. They are both on their knees thankful to get out of that place.

  10. Love the trade for both teams. If he turns into continual pro bowler, Browns would still be stuck under .500. They need a fresh start. Indy has the O to keep D’s honest helping Richardson. And all you have to do is look at their main competition, Texans, to see what a legit back can do for your O.

  11. I went on record in the other thread saying this was a good move for the Browns, but next year’s draft will be the ultimate test for the new regime in the front offices for them.

    If they manage to use those 7 picks they now have stacked up in the first 4 rounds to land a real QB, some talent on the O-line (especially LT), and stack another young defensive talent to go with an already up and coming defense… then its a clear “win” for the franchise, making up for that horrible move with the previous regime to land Richardson in the 1st place.

    As for the Colts I see why they wanted to do what they did, but giving up a 1st round pick for a RB? Not on board with that at all. I understand they were a bit panicked after their RB went down with the ACL tear, but giving up a 1st rounder for any player that isn’t a franchise QB is a mistake in my opinion.

  12. Look at all the bama rb’s. Why are the so much smaller when they get to the nfl?

    I’ve always thought there was something going on down there in Bama. Of course my team gets killed by them every year so I might be a little biased.

    It doesn’t hurt they always have the best o-line in college football.

  13. Cleveland wins in this trade. The pick will be higher than CLE fans are saying that it will be; probably between 14 and 19. That’s good value for any RB not called AP.

  14. I think any decent back will average 3.5 behinds Cleveland’s line last big name back they had was who Jamal Lewis….Peyton Hillis did his job but Madden and being over hyped in Cleveland ruined him Trent and Luck is going to be a nasty duo….quick question how can you have a franchise QB if he has no line to block maybe that should be a start before ruining a kid before he gets a chance to show his greatness….Must be holding out for Manziel at least he can run circles they will need him

  15. Fans want to continuously bring up the 3.5 yd average in his 1st and ONLY yr in the league as if it is some kind of anchor.

    Pretty easy explanation: He was a Rookie on the Cleveland Browns. The Browns had a very limited offense, a below average QB, minimal offensive targets, and a very containable scheme. If you could stop their main threat (Trent Richardson) than you could essentially stop the Cleveland Offense. Defenses obviously looked to minimize that.

    What the Colts offer is a much more potent offense. Wayne, Hilton, DHB, Fleener, Bradshaw and of course Luck. A young core to build on and the Colts were most likely seeking a long term RB next offseason or in the draft.

    There is a reason he was viewed as a top 7-8 RB in Fantasy Leagues. There is a reason he was a beast in college. There is a reason the Browns traded half a draft to move up a spot to take him (reach or not). And there is a reason the Colts viewed a mid/late 1st rd pick as a worthy value to snag a young (and affordable) RB who is on the upside and now is in a much more versatile system. The Colts only pay need to pay 1.5, 2, and 3 million over the next 3 years. Cleveland eats the Bonus and carries the cap hit into 2014.

    The Browns weren’t going anywhere anytime soon and the new mgmt is obviously looking a few years out instead of right now. They have a ton of needs, Richardson was just going to be squandered in Cleveland for a few seasons. (On a side note: There really is no explanation though for Cleveland to trade 4 picks to move up 1 spot to take a guy they move just 1 year later though.)

  16. Smart move by the Colts and excellent long term strategy by the Browns. As for Trent Richardson, he must think he died and went to heaven.

  17. I think it’s a win/win for both teams. I think TRich will do well in Indy since they have an actual passing attack and are in a MUCH easier division (as long as he stays healthy of course) and Cleveland’s plans to win the 2014 Superbowl is going well by securing every other pick in the 2014 draft for all 7 rounds.

    As for the thought of Cleveland “throwing the season”. I see the exact opposite. After two winnable games in which the offense didn’t show up at all they’re trying to find something that works. This week you have almost a brand new team hitting the field with Bryan Hoyer at QB, Willis McGahee at RB and a healthy Josh Gordon. Who knows they might surprise you. After all it wouldn’t be the Browns if the 3rd string QB didn’t turn out better than the starter (and if they don’t just hope Teddy Bridgewater doesn’t get hurt between now and the draft because that’s your new starting QB).

    To throw the season is to assume Cleveland actually started it in the first place and with an 0-2 record that’s questionable.

  18. Grigson is certainly going against what most modern successful teams do. It is very rare that the ultimate winner in these players-for-picks trades ends up being the team that traded away the picks.

    How is the Vontae Davis trade looking now?

  19. Well, they have proven to have a “commitment” to spend. That’s for sure.

    As to winning… only time will tell. Fans need to know that they played the last place schedule last season and those creampuffs are gone.

    They look like an average team with a great young QB. Richardson didn’t impress much but could do better with Luck.

    Jury is still out as to if last year was a fluke or not.

  20. I will take Grigson’s opinion over all of the armchair GM’s commenting here. Yards per carry, that is what makes this a bad trade for the Colts? They just swapped a mid to late 1st round pick for a guy taken 3rd overall last draft!!

    I also like the trade for Cleveland, much like the Colts front office showed this offseason, it appears they realize they need a lot more than a stud RB to become relevant.

  21. It’s obvious they are implementing the Shanahan plan. They traded one of their best players for a first round pick and are going with Hoyer as their QB this week instead of Campbell. What does that tell you? They are tanking the season to get to the top of the draft for a QB. It’s the same thing Shanahan did with the Grossman Beck plan. Poor Jason. The guy can’t catch a break. He ends up on a team that won’t play him because they are trying to lose. They should do the honorable thing and trade him to the Jags who are their only competition for the first pick.

  22. Only two runs over 20 yards on 267 carries and he has never shown breakaway speed. Montario Hardesty looked better in limited playing time last year with the same offense. It is clear to everyone that the Holmgren regime severely overpaid for the Alabama product last year. Kudos to Banner for getting some good value back based on his college play alone. He would be lucky to get a 3rd rounder by the end of the season.

  23. Indy’s schedule is looking tough. They have to face SF, SEA, DEN, KC, HOU (2) and CIN. If they don’t win their division, they’ll probably also miss out on the wild card. The HOU games are pivotal. This pick could turn out to be higher than we think.

  24. Teddy Brdigewater is not the guaranteed 1st pick as of now! He has decent numbers through 3 games against horrible teams. There are 3-4 QBs that could emerge as the top pick for next year!
    I think this is a great move for Cleveland! As a Viking fan, I love my AD! He is the greatest back in our era, but, that being said, without an Elite QB, your never going to win the SuperBowl! The Vikings are the best example of that! The browns know that too! AD can run for 2500 yards, but with Ponder behind center, were doomed!! I hope the Vikings with their brutal schedule win 0 games this season!
    We need a franchise QB like no other! As well! But, Cleveland needs to be careful and not accidentally win a game or 2….
    Jacksonville, my Vikings , Oakland, Tampa bay, are all desperate for a QBOTF! They can have 10 1st rounders and if they finish above them, they are stuck with AJ Mccaron, Carr, Huntley, or Boyd….. Next years draft will be as exciting as the season for the browns and a few others , that’s for sure

  25. Reality check Colts’ O-Line NOT that much better than the Browns. He’s gonna get hurt. He always does. Plus with a much harder schedule the Colts are not gonna win as many games. Browns will have 2 picks in the top 15 next draft.

  26. Dec 1st…. Browns vs Jags just became a big game. Wonder what Goodell will do when both teams start punting on first down?

  27. I am amazed at how much stock people put into a “last place schedule” versus a “2nd place schedule”. Where you finished last season only determines two games on you schedule!!

  28. As a Steelers fan, the NFL has given me little reason to celebrate until I heard this news last night. Thank God Trent has been delivered!! Not only is he out of my division, but he’s in a better city for his family and with a team that actually wants to play him.

    As for these “nagging questions” about Bama backs … the Packers didn’t seem to be having a problem with Eddie Lacy until someone whacked him in the head. Mark Ingram would do just fine in New Orleans if they’d use him to best advantage. And as Grigson noted, you can’t expect your back to carry the team if you have no passing threat. And Wheeden is no passing threat. Luck is a whole different ballgame.

    Congrats to the Colts for a great pickup! Good luck, Trent! Roll Tide!

  29. Colts needed to focus on drafting some defense and OL. Its not like the Colts where just 1 piece off and so this will push them over the top to get a Superbowl.

    This is an owner trying to make a move to act splashy, and it doesn’t work in Indy like it doesn’t work in Washington.

  30. The Vikings can’t win with the best running back in the league and one of the best of all time. The Browns obviously couldn’t win with Trich. Good move going forward with the browns. That being said Holmgren should be charged with theft for stealing the Browns money while he was here.

  31. to me it’s a win /win for both teams. Long term time will tell…It’s been proven you can great running backs time and time again in the later rounds , but the great QB’s are usually off the board early (ok Montana, Brady, etc…but get real) No matter what Browns need a QB , and they have assured themselves at the very least the have the ammo to move up a few spots to the #1 pick by trading two #1’s to get Bridgewater, if they don’t have the #1 pick already. If so second pick is icing on the cake.

    I know Luck loves the trade.

  32. I guess vegas doesn’t think so. The line on the niners game is exactly the same as it was before the trade. Sorry but the colts will be sitting at home come january

  33. people saying the colts will be home come january? they started 1-2 last year and lost at home to jacksonville and all of you experts said they would win 3 games at that time last year too so there goes your so called predictions. nobody cares, see how it plays out, nobody knows yet so dont write off the colts already

  34. brutus9448 says:
    Sep 19, 2013 12:21 PM
    I guess vegas doesn’t think so. The line on the niners game is exactly the same as it was before the trade. Sorry but the colts will be sitting at home come january


    So the season is a wash because the Vegas line didn’t move?
    Do you even watch football?

  35. My Niners are overrated Gore has 45 yards in 2 games at 2.0 yards per carry. Green Bay showed how to stop our read option dead in it’s track’s.
    Boldin and Davis only passing threats so double Boldin . Nnamdi Asomugha ranked 90 of 93 cornerbacks this year and about the same last year.
    Carlos Rodgers ranked 59 of 93. Niners have given up 30 points a game for the last six not exactly a defensive juggernaut.
    Colts 27-17
    Niners/Colts/Philly fan

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