Holmgren rips Richardson trade


Former Browns CEO Mike Holmgren, who was (and possibly still is) being paid millions by the organization, doesn’t think much of the decision to trade the first pick from Holmgren’s last draft on the job.

Specifically, Holmgren said he’d quit if he were the coach.

“Philosophically, if I am the coach and someone came in anywhere and did that, I’d say ‘OK, fire me, or I’m going to quit. Or we’re going to both go into the owner and talk about this and the we’ll see who’s still standing,'” Holmgren told Dave “Softy” Mahler of KJR radio, via Mary Kay Cabot of the Cleveland Plain Dealer.

“How do you make your team better by trading your best player?” Holmgren said.  “He’s the best offensive player.  He’s a valuable, valuable guy.”

(The entirety of Holmgren’s comments are available here.)

In today’s NFL, a franchise quarterback is much more valuable.  That’s what the Browns need — and it’s what they haven’t been able to find since rejoining the league in 1999.

It’s not that hard to see the Browns’ strategy.  It’s also not that hard to see lurking just below the surface Holmgren’s legendary temper, which surely flashed in response the latest indictment by new management of the job he did while running the show.

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  1. It would be a lot easier to sympathize with Holmgren if he’d done anything in his time there that could be seen as positive beyond drafting Richardson. He SHOULD be angry- the one thing he did right in years in Cleveland is gone, and all that’s left is the mess he made.

  2. The fact is it makes little sense to trade him now. Who knows what pick the Indy will be? If Cleveland is behind Jack.,Oakland, and other teams that need a Qb those teams are not trading with them. If they waited till after season they could almost surely get a 1 and would know where the QB in need teams are in draft.

  3. Probably not good when you have no oline or receivers or a qb and so teams aren’t scared of worrying about you throwing.

  4. still not guaranteed to get a franchise QB in next years draft, its an average 50% chance they will be a bust, , so a bunch of draft picks doesnt mean success, just ask the pats

  5. It’s the Browns. Making the wrong decisions and failing is what they do best. Which is also why they were never a team good enough to win the super bowl until… well you know… they became the Ravens. The new Browns are just continuing the tradition.

  6. Wow that’s pretty harsh. Football is about winning games, and this is merely a maneuver in effort to win more games. 2013 isn’t the end all be all. If you can win more games in the future to compensate beyond any additional games that would be lost, then that’s how you do show responsibility to put your organization in position to not fail in the future like they were here in the present year that wasn’t properly prepared for with trades like this in the past. And really how many more losses this year would be prevented by having Richardson? How many more wins will they get in the future instead?

    I’m betting the latter is a higher number and that’s where the best leverage lies as far as I can see, so I have the full opposite viewpoint of Holmgren. Now they are learning, and they have taken a big, yet potentially very shrewd step towards reorganizing this team into something much more efficient for the long-term, and if they can follow it up by making some more trades sooner rather than later, then that’s going to be another big step. I don’t think Holmgren is seeing the big picture. That trading block should be essentially closed by next Monday evening and everybody that needs to go can be gone by then.

    My virtual plan for 2014 for this team was partially filled in at least 18 months ago and I’m already thinking about 3-4 years out from here and these guys are still stuck on the 2014 draft. Get into gear guys and make your moves! Figure out who is a logical keeper and who is not and clear out that half of the list!

  7. What did you expect him to say?

    Something like yes, he may have been a reach, but you know who is better? That Weeden pick.

  8. Holmgren does know something about this; the few great years that Alexander had certainly helped Hasslebeck become a better player passing and stats wise and helped him, since he had teams.

    I have a feeling after Cleveland overpays/drafts a QB too high this year or next, they’ll be soon lamenting the lack of a running game, forcing the QB they’ve put the entire team’s hopes on on, to have to throw and not have that solid RB to hand off to.

  9. I am tired of hearing about how Cleveland needs a QB. With the draft class of QBs coming out this year, and the fact that Cleveland wasn’t going to win many games WITH T-Rich, why not keep him, add your QB in the draft, so you have agood QB and RB. If JAX is the only team in front of you in the draft, and they also need a QB, you aren’t going to be trading up. So please, quit using excuses and just say…..We Didn’t Want Richardson!

  10. “3.5ypc”

    I don’t know how good Richardson really is, but few Hall of Famers would average more on that team.

  11. What franchise quarterback can they draft next year? There may be some good quarterbacks but I don’t see a true franchise qb coming out next year.

  12. Richardson’s reputation is still fueled in part by draft hype, but the truth about him is starting to trickle out: he’s a good back but certainly not a great one and maybe not even a very-good one.

  13. I would honestly like to know which, if any,
    of the other 31 teams would not have given their 1st round pick for Trent???

  14. Holmgren’s right, that team is a dumpster fire. Richardson will show what happens when you put a franchise running back on a real NFL team.

  15. Holmgren is a huge reason the Browns are as bad as they are … he’s up there with Art Modell in a popularity contest with Browns fans. If he doesn’t like this move it’s gotta be a good thing.

  16. “It’s also not that hard to see lurking just below the surface Holmgren’s legendary temper, which surely flashed in response the latest indictment by new management of the job he did while running the show.”

    -what? did you even listen to the interview? he was asked a question and he answered it. simple as that.

  17. They could have traded him before the draft for the same thing. Holmgrens right. If I’m a browns fan, I don’t watch another game

  18. What I don’t get is that I keep hearing the deal was made so they can go after a franchise QB next draft. This is the Browns! Their own first rounder next year will be high enough for that! All this does is make it two team race with Jacksonville to decide who picks first and who picks second. The pick they get from the Colts will probably be somewhere in the 20’s. I would rather have the potential that you get with Richardson than the crap shoot you get with a 20 something pick.

  19. Yes Mike. Runningbacks are really valuable. Especially guys who average 3.5 yards per carry.

    So are 29 year old rookie QBs with 71.1 career passer ratings.

    What a sham his tenure was…when his first move was to sign Jake Delhomme (Who the Panthers paid to get off their roster) it was a pretty good sign that this was going to be a disaster.

    Holmgren’s terrible tenure in Cleveland should offset his Hall of Fame coaching bid.

  20. Holmgren did a terrible job in Cleveland, he should give back the money they paid him…brandon weeden, sefiously ?

  21. Probably not good when you throw in the towel after Week 2. And sell your soul for something that may not even exist.

    Nobody knows whether there is a franchise caliber QB that will be in the draft.

    This time last year Matt Barkley was probably the top pro prospect, look at how that turned out.

  22. The radio here in Columbus has talked about this non-stop (except when talking about Ohio State). Several people have made a very valid point: For Browns fans to buy into this move and for it to make sense, they absolutely have to hit on the QB they take in the draft. If you’re a Browns fan, why on Earth do you have faith in this coach and this front office and this owner to draft a home run franchise QB? None. They simply don’t have the credibility. If they miss, not only has the organization missed (again) on a 1st round QB, but they have essentially doubled down by trading Richardson too. This is the team that has taken 3 1st round QB’s since 1999 (Couch, Quinn, Weeden), not one of them panning out. A fan base of a professional football team deserves better. Thank God I’m a 49ers fan!

  23. And all the fans in Seattle are still breathing a sigh of relief knowing that Holmy was a great coach… but a lousy GM. And he’s long gone.

    Cleveland fans… we told you so. Holmy just threw the GM, the team, the owner’s, the city under the bus… wow!

    Thank You football gods for bringing PC/JS to the Emerald City.


  24. Trent was drafted too high. They had hoped he be the next Adrian. Browns need to solidify the QB position and I’m 100% sure a 30 year old McGahee can average 3.5ypc even with Hoyer at QB. If not Rainey can. Long term, RBs at best give you 7-8 years and Trent already has one in the books. You don’t take a RB with a shelf life of 4-7 years with the third overall pick when a lineman or QB can give you 5-10 plus years. Browns now control this draft, a draft with QBs and quality offensive skill position players. They need a QB and a legit #2 WR in this years draft as well as a running back. I think they can get all three with 2 number ones and two threes. Running back comes after a passing game is established.

  25. Terrible trade for the Browns. Spin it all you want. They didn’t trade Richardson for a franchise quarterback. They traded him for a draft pick that’ll probably end up in the early 20s. Keep in mind that they’re terrible at drafting otherwise they wouldn’t have been awful for 15 straight years. They couldn’t fix their franchise with perennial top 5 picks for a generation, good luck doing that with a 22nd overall.

  26. Well, I guess this clears up who the “genius” was that thought it was a good idea to trade up one spot to draft him in the first place.

    I don’t know if Banner is the answer, but he’s better than you Mike. Please just go away, you have no business in any NFL front office.

  27. Holmgren is spot on. Stupid, stupid move. A team can’t always be in rebuilding mode. At some point they need to build on what they have–in this case, a scary-good running back

  28. “In today’s NFL, a franchise quarterback is much more valuable. ”

    It’s not from a lack of trying. From Wheedon, to Colt, to Quinn, to Frye and McCown.

    And that’s just the last ten years.

  29. Die hard browns fan here, this sounds like Holmgren trying to defend the mess he created here. 3.5YPC isn’t some amazing production you can’t lose on an 0-2 team with no secondary, and there are quite a few offensive lines worse than ours. Could T-Rich do better with a better supporting cast? Undoubtedly, but he’s not the cure to this team right now, and if we don’t get better, it will either lose to getting him injured by lack of other options, or he would just leave in FA anyway. Holmgren needs to shut up and admit he hired a lame duck coach with no actual offensive or defensive identity.

    Being a Browns fan is rough.

  30. Holmgren may not be the best coach or GM, but he has more cred than anybody in the Browns organization has had since the team became the Browns again. The Browns are Sinkhole Gone Wild!

  31. Honestly I really respect this trade. RBs are a dime a dozen. You win with a franchise QB and the Browns will be in a position to make a move for one in the next draft He’ll take time to develop and in that time who knows what Richardson’s value will be? It’s ballsy but I like it.The Vikes should have done it with Peterson after last year. Then again it’s the Browns. Based on that alone they’ll probably feck it up.

  32. With Brandon weeden at Qb and a cast of stone handed 3rd string receivers it’s nothing short of a miracle that Trent could average above 2 yards a carry. He’ll be dominant in Indy now that he has a legitimate pass threat

  33. The Browns already have a #1 pick that will most likely be low. The one they get from the colts is going to be high mid level pick.

    They either grab a franchise with their first pick or they dont, the Colts pick isnt going to change that.

    And to the guy commenting on the 3.5 ypc. Kinda hard to get more then that when teams stack the box because they are not afraid of your passing game. Unless your AP.

  34. he may avg 3.5 ypc buthe is still a bruising back. I feel bad for browns fans, I mean thre are really good qb’s in this league that aren’t first round picks. kapernick 2nd, Russell Wilson 3rd, some guycalled brady??? 6th, sorry but I think this move will set the browns back a few year yet again. what a waste of a pretty good defense… by the way aaron Rodgers was a late 1st rd pick, ponder was 7th overall, vince young and matt lienart?? early 1st rounders??? so picking 1st is’ always a homerun, just saying. good luck browns fans…

  35. Jerramy Stevens and Koren Robinson were two of Holmgren’s high ( pun intended ) round picks as GM for
    the Hawks. Doesn’t this pretty much say it all when talking about his acumen as talent evaluator? I am NOT for a minute insinuating that TR is anything like these bums, clearly he is not, however maybe big Mike should stick strictly to coaching, and counting his millions he suckered out of the past regime of despair. At any rate, I wish all the best for TR in his new uniform.

  36. that’s what happens when you quarterback is weeden and your best reciever is little he shouldn’t average 3 yards on a good day

  37. you can’t run it behind Joe thomas every play. on top of the fact the offense around him sucks. poor joe thomas btw

  38. All this talk about making the trade for a franchise qb. So let’s trade a sure fire 1st round talent and hope we land someone with his pick. And with how bad they suck they’re still gna get one of the top picks in the draft for this said franchise qb. Weeden is in his second season and they’re already bailing on him. I’m a bills fan and I feel bad for browns fans

  39. Its absolutely ignorant and it sends a terrible message to your fans. Then get on TV and insult their intelligence by saying we plan on winning lol!! Yeah whatever

  40. I’ve got a lot of respect for Mike Holmgren , but he’s dead wrong on this one. Completely and absolutely wrong. The Cleveland Browns weren’t going anywhere this season and now will have an extra first round pick next year that will in all likelihood be lot higher than people think. The absolute best record I can see Indianapolis finishing with is about 9-7. Now , you’re looking at two picks in the top half of round one in a draft that should have at least two potential franchise quarterbacks. Holmgren never made it big as a GM for the same reason Parcells never made it big as a GM , for the same reason Shula never made it big as a de facto GM — they all are , or were , living in the past.

  41. Ozzie Newsome is preparing a package deal to get Joe Thomas in a trade as we speak.

    Especially since Thomas is just an “average” offensive player on the Browns. Best to get in early on these fire sales.

  42. If your QB is not your best player, trade everyone to make sure you get your best player then build around him. Tank for Teddy is in full swing.

  43. Probably a good idea to trade your best offensive player if you need to compete with Jacksonville for the best player in this draft.

  44. Browns 0-2 lose the rest and I can see the strategy working…. Oh wait, is there even a franchise qb in this draft class? Browns fans say hello to Manziel.

  45. Hard to avg more then 3.5 a carry when youre the only threat. His avg will be much better with the colts threats. Doesnt mean he wasnt the best player on the brownies, Im sure hes relieved to be gone.

  46. He may have been their best offensive player at the moment, but I think they’re looking for a BETTER best offensive player.
    In the big picture, he’s just a run of the mill back.
    We’ll see how he does with better players around him in Indy.

  47. He’s not their best offensive guy. He’s not a top ten RB. Getting even a late 1st rounder for him is a steal at this point. Had they waited until the offseason, they wouldn’t get a top 50 pick. Alabama RBs are the new SouthernCal QBs.

  48. Part of the reason the Browns are in the shape they’re in is because of his ineptitude. Why they ever thought it was a good idea to hire Holmgren to manage personnel is beyond me. He is TERRIBLE in that role and he had a track record of being terrible. He was almost fired from the Seahawks because of the lousy job he did as GM. It was only until AFTER he was forced to give up the GM role and focus on coaching did the Seahawks start to win.

  49. Holmgren is right.

    The Browns might be thinking they need to trade both 1st rnd picks next year to get the QB they want rather than just use their own pick.

    How does this help you keep players entering free agency? The vets are tired of rebuilding. They had something to build around and a WR who was really breaking out in Josh Gordon.

  50. Trent may have been the best offensive “skill” player but clearly Joe Thomas and even Alex Mack are the Browns best offensive players…..with Josh Gordon and Jordon Cameron not too bad of talent to move forward with.

    But I think this trade was premature and as a rust belt team fan (Bills) myself, I really feel for the Browns fan base. Very demoralizing.

  51. Holmgren = Very good football coach & a terrible personnel guy.

    Don’t forget, the Seahawks were lousy when he was coach and GM. They didn’t get good until he relinquished the latter role. His time in Cleveland was, predictably, a disaster that the new regime is very obviously dismantling.

  52. I agree with Holmgren. Couldn’t you trade Trent for a 1st rounder in the off-season just as easy during? And if the Colts don’t have a RB, maybe you get a higher pick by waiting…

  53. Trading him to get your franchise QB makes sense…….Look at the schedule and the Clowns record. They were already in line to pick first without the trade. If they win more games, than Jax. no possible draft picks will get them the #1 guy as Jax has no QB. The supposed best player in the draft is Jadaveon Clowney, who has entitlement issues, can’t run the ball, and last time I checked can’t play QB.
    Lombardi was a joke last time he was associated with the Clowns. Now he has neutered his current rookie/senior citizen QB, traded his best offensive threat, and put his faith in a WR who can’t catch (Little), another who is high all the time(Gordon), and a defensive pass rusher with a bruised lung. Ouch.

  54. How can he possibly get any more than 3.5 ypc there pass offense sucks they have mediocre qbs and decent wide recievers so what choice do they have to run it all the time. Defenses know that so they’ll anticipate the run. I’d like to see most running backs gain an average of. 3.5 ypc while playing with the browns

  55. Browns are the browns. At least their not asking the league to change the rules….Like its too loud in other stadiums! What will the 40 whiners say when they play the Eagles?…They run to many plays!

  56. The Big Show Showed himself the money for doing little to nothing when he was in town. He was only in town because the billion dollar baby Randy Lerner was forced to keep the team Tommy Boy style for 10 years when he would rather have been sucking his thumb in England with his soccer team so he hired other defacto owners to stand in his stead while he went to play tiddlywinks. Since his father died he did it with Butch Davis, then with Phil Savage & Romeo, then with Mangini, then with Holmgren – all so he didn’t have to be here to play owner.

    In all, I blame Al Lerner for the position the Browns are in. If he didn’t try to “make a man” out of his only useless son and that son was allowed to sell the team upon his father’s death then the team would likely be in the hands of a man who at least wanted to be the owner of a football team instead of suffering for 10 years because “daddy said I can’t sell.”

  57. The best player averaged 3.5 YPC because HE IS ALL THEY HAD. His low YPC isn’t a reflection on him, it’s just how BAD that team was/is. When you know EVERY play that the defense is going to stack 8 or 9 in the box, it’s difficult to run. I mean, he’s not ADRIAN PETERSON!

  58. Holmgren is a dope. Richardson was maybe the Fifth best offensive player on the team, not the best as he claims. (Thomas, Mack, Gordon, Cameron) He was an average back, taken 3rd overall when backs of greater skill like Alfred Morris were found in the later rounds. Apparently Holmgren still thinks its the 90s and doesnt realize that running backs arent worth high picks anymore.

  59. From a distant vantage point, it sure looked like Cleveland had a shot at Bidgewater with OR without Richardson.

    And for Indy, this seems like the type of deal that wins Titles.

  60. Weeden is the best thing the Browns have going for them on offense. They desperately need O-line and receivers

  61. This is why he failed in Seattle…
    He always thought he was smarter than everyone else.
    Mike was a good coach, when surrounded by assistants that made him look good.
    But this guy couldn’t spot talent to save his life!
    When he was the GM slash coach, Seattle had even worse drafts than when that idiot TiMmY was calling the shots!
    Holmy needs to shut up and ride off into the sunset…
    Enjoy the hall of Fame dude…
    Even though I don’ t think you really deserves it.

  62. The only criteria new Browns management uses to make decisions seems to be showing up old Browns management.

    Fine. Everything done before you geniuses got there was WRONG. We get it. Go ahead and flush the new face-of-the-franchise player if that makes you feel less insecure.

    Holmgren’s ghost looms large in Cleveland. And almost certainly would post a better record than this band of yahoos.

    Poor Browns fans.

  63. completely agree with him! they were gonna get a top 3 pick with him anyways. what happens when you draft your next franchise qb? now he has no rbs or wrs to help him. never trade away your best player. its just not a smart business move. keep him and draft a qb next year and you have the start of something good in cleveland (wow that was tough to type with a straight face)

  64. Joe Thomas is their best offensive player.

    No comment on Brandon Weeden being terrible Mr. Holmgren? No comment on Pat Shurmur being the worst head coach in recent memory? No comment on not interviewing any other candidates besides the token minority interview before hiring Pat Shurmur? No comment on drafting Brandon Weeden as a 30 year old in the first round and forcing him into an offense that doesn’t fit his skills?

    Mike Holmgren, you were a joke as the leader of the Cleveland Browns.

  65. Its ironic that holmgren is speaking up about this. Considering he was part of the reason the Browns are in this mess. Picking Richardson at 3, then Weedon at 22. God that makes me sick.

  66. Holmgren has alot of nerve to question the Browns …he at one time was the main man in charge and he didnt do a thing…mind you im not a browns fan but at one time Holgren was well respected around the league but he lost alot of respect just seeing the type guy he really is…he had his shot and alot of his moves were questionable and no one said a thing and here he is now questioning this move ?? im starting to think he was lucky to have bret farve in GB ..he was a loser with seattle and with the browns so hes no one special

  67. I have been a Holmgren fan since he was in Green Bay. Still, his time as a GM–in Seattle (where he was undercut by Bob Whitsitt until Paul Allen fired Whitsitt) and in Cleveland, has been less than impressive in a good way.

    Mike Lombardi traded Holmgren’s first pick from the 2012 draft because Holmgren’s QB pick from the 2012 draft is not getting the job done in Cleveland and needs to be replaced.

    Holmgren knows QBs, having coached Montana, Young, Favre and Matt Hasselbeck, but only heaven knows what he saw in Brandon Weeden.

  68. Trading Richardson still doesn’t guarantee they’re going to get the QB they need/want in the next draft.

    The Browns are bad, but they’re not Jacksonville bad…..

  69. Uh huh. Because when Mike quits it happens that fast doesn’t it? Took him a season to quit the Hawks because he only leaves on his terms.

    His track record post Favre is poor at best in coaching, and diabolical for personnel management.

    Time to shut up and enjoy your cash big chap.

  70. Trent Richardson has to feel like he just won the lottery going from being a Brown to becoming a Colt on a offense full of playmakers what were the Browns management thinking?.

  71. That can be accounted for because of the offensive line he was playing with . With the Colts he will be rejuvenated and become a consistent All- Pro . What a sorry trade by the Browns !

  72. The more he complains the more optimistic i become about this trade(i flipped out when i first heard the news)! Holmgren didnt exactly stack this team with talent while he was here making decisions this guy did nothing but collect a pay check and sit on his fat ass. He has no room to talk. I mean christ he drafted weeden with a first rd pick when he wouldve been around by the 3rd rd. holmgren needs to shut his fat mouth.

  73. A) Mike, it’s a deep ’14 QB draft. Not sure why they felt the need to accumulate draft picks to get a very good QB (unless it’s one they already have in mind).

    B) Benny, T.R. averaged 3.5 YPC in “Cleveland’s” lame offense. That won’t be the case in Indianapolis.

  74. When you are in a race for the bottom with the Jags, any decent offensive player is a liability. Their defense is pretty good, if they don’t have to play 40 minutes a game. So, they can’t take any chances that Richardson would carry them to a victory down the road.

  75. Boy oh boy, the big guy shur does know how to talk out of both sides of his mouth. On one hand he would give up his whole draft for a franchize QB. Then its wrong to give up his first round pick only (that average s 3.5 yards) to get a franchize QB.

  76. If you are going to trade for a 1st round pick, why not trade with he Jags or someone guaranteed a top 3? Its silly to make a team that won 11 games last year better and hope they have a low pick. I don’t think Richardson is all that, but on a decent team he could, and probably will, blossom.

    Enjoy your 20 something pick, clowns.

  77. It makes sense if your the Cleveland Browns. Cleveland is still on that 30 year plan they started in 1999. Colts and Trent Richardson are the winners in that trade.

  78. bennyb82 says:
    Sep 19, 2013 11:03 PM
    Probably not good when your best offensive player averages 3.5ypc…


    This may be true, but it doesn’t change the fact that he was their best player.

  79. ” a franchise quarterback is much more valuable.”

    Yeah, but a franchise QB needs as much help as he can get.

    Richardson wasn’t their best offensive player – that is Joe Thomas – but what good does it do you to sell his stock before it goes through the roof.

    I relate this to the Rams trading Jerome Bettis(also with a “It’s a passing league” philosophy.) Bettis averaged 3.2 and 3.5 YPC his last two years with the Rams, but rushed for 3000 yards and 18 TD his first two years with the Steelers.

    Whoever ends up being the Browns next QB of the future, wish him good luck. He will need it.

  80. Who didn’t see this coming, Lombardi said he would have never drafted Richardson or Weeden. Before the season started we needed at least 1 guard, a full back and a receiver with the ability to create separation and yes, catch the ball. Aside from Bess, they completely ignored the offense, Vonta Leach was released, no offer, Vickers was released, no offer, there are full backs not on rosters now and we moved a small RB to full back. They purposely sabotaged the offense to insure they would not succeed with these players. When your $30mil. under the cap, you could get a guard instead of converting a marginal tackle, you could get a fullback instead of converting an undrafted RB.
    Jimmy Haslam, you may “OWN” the Browns, but this is “MY”team. My grandfather, My Father, Myself and My sons.. You could have fielded a competitive team, but YOUR front office are to worried about, their guys, thier system instead of WINS. And believe me, we have heard it all before, Savage, Davis, Mangini, H&H, and now these CLOWNS.
    Winning is about today, and all we get is promises for tomorrow. You have an opportunity to be competitive NOW, but like everyone who preceded you, you allow them to blow it all up.

  81. This is chaotic-Browns fans do not deserve this constant turmoil. To think that a quarterback covers all your ills just ask Minnesota, New York Jets, Jacksonville and Oakland. I did not like the hiring of Lombardi to begin with-oh well keep trying Cleveland.

  82. I fail to see the benefit here for the browns. Trading Richardson for probably a late 1. Seems like they were going to lose enough to get a qb in the draft anyway.

  83. This coming from the man that hired Shurmer as HC, ran without an OC for a season, and then hire Childress as OC, but would not let him call plays. It’s like the pot calling the kettle black. Holmgren needs to keep his mouth shut, sit back and collect the money he fleeced from the Browns.

  84. Just imagine what that YPC would be if Cleveland had more than one good offensive lineman (Joe Thomas)

  85. We’ll (hopefully) get our best offensive player in the draft or free agency next year. It took this organization one offseason to revamp the defense. Now that we have a more than serviceable defense, we can focus on the offensive side of the ball and add a few more positions to our defense to finish that unit up as well. Running backs do not win championships, if they did, the Vikings would have at least 4 with Adrian Peterson, and the Lions would have been the best team in the history of the league with Barry Sanders.

  86. The stupid part of all of this is the fact that the Browns will own one of the first picks anyway. They will have there pick of any of these kids. Hell they may even have the first overall pick. Now they have to draft a RB too. Makes no sense.

  87. “Holmgren made Dwight Clark look like Ozzie Newsome as a GM.”

    Actually, Tom Heckert was the GM and he did pretty good. Best overall success drafting for this joke of a franchise since arriving in ’99.

    Holmgren basically made 6 bad decisions.
    1) Jake Delhomme
    2) Seneca Wallace
    3) Colt McCoy
    4) Pat Shurmer
    5) Brandon Weeden

    Other than that, he got payed out the wa-zoo, drove around camp on a golf cart & alienated himself from the fans & community.

  88. Remember, Browns owner Jimmy Haslam is in deep financial trouble with his company Pilot Flying J truck stop chain. He’s gutting the team to eventually pay his fines and restitution penalties. As much as Goodell fines and suspends players for damaging “the Shield,” Haslam should be made to sell the team for the exact same reason.

  89. yes because the browies have a sterling reputation of being able to draft good Qbs…in the last 15 or so years…Eric Zeier, Tim Couch, Spergon Wynn, luke McCown, Charlie Fry, brady Quinn, Colt Mccoy, and Brandon Weeden….jury is still out on weeden but i would say there is no sure thing in drafting a QB, proof would be from above, Maybe you should have drafted some o-linemen to help out your running back and 1st round QB from the previous year

  90. Of course he hates it, this imbicile traded his 1st, 3rd, 5th and 7th rounders to move up 2 spots to draft him (instead of RG3). What an idiot!

  91. I lost respect for the mistake-by-the- lake when the Browns tried to sign Penn State’s coach without any regard for the fatal blow it would have been to the program. There will be many good QBs available for the Browns to select in the next five years as they will be picking 10th or better. When they get a QB, the Browns “braintrust” will then be looking for a good RB while the Colts will be in the playoffs with Trent.

  92. The Browns package their #1 along with the Colts #1 and their 2015 #1 to Jacksonville for the first pick of the 2014 NFL Draft.

    The Browns pick Johnny Manziel. After three games Johnny Football decides he can make more money signing autographs and quits football.

  93. You can’t have enough defense if there are no qb’s available. Yeh, its best available but you never build your franchise around a RB. Aint gonna work. Trade down and give some lineman or something. Just like WR, unless their is a true stud – you get good enough off the waiver wire.

  94. Prediction, I think the Cleveland Browns will select zach mettenberger, lsu, as their franchise qb, he is already playing norv turner’s offense (cam cameron), in addition, he is the prototype that norv like’s in his qb’s.

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