Injury shows Clady was smart to hold out


Of the eight 2013 franchise players, only one signed a multi-year deal.  And that one player now has a season-ending injury.

Broncos left tackle Ryan Clady refused to accept the one-year franchise tender, holding out for a long-term contract and the security that goes along with it.

And so instead of a one-year deal worth less than $10 million, Clady waited until he signed a five-year deal worth more than $50 million — $33 million of which is guaranteed.

If Clady had opted for the one-year franchise tender and then suffered a season-ending Lisfranc sprain in Week Two, his chances of getting a long-term, big-money contract would have diminished.  At a minimum, he would have had to prove that he can play at a high level in 2014 before unlocking a potentially major payday in 2015.

The situation proves once again that players who have the skills and leverage to hold out should always strongly consider doing so.  The skills (and in turn the leverage) can quickly disappear via a serious injury.

The serious injury can happen at any time in the NFL.  For Clady, it came with less than four minutes remaining of a game the Broncos led by 15 points.

Some will say the Broncos should have pulled their starting offense at that point.  But the lead was 15, not 30.  The starting offense absolutely had to be on the field.  Any time any player is on the field, a season-ending injury can happen.

And so any time a player has the skills and the leverage to hold out until he gets long-term financial security, he should.

14 responses to “Injury shows Clady was smart to hold out

  1. Or looking at it from the other side …..

    The Broncos shouldn’t have caved and given him a longterm contract because now they are on the hook for the money if he can’t return to form from injury.

    Every excuse you give for the players to play hardball is also an excuse for the owners to play hardball.

  2. If he wouldn’t have held out in the first place, he wouldn’t have missed any team conditioning programs and maybe he wouldn’t get injured.

    Don’t blame the team for placing the tag on him, the NFLPA also allowed it in the CBA…

  3. Really, they should have pulled the offensive starters? It’s the regular season and was less then two scores in points, that’s just insane to even think that was plausible…

  4. “The situation proves once again that players who have the skills and leverage to hold out should always strongly consider doing so.”

    How many times have players completed the final year of their contract and had a banner season and been rewarded with an even larger contract?

    Joe Flacco was rewarded quite handsomely after winning the SB last season.

    There are no guarantees. Either decision can have good or bad consequences.

    In this case, it appears that due to his misfortune of getting injured, Clady made the right decision for this year.

  5. Did he report to camp on time or hold out? And what was his participation in OTA’s? Just wondering. Seems to me thru the years that a lot of guys who do that get early season injuries, many of which are significant.

  6. Very smart. I will never criticize a player on any team, including my Jets, for holding out during training camp to get a better deal. Every player is entitled to make the most money he can. Now, if he’s holding out during the regular season, then I’m not sure.

  7. You are confusing luck with intelligence. They ain’t related. It was only smart because of circumstances.

  8. This isn’t the NBA with guaranteed money. Teams cut players all the time just when the contract turns from team friendly to player friendly. These players should hold out for the big contract ANYTIME they can. The NFL favors the team much more than the players, while the NBA and MLB favor the players. Which is odd since football is much more physically demanding and the players usually have a much shorter career.

  9. All you haters simply fuel the motivation. A championship caliber organization is not about an individual, which obviously, you don’t understand, but thats ok. It’s apparent youre not a Broncos Fan….and truthfully, we don’t need you. Do us a favor and don’t go away mad….but go away and climb back in your hole till next year when your pathetic team can’t wait to draft more busts.

    Denver is a class organization that starts at the top. The difference is we expect to win based on our history and are truly disappointed when the results aren’t what was expected. However, that attitude comes with winning on a consistent basis which is how it’s been in Bronco Land for sometime and will stay that way for many many years.

    See ya at the top 🙂

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